The ultimate rally-raid movie, “Rust To Glory” is now streaming on Amazon and Apple TV.

The ultimate rally-raid movie, “Rust To Glory” is now streaming on Amazon and Apple TV.

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From Hungary to Sierra Leone in three jalopies

“Rust To Glory” redefines the overland adventure documentary genre by capturing the trials and tribulations of three unique teams and their unlikely vehicles as they tackle the world’s largest amateur rally, the Budapest-Bamako. “We wanted to show what it’s like to compete in this grueling overland rally in three junk yard rescues.” – said Andrew G. Szabo, the movie’s director and producer.

Szabo pays homage to the 1982 Dakar Rally winner by buying a neglected 40-year-old Renault 20. Echoing the triumph of two French brothers who won the famed rally in the same car, Szabo's vehicle starts her journey with ample rust and the engine jumping out of the hood. Despite the difficulties, Szabo is determined to complete the 6,000-mile trek from Hungary to Sierra Leone in West Africa.

Meanwhile, Nikhil and Akhil Puri from India choose a Hindustan Ambassador, once India’s most popular car for a half a century, though not built for long-distance adventures like the Budapest-Bamako. They rebuild and ship the vehicle from New Delhi to Budapest for the rally's start line.

The film’s Slovakian female protagonists opt for a 1987 Skoda 120. The car is falling apart and causes them mild culture shock, but they remain resolute in their goal to reach the finish line.

Things go from tough to bad in “Rust To Glory” as the ladies’ Skoda goes up in smoke at the start line, the Indians miss their ferry to Africa and Szabo realizes in Morocco that he lost his car’s registration.

“This film is very real representation of the rally, which is a two-week-long roller coaster ride with extreme highs and extreme lows. Teams in the film much like on the rally have to rely on their own wits and resources to solve extreme situations in extreme environments,” explains Szabo.

The Budapest-Bamako Rally is a more affordable, liberal version of the Dakar Rally. Since 2005, its motto has been “Anyone, by Anything.”

"Rust To Glory" feels at times like "Real Housewives," at others like Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown,” with a touch of “Long Way Down.” It showcases stunning scenery and vibrant cultures across the 10 countries the race passes through. Viewers will laugh, cry, and cheer for the teams, but most importantly, they'll feel inspired to embark on their next big adventure.

“Rust To Glory” is a must-see. Now streaming on Amazon and Apple TV.


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