AXCR 2023: Lody Natasha and Sasty Admiral finish AXCR 2023 with a good result.

AXCR 2023: Lody Natasha and Sasty Admiral finish AXCR 2023 with a good result.

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Lody Natasha and Sasty Laksamana, two Indonesian girls, successfully reached the end of the demanding Asia Cross Country Rally (AXCR) 2023, which lasted six days and crossed Thailand and Laos. Driving an Isuzu D-Max, the two srikandi, who are the first women's team from their country, finished in second place in the women's class.

Besides, in their debut at the race, they finished 35th overall among the cars. As for the prestigious race, often called Asia's 'Dakar Rally', this edition started from Pattaya, Thailand, on Monday, August 14, 2023, and finished in Pakse, Laos, on Saturday, August 19, 2023.

At this time, the young women had to use all their skills because the race and terrain were very challenging. "The route is so incredibly challenging to face. The participants must really pull out all the abilities they have. We are grateful to have reached the finish line," said Lody Natasha.

Lody Natasha is grateful to be able to overcome the many challenges that await AXCR 2023. The challenge starts with a car getting disturbed like a strike, having time to finish, getting a penalty, getting lost in the eucalyptus forest, flat tires, an engine not working correctly and making a lot of smoke, passing through a heavy field with a lot of big holes, and roads with a lot of deep mud.

"Despite facing many challenges, we have done our utmost to ensure that everything succeeds well. May what we do honor the name of Indonesia through AXCR 2023," said Lody Natasha.

As the first female team to represent Indonesia at this prestigious AXCR 2023 event, Lody Natasha made her driver debut, and Admiral Sasty as a co-driver. Nevertheless, both of them succeeded in yielding the best results.

"This is Lody Natasha's first debut as a driver at AXCR and Admiral Sasty's first as a race co-driver," Lody said.

Meanwhile, Admiral Sasty is grateful to be able to follow AXCR 2023 with maximum results. Despite the many challenges, they've all been well solved. In fact, he and Lody Natasha are able to communicate effectively, maximize synergy, and collaborate so that success minimizes risks during races.

"We are grateful to be able to support each other and complement each other in AXCR 2023 and can complete all the legs that exist with maximum. May the best effort that we can do this be a sweet gift of the 78th HUT of RI independence," said Admiral Sasty.

If driven backwards, on LEG-1, Lody Natasha and Admiral Sasty visited a variety of terrains, ranging from sandy roads, cliffs, and rocks, to getting lost in the eucalyptus forest due to errors in the road book made by the organizing committee.


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As for the LEG-2, the race was even harder because the road was more rocky, from small to large rocks. In fact, there's an argument between two people who have been friends for a long time. Not only that, in the LEG-2, the car had a flat tire, so they had to call the rescue team.

In LEG-3, Lody Natasha and Admiral Sasty could finally taste the satisfaction of reaching the end without troubles, while in LEG-4, the terrain was once again much more complicated than in the previous leg.

For instance, the tracks on the LEG-4 were full of big holes, roads with a lot of mud, many places with water that made it hard to get through, thick dust on the road, and a disturbing sight, until heavy rain. In LEG-4, Lody Natasha and Admiral Sasty successfully reached the finish line again.

For the LEG-5, the track was once again very complicated. In this leg, there's a number of challenges ranging from the air conditioner not working properly and sending the smell of gasoline inside the car,  the car engine not working properly, an accident that didn't allow the engine to start, or still looking for parts at 8:00 a.m. in Laos to repair the car before the start.

"LEG-5 can be said to be a fast track, but after 50 kilometers, we started to smell gasoline coming from the air conditioner vents. We tried to continue, but suddenly smoke came out under the co-driver's seat, Admiral Sasty. We were saved by another team, the LodySasty team, who came to rescue us," said Lody Natasha.

While on the LEG-6, the route can be said to be fast track, with the challenge of having some parts with water, quite deep in some points, including a river, and the distance reaching 125 kilometers. On this leg, Lody Natasha and Sasty Admiral succeeded in reaching the finish line.

"We are grateful to all those who helped us reach this point. May this also be the most beautiful gift for the 78th HUT of Indonesian Independence. Merdeka!" said Lody Natasha and Sasty Admiral compact.

As information, these two teams are supported by Myslo Floret, Prive Dental and Medical Team, Pikoli Racing Oil, Astra Isuzu Indonesia, Trigana Air, Ariana Gunawan, Suwarnadwipa Nusantara Circuit, Siaga, Eyang Agung Society, Gurame Edan, Sariayu Martha Tilaar, and The Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center.


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