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Baja Troia Türkiye 2023: The Turkish race will be part of the FIA European Cross Country Bajas Cup for the first time.

Baja Troia Türkiye 2023: The Turkish race will be part of the FIA European Cross Country Bajas Cup for the first time.

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Baja Troia Türkiye has been added to the 2023 FIA European Cup for Cross-Country Bajas calendar, and for that reason, this will be the first FIA-approved 4×4 organization in Türkiye.

After 5 years of successful organization, Baja Troia Türkiye, is now finally in the league it deserves.

The organizers thank their club members (istanbul offroad kulubu) – their supporters in Çanakkale – Our sponsors and Tosfed, who all made this dream come true.

The expectation is high, and for that reason the organizers prepared a demanding but also very interessant program to receive in the best way possible the foreigners (and also locals) that will race in the first FIA edition of Baja Troia Turkiye.

For the FIA European Cup participants, the Baja will feature a prologue on Thursday and four more stages, two on Friday and the final two on Saturday. The Prologue (SS1) will have around 2,8 km. SS2, scheduled for Friday morning, will have 112,43km. In the afternoon, SS3 will be a repetition of SS2, which was raced in the morning.   By the end of the day, the participants should have raced 224,86km

The race resumes on Saturday, with SS3 and SS4, both taking place on the same stage and with the same lenght: 113,67km, which means that by the end of the day, the participants had raced for 227,34km.

In total, the FIA participants will have to travel for 651,63km,  race 455 km, and drive in liason for more 196.63.

Meanwhile, the locals have more in store waiting for them, as their race is longer and will have a remaining stage to be raced on Sunday before they reach the end.

Baja Troia Turkey 2023: FIA Programme
16/10/2023  - Publication of entry list after FIA approval 

Administrative checks and Scrutineering 

Shakedown Stage
Prologue and Ceremonial Start (SS1)

Stage 1. (SS2 + SS3)

Stage 2. (SS4 + SS5)
Podium Ceremony
Press Conference, Post-Rally


Source: ISOFF

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