Dakar 2024: Brazilian drivers start Dakar in front between cars

Dakar 2024: Brazilian drivers start Dakar in front between cars

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The Baumgart brothers closed the prologue that opens the world's largest rally in fourth and fifth places this Friday (5) in Al Ula, Saudi Arabia. Marcos Baumgart/Kleber Cincea closed in fourth place, with Cristian Baumhart/Beco Andreotti in fifth place

It was fast, but it started. With a stretch of only 27 kilometers timed in Al Ula, in Saudi Arabia, valid for the prologue, the 46th edition of the Dakar Rally began this Friday (4). Among the cars, Brazil is already among the first, with two cars driven by brothers. Marcos and Cristian Baumgart closed the initial miles of the 2024 Dakar with the fourth and fifth fastest time, respectively.

The Prodrive Hunter T1+ driven by the Baumgart brothers showed strength: Marcos Baumgarte and Kleber Cincea closed in fourth place, with the same time scored by rally legend Sebastian Loeb. The Frenchman is accompanied by Belgian navigator Fabian Lurquin, also in a Prodrive Hunter by the Bahrain Xtreme team.

“For us, it’s a historic start: finishing fourth and Cristian fifth is a big dream for me. Just being here is an achievement and so much,” Marcos celebrated before returning with his feet on the Arab sands. “We got a lot of dust on the track, but fortunately the result came and we are very happy. But it was only the first day. There is still a lot of battle ahead and tomorrow it starts to work,” he summarizes.

Cristian Baumgart and Beco Andreotti started this Friday the first Dakar of the duo between cars. Cristian and Beco form the longest partnership in the history of the Brazilian rally between driver and navigator – and one of the most lasting duo of the world’s off-road; they are 23 years sharing the cockpit and four Sertões titles.

The oldest of the Baumgart highlighted the features that should last throughout the Dakar 2024. According to him, it was all condensed in the 27-kilometre section of the prologue, in which car #245 scored the fifth-best time. “We had a bit of everything in those 27 kilometres of prologue. It was more like a mini-special, actually. A lot of sand, high dunes, and a very demanding section for pilot and navigator, with stones at reference exits, floor changes every 20 meters, winding  parts, he enumerated. “It was a great first contact because it was very pleasant. The result was very good for both me and Marcos. There's still a lot ahead of you, several days. So now it is to keep the concentration, avoid mistakes, and walk what we can without getting into trouble," he concluded.

The first stage of the Dakar 2024 will be played on Saturday (6) with 414 kilometers timed between Al Ula and Al Henakiyah, with a total of 541 kilometers, plus the displacements.

The X Rally Team is sponsored by Vedacit, Motul, BF Goodrich, Rodobens, Center Norte, Rock and Opaoma.


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Photo: A.S.O./DPPI

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