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Dakar 2024: Fantic to start Dakar 2023 with Tommaso Montarani,  Jeremy Miroir and Jane Daniels,

Dakar 2024: Fantic to start Dakar 2023 with Tommaso Montarani, Jeremy Miroir and Jane Daniels,

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Fantic returns to the Dakar Rally. After a'shakedown' edition in 2022 with the prototype version of the XEF 450 Rally and one of further development in 2023 with the final version, the Veneto-based manufacturer will also take up the challenge of the rally raid legend for the 2024 edition.
On Jan. 5, Fantic will take off from the millennial city of Al-'Ula to tackle the dunes of Saudi Arabia and cross the country through the immensity of the Fourth Void.

At the Dakar 2024, Fantic will appear in an official capacity with a team of three riders: Tommaso Montanari, Jeremy Miroir, and Jane Daniels.

"The third Dakar is a great achievement for Fantic," says Claudio Giovanardi, Head of Racing Department at Fantic Motor S.p.A., "It is a competition that reflects our mentality because it requires commitment, determination, concentration, and courage, with a pinch of madness. We can't wait to start this new adventure!"

The Dakar 2024
The 2024 edition of the Dakar rally will be run for the fifth consecutive time in Saudi Arabia. Drivers will start on January 5, 2024 from Al-'Ula, crossing the country towards the Fourth Void and returning to the shores of the Red Sea, arriving on January 19 at the final podium in Yanbu.

After a challenging edition even in terms of weather, which surprised the riders by exalting their endurance capabilities, the tone of Dakar 2024 will be equally respectful of their expectations in terms of challenge. The route, which will cover an equivalent distance of 5,000 kilometers, continues the exploration of Saudi territory with 60 percent completely new sections. A total of nine bivouacs will be set up on a wide strip running from west to east and back with huge stretches of dunes where navigational difficulties will be matched by the technical challenges of crossing.
A new stage format has also been created: in the "48-hour stage," there will be a time limit for stopping (4 p.m.) before starting again the next day (7 a.m.) to complete the route.


Automatic translation from the Italian version
Source Fantic

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