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Dakar 2024: Suzuki and HYSE will participate in Dakar 2024 with an Hydrogen vehicle prototype

Dakar 2024: Suzuki and HYSE will participate in Dakar 2024 with an Hydrogen vehicle prototype

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Suzuki believes in diversified mobility that remains close to the needs of people's daily lives by bringing together technologies and solutions across the board: from prototype cars and motorcycles to next-generation mobility, outboard engines, and Compressed Biomethane Gas (CBG) production in India.

Suzuki bases its future mobility strategy on 5 pillars, pillars that rest on meeting the needs of Customers or potential Customers.
In addition to Electrification, Biofuels, battery reuse, support for innovative Start-Ups, (e.g., in the field of autonomous order delivery, airspace utilization and space exploration, and means of support for "weak" citizens) there is the hydrogen pillar, which led to the establishment of the HySE consortium formed by Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, and Toyota.
The practical realization of HySE's research programs also comes through motorsport, specifically one of the toughest rallies in the world: the Dakar.

HySE (Hydrogen Small Mobility & Engine Technology) will enter the HySE-X1 hydrogen vehicle prototype in the "Mission 1000 Challenge" of the Dakar 2024 to be held in Saudi Arabia from January 5 to 19, 2024.

Mission 1000 is a category of the Dakar Future Program, which aims to push automakers to develop next-generation zero-emission propulsion technologies, such as hydrogen engines and electric or biofuel hybrids.
HySE will participate in Mission 1000 with the HySE-X1 hydrogen vehicle prototype that will be driven in some of the harshest environmental conditions in what is considered the toughest motorsport event in the world, providing an excellent opportunity to study the performance of the hydrogen engine in such conditions.
Participation in the Dakar also will help promote HySE's presence and initiatives, expanding the possibilities of creating a global, cross-sector network for the realization of compact hydrogen mobility.
The HySE-X1 prototype that will participate in the event is based on a chassis built by Overdrive Racing (HySE's partner Racing Team, based in Belgium) with a modified layout to accommodate a hydrogen tank and fuel system. The prototype will be powered by the hydrogen engine developed by HySE for motorcycles, which the entity is currently using in its research activities. Hydrogen refueling and maintenance will be carried out by Overdrive Racing.

HySE also plans to display a mockup of the HySE-X1 at the Motorsports Program booth at the Japan Mobility Show 2023 to be held at the Tokyo Big Sight (Ariake, Koto City, Tokyo).

As an association aiming to realize a zero-carbon society, HySE has conducted research on small hydrogen engines and intends to continue to do so together with partner companies, working to advance research toward the implementation and deployment of small hydrogen engines.

Kenji Komatsu, President of HySE, comments, "We decided to participate in the Dakar Rally, which we know has a rich history and tradition. The main reason for our participation is that it gives us the opportunity to communicate the results of our research in a way that is easy to understand. In addition, by participating in the event, we can identify potential problems and refine our technology to solve the technical issues needed to create small hydrogen mobilities as soon as possible. We hope everyone will look for us there and cheer us on!"


Automatic translation from the original Italian version
Source Suzuki Italia

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