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Baja TT Sharish Gin 2023: Portuguese moto/quad/ssv with 150 entries at Baja TT Sharish Gin

  • CNTT with 150 entries at Baja TT Sharish Gin
  • Martim Ventura (Moto), Luis Fernandes (Quad) and João Monteiro (SSV) lead the championship

The Alentejo region in Portugal, will host the Baja TT Sharish Gin, the fifth stage of the National Cross-Country Championship, which will take in tracks in the municipalities of Reguengos de Monsaraz, Mourão and Redondo. The 150 registered competitors will face a course totaling 578.67 km, of which 376 will be timed. Martim Ventura on a Yamaha in the Moto competition, Luis Fernandes also on a Yamaha in the Quad competition and João Monteiro on a Can-Am in the SSV competition are leading their respective championships and were also the winners of the 2022 edition.

In the two-wheelers, we'll surely see the duel between the champion and his main opponent in the fight for the title. Martim Ventura and António Maio, both on Yamaha, have won four races and are tied on points, but the advantage goes to the young Martim. This duo is joined by an excellent line-up that includes Honda riders - Gustavo Gaudêncio, Fábio Magalhães, João Duarte, Gonçalo and Salvador Amaral - Husqvarna riders - Micael Simão, Miguel Castro, Daniel Jordão and Bruno Santos, as well as Bernardo Megre (KTM), David Megre (Kawasaki) and Tomás Dias (Fantic), among others. Luís Engeitado, a former Quad national champion, is also taking part, riding a Kawasaki.

In the Quad class, the fight for victory should be very lively, involving Luís Fernandes, the championship leader after triumphing in Góis, Ferraria and Loulé, the young Rafael Carvalho, winner in Beja, the very fast Fernando Cardoso, all on Yamaha, who will have the champion João Vale as his main adversary, who had an accident in the opening race of the season when he was making his debut on a Can-Am Renegade XXC, a different quad bike from the others that usually take part in the championship and with which he took the podium in Loulé. It's worth noting that Rodrigo Alves and Tiago Ferreira, two youngsters who have been in the spotlight in the CNTT, are now joined by another youngster, Tomás Paulo, a very promising rider. To these riders, all on Yamaha, we must also add the names of Tiago Teixeira, on Yamaha and Fábio Ferreira on ATVRacing.

In the SSVs, the list of candidates for victory is always long, but we have to start with the names of João Monteiro and Roberto Borrego, both on Can-Am, who have shared the victories of the four rounds already held, and Luis Cidade and former national champion Pedro Santinho Mendes, who have also come close to triumphing. Other names to watch out for are national champion Gonçalo Guerreiro, now at the controls of a Polaris PRO R, registered as an official driver for the American manufacturer, Sérgio Batista, Ruben Rodrigues, Pedro Pinha, Marco Pereira, Nelson Caxias, Herlander Araújo and Arnaldo Monteiro, drivers who have been in the spotlight in the four previous races. Returning to the CNTT competitions are Hélder Rodrigues, Mário Franco and Pedro Grancha, drivers with established credentials. In the Stock championship, Rui Serpa on a Can-Am, Paulo Fernandes on a Yamaha and Nelson Saramago on a Polaris occupy the top three positions.

The Yamaha YXZ 1000R Cup is in its second round with Luís Caseiro in the lead in the Open classification and Paulo Fernandes in the Stock classification.

The 35th edition of the Baja TT Sharish Gin takes place in the municipalities of Reguengos de Monsaraz, Mourão, Redondo and Évora. The race will cover a total of 578.67 km, including a 6.2 km prologue to be held on Friday and two stages, each with a selective sector, the first of 210 km and the second of 160 km.

More information about the Baja TT Sharish Gin on the Sportity App with the code SAR-BIKE

Automatic translation from the original Portuguese version available on www.todoterreno.pt
Source FMP/A2 Comunicação
Photos: www.imagensdesportivas.com / www.imagensdesportivas.pt


Baja TT Sharish Gin 2023: Nuno Matos debuts Volkswagen Amarok PROTO at Baja TT Sharish Gin - Reguengos de Monsaraz

After a lot of hard work by the whole team, Nuno Matos can now confirm his participation in the Baja TT Sharish Gin - Reguengos de Monsaraz, the fifth of seven rounds in the Portuguese Cross-Country Championship (CPTT).

Making his debut in the T3 category, and with the Volkswagen Amarok Proto experiencing its first challenges, the driver is confident, but with reserved expectations regarding the result. "I'm very happy to confirm that we'll be at the start of the next round of the CPTT, which takes place this weekend in Reguengos de Monsaraz. The team has done a huge amount of work to get the car ready on time and I can only be grateful to them for all their commitment and trust in me and my projects. Fortunately, we were able to do a few kilometers of testing, where we checked and corrected a few details. Of course, the maturity of the car is still being tested and we're going to be challenged at every kilometer," he explained before stating that: "We'll try to finish the race without any problems, but if there are any, these are situations that we'll have to consider normal at this stage of the project."

Baja TT Sharish Reguengos / Mourão / Redondo (September 22-24) starts next Friday with the Prologue (17:40) followed by the Start Ceremony (22:30). On Saturday (12.30pm) and Sunday (11.30am) the riders will compete in a 210km selective sector. The Podium Ceremony is scheduled for 6pm on the last day of competition.


Automatic translation from the original Portuguese version available on www.todoterreno.pt
Source Nuno Matos official press release

Images from the race will be available on www.imagensdesportivas.com and www.imagensdesportivas.pt


Baja TT Sharish 2023: All set for the Baja TT Sharish Gin

Lots of news: Entertainment, tributes and daily summary on Television

Three days before the start of the 35th edition of the Baja TT Sharish Gin, there are many new features announced by the Sociedade Artística Reguenguense's Driving Section for this fifth round of the National and Portuguese Cross-Country Championships, an event that also qualifies for the FIM Baja European Championship and the FIA European Cup for Cross-Country Bajas. This is not just a sporting novelty.

The Alentejo event, which begins on Friday afternoon, September 22, with a prologue, will have its starting ceremony from 9 p.m. in the Parque da Cidade in Reguengos. The event will pay tribute to one of the great driving forces behind off-road racing in Portugal in the early years of this century. José Gameiro, promoter of several teams in national off-road races, made his debut in the Alentejo in 2001, in the TT Esporão Vindimas Rally, having competed in his last race in Zuera, in 2022, for the Spanish Championship, and recently announced his retirement from competition for health reasons, after a long career of 21 years as a driver.

Another great moment will take place on Saturday, September 23rd, with Banda 7ª arte, who promise to liven up the Baja TT Sharish Gin after the first selective sector. The show, which is due to start at 10.30 p.m., will take place at the Reguengos de Monsaraz Fairgrounds.

But the news doesn't stop there and this year the 35th edition of the Baja TT Sharish Gin - Reguengos de Monsaraz, Mourão, Redondo will feature a daily summary of the Auto and Moto competitions that will be broadcast on A Bola TV from September 21 to 24, between 22h00 and 23h00.


Automatic translation from the original Portuguese version published on www.todoterreno.pt
Source: SAR Motorismo
Photo: www.imagensdesportivas.com

INFO:  Visit www.imagensdesportivas.pt   or www.imagensdesportivas.com for images from the race

INFO: The race maps was updated to a shorter version that we don't have available yet.

mapa reguengos 2023

Baja TT Sharish 2023: Race map


Here you can find the map of the next Baja TT Sharish Gin 2023, valid both for FIA European Baja Cup , FIM Europe and for all Portuguese championships both for cars, moto, quad and SSV  and GPS points for the spectators areas.

You can download the official flyer with the map from here:   --- DOWNLOAD MAP  --- 


mapa reguengos 2023



pontos passagem

Baja Sharish 2023: Entry list - FIA Entry list

Baja TT Sharish entry list - FIA ENTRY LIST

There are only a few days left to Baja TT Sharish Gin - Reguengos de Monsaraz / Mourão / Redondo 2023, and so we invite you to come to know better the municipalities that will receive this spectacular race

You must have a PDF Viewer plugin enabled on your device to view the entry list.
If you don't have the plugin, please download the entry list from here: PDF FILE. - Download REGUENGOS-2023_ENTRY-LIST-FIA-APPROVED

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