Fernando Barreiros at Rally Greece Offroad 2023: Final report



Fernando Barreiros completed his participation in the 10th Greece Offroad Rally, reaching second place in the T2 category in this round of the FIA Cross Country Bajas European Cup, a result that allows him to remain in the lead of this competition that he won after winning the Baja Dehesa Extremadura .

At the wheel of his Isuzu D-Max T2 prepared and assisted by Prolama and navigated by the experienced Paulo Torres, the Portuguese driver, managed to overcome the difficulties experienced in the first two days of the race due to the difficult weather conditions felt in the Greek race that was held in the Region of Western Macedonia.

"We are at the happy end of this day. It was our day and we ended up winning today's stage and that ends up allowing us to keep the lead in T2 which is fantastic. It was our goal. We managed to achieve that goal, we didn't manage to extend the advantage, but that's how racing is and the first two days went very badly for us and today it ended up going well. Even so, we still had a puncture and helped a competitor who was in serious trouble. It was about to fall into a rather large ravine. Even so, with all the sportsmanship that is known to the Portuguese people and not just in this race, we managed to be useful to the rest of the competitors. It is also true that we were helped yesterday by a competitor, whom I want to thank. This second place turns out to be a positive balance, which frankly has a taste of victory." - Fernando Barreiros


Fernando Barreiros for Rally-Raid Network