Rally Greece Off-Road 2023: Positive day for Frantisek Brutovsky and Ming Racing Sports

Ming Racing Sports’s Frantisek Brutovsky and Petr Hauptmann, both from the Czech Republic, are participating in the T1 category in Rally Greece Off-Road at the helm of a Ford F150. After taking a cautious approach on Friday’s super slippery prologue, they managed to improve significantly in the overall classification.

Frantisek began his off-road racing journey in 2014 and started competing in the buggy category in 2018. Later, he entered into a collaboration with Miroslav Zapletal and took on a new challenge with Ford. He is a regular participant in the FIA-CEZ and Hungarian Championship events but has also tried himself at some rounds of the FIA World and European Cup of Bajas.

“Today we completed four special stages with a total length of 313km. It was quite challenging because it was raining, we were driving in the mountains, and we were at a high altitude where the engine didn't perform as expected due to the thin air. Because of the thin air, some of us had a slight headache, but in the end, we finished with a satisfactory result, and we are looking forward to tomorrow. The guys will now inspect the car, and we will continue tomorrow.
I forgot to mention earlier that the car didn't suffer any major damage. Unfortunately, I bent one wheel in the first two stages, and on the fourth one, I damaged the left front wheel. No significant losses, though. I think we will continue without any harm,”
the driver said at the end of the day.

“Today was quite demanding. We had a 313km route, and we drove it in the rain. It was raining all day, so the track was quite wet and muddy, but we all had the same conditions. The navigation wasn't difficult. The track was well marked, and we drove well, getting into a good rhythm. I think Fando did a great job, and we managed to improve our positions and enjoyed it. Today was truly a beautiful race,” the co-driver added.

Text: Rita Kónya
Interview: Sveta Amelichkina
Photos: Ming Racing Sports