Fernando Barreiros at Greece Offroad Rally 2023: Race report Day 2



Fernando Barreiros continued his participation in the 10th Greece Offroad Rally, on a day also marked by some constraints related to the bad weather conditions that have been felt in the region and that didn’t allow the current leader of the T2 category of the FIA Cross Country Bajas European Cup to complete all the 313.36 km planned for today.

The last day of the race will take place tomorrow. The driver is still determined to finish the race staying in the lead of the Bajas European Cup.

For the co-driver, Paulo Torres, "We had a very pleasant day. Early in the morning, marked by a lot of rain, fog and mud. I've been doing races for many years, and I've never seen anything like this. Besides, we must highlight some positive points: the landscapes are fantastic. We rode in a forest area that looked like a tunnel of trees. If there had been sun, we would have had a wonderful situation to contemplate. With the weather like this, the race didn’t have the minimum safety conditions to run. There were some situations in which we put our physical integrity at risk. We are resilient, and here we are, to see if tomorrow we finish the race in the best possible position".


Fernando Barreiros / Paulo Torres for Rally-Raid Network