Rally Greece Off-Road 2023: Perfect result for Bedu Racing in slippery prologue

Bedu Racing has started in Rally Greece Off-Road with a pair of Bedu Pro X3 vehicles, developed from scratch by the Hungarian team for the FIA T3 category. The first encounter with the Greek tracks was more than successful for both crews: Csaba Miklos and Albert Horn won the prologue while Miklos Trebitsch and his father Sandor Trebitsch finished in 8th position.

Both crews have already had some experience in international events, but for Csaba Miklos, an ethnic Hungarian from Transylvania (Romania) racing under Hungarian flag, it is the first season with Albert Horn, one of Hungary’s most renowned co-drivers.

Hungarian motorsport legend Sandor Trebitsch and his son Miklos have established Bedu Racing team five years ago with the aim of building the highest-level vehicles for the FIA T3 and T4 categories. They are the only Hungarians and one of the few companies in Europe building FIA T3/T4 vehicles from scratch, including their own chassis and fuel cell. The results achieved by both crews today are proof that the direction is right and the experience and effort poured into the project seem to pay off.

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“It's our first time in Greece. It was difficult a little bit because we didn't know how is the terrain. It was very slippery and we know such kind of terrain from Romania because we are going a lot on snow there. We are 1st in the prologue and we are very happy. But I think that the real race will start tomorrow, it was just a little part,” Csaba Miklos said after the prologue.

“We are extremely happy because Csaba won the Prologue. This car is built completely by Bedu Racing, which is owned by my father, and there is a lot of effort from my side also. Csaba has also been part of the team since the beginning of the development. I hope we'll prove that we have built the best car in T4 and T3 class,” Miklos Trebitsch added.

Text: Rita Kónya
Interview: Sveta Amelichkina
Photos: Bedu Racing