Rally Greece Off-Road 2023: Amerigo Ventura aims for success in FIA European Cup

Reigning T4 European Cup winner Amerigo Ventura hopes for another strong performance aboard his Yamaha in Greece after his successful outing last year. Quaddy Racing’s young Italian driver, together with co-driver Mirko Brun is optimistic about his chances in the second round of the FIA European Cup.

“We are here for the second round of the FIA European Cup. The second time we participated in this race. Last year we had a very good result. We finished first in the T4 category and I think 6th or 7th overall, so very positive. We hope this year to do a good job as we did last year. We are happy because there are a lot of competitors here. More than last year, a lot of very fast guys with side-by-sides, especially also in our category, T3 and T4. So let's keep fingers crossed and try to arrive at the finish,” the driver says.

Amerigo proudly highlights the presence of two Quaddy Yamahas in the race: his own and another one driven by Turkey’s Mert Becce. The latter YXZ1000R carries a lot of memories for Ventura, as that was their T4 European Cup-winning car last year.

Weather conditions are expected to play a crucial role in this year's race. Unlike the rain-free event of the previous year, the presence of rain poses new challenges. With the special stages set in forested areas featuring uphill rocky sections, Amerigo acknowledges the need for utmost concentration and skill to navigate the course effectively. The ever-changing terrain demands maximum effort throughout the competition. “We really need to give the maximum with our overall skills to be competitive till the last day,” Amerigo Ventura said ahead of the start.

Text: Rita Kónya
Interview & photos: Sveta Amelichkina