Rally Greece Offroad 2023: Fernando Barreiros race report - Day 0

Fernando Barreiros will compete in the 10th Greece Offroad Rally, which will take place in Greece's Western Macedonia Region from June 14 to 17. With a goal of winning the T2 title in the FIA Cross Country Bajas European Cup in 2023, the Portuguese driver hopes to do well in this Greek race. As usual, Fernando Barreiros will compete behind the wheel of an Isuzu D-Max T2 navigated by Paulo Torres.

Hi, I'm Fernando Barreiros and I'm at the Rally Greece Offroad with a T2 car, which I've been using for the last few years. This year we have a different project which will be the FIA Cross Country Bajas European Cup. We are in a particularly different race than usual. For now, we are enjoying everything that is happening in these checks. Simple without major problems and we hope that it will be like this until the end since we are in the middle. In relation to this rally, we'll see what's going to happen because there are some particularities here, and one of them is not to puncture because if we puncture, we have a problem with the bears that are going to walk in the middle of the track, and we can't have that problem. But if that happens Paulo and I have agreed that Paulo will be the one to get out of the car since he is older, and we must avoid the loss of lives of young people (laugh).

This is my car. It is a standard car that we use daily in our races, but it is a car that can also be used daily by people. It has some slight differences in terms of security, namely in the interior, which has baquets, a roll bar that is mandatory, and safety nets that are also mandatory. For the rest, it is almost like a standard car apart from these compulsory elements. Thank you.