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Hungarian Baja 2023: Fernando Barreiros at Hungarian Baja - Videos

Portuguese driver Fernando Barreiros and his navigator David Monteiro are participating in the Hungarian Baja, where they seek to add points for the FIA European Cup in Bajas.

Here are the videos of the first day








Hungarian Baja 2023: BP Ultimate Adventure Team heads to Hungarian Baja

David Megre actually in 2nd place in the World Cup, seeks more points.


David Megre, driver of the BP Ultimate Adventure Team, today begins his participation in the 20th edition of the Baja da Hungria, competition for the FIM Bajas World Cup.

David Megre, who leads the European Championship, rose in the final of Baja Spain Aragon to 2nd place in the Bajas World Cup and now departs for the Hungarian journey with the aim of earning points that allow him to consolidate or eventually improve his position.

David Megre points out that "I already won this race in 2009, and I like this type of terrain. The idea behind this competition is to try to get as many points as possible. Of course I like to win a race at the general level, but I know that the competition is very strong and other drivers will have the same goal. Nevertheless, I will fight for victory," says the rider, who presents himself to the command of a Kawasaki.

The Hungarian Baja will take place from August 10 to 12, with the city of Várpalota hosting the race headquarters. The event starts today with the opening ceremony. The prologue is raced on Friday morning on Tesi Hill, north of Várpalota. On the same day, the competitors complete two stages of 106 km. On Saturday, two more stages, this time with 116 km each, have to be raced. In total, the race has around 615 km, of which 445 are timed.


Automatic translation from the Portuguese version available on www.todoterreno.pt
Source  BP Ultimate Adventure Team

Hungarian Baja 2023: Fernando Barreiros with David Monteiro in Hungarian Baja

Fernando Barreiros will compete, between August 10 and 12 in the 20th edition of Baja da Hungria, a competition for the FIA Cross Country Bajas European Cup, with the main objective of reclaiming the leadership it initially occupied in the T2 category.

The current Iberian champion and national champion of all-terrain in the T2 category, who will debut in this Hungarian competition, remains very focused on the conquest of the European title from Bajas and believes that he can repeat in Hungary the good results achieved in the Spanish and Greek stages. Fernando Barreiros advances to this Hungarian journey very motivated and with the great expectation of bringing to Portugal another good ranking.

In addition to the Hungarian track debut, the great novelty of Loures’ participation in Hungarian Baja is the presence of young navigator David Monteiro in the seat on the right side of the Isuzu D-Max T2: "The car is very well prepared, and we are also in shape. It's a debut for me, and I hope to get a good result. We are in the fight for the championship, and we will try to improve our position. I have the news that David is with me. He is a young but experienced navigator and has already been to Hungary last year, and so I think it can be of great help to me as it is a race that I don't know. This year is going to be very positive and full of different challenges. I know that Hungary will be a difficult test, but we are here to try to do the best possible," said the driver of the Isuzu D-Max, prepared and assisted by Prolama.

The Baja of Hungary is held from August 10 to 12, with the town of Várpalota as the headquarters. The event will begin on Thursday,  August 10th, with a Shakedown following the departure ceremony. The prologue is played on Friday morning in Tesi Hill, north of Varpalota. On the same day, the competitors complete two selective sections of 110 km. On Saturday, two selective sections of 123 km will be competed. A total of approximately 460 km will be traveled.


Automatic translation from the original Portuguese version available at www.todoterreno.pt
Source Fernando Barreiros oficial press release
Photo: Imagens Desportivas / Rally-Raid Network

Hungarian Baja 2023: FIM Baja World Cup heads to Hungary

After rounds in the Middle East and the Iberian Peninsula, the FIM Bajas World Cup continues this weekend in Hungary. Fourteen FIM Moto riders and five FIM quads will face off in the heat of this region on a military field at Várpalota, not far from the famous Lake Balaton.

Despite disappointment at the recent Baja Spain Aragón, Dubai rider Mohammed Al-Balooshi (KTM) still leads the provisional motorcycle classification. But he will need to remain vigilant on this kind of terrain, which is a far cry from the sandy tracks of the desert and does not always suit him, especially with both David Megre (Kawasaki) and Andrew Houlihan (Husqvarna) dangerously close in the overall championship standings.

The FIM Bajas World Cup has eight events but only the best six results will count at the end of the season.

With Al-Balooshi in his sights, Australian Andrew Houlihan travelled the 15,655km from his hometown to race at the Hungarian Baja. "I'm going to try to do a better race than in Aragón,” commented the leader of the Veteran class. “Because, the first day, I hurt my shoulder and, the second, I flooded the engine crossing a ford and wasted time… I'm only 16 points behind Al-Balooshi and I hope to close the gap.”

In addition to the leading three in the FIM Bajas World Cup standings, Stefan Svitko, Jonathan Finn, Pedro Bianchi Prata and Jan Brabec are also present in Hungary… the race is going to be exciting.

On the Women's side, Sarah Khuraibet (Husqvarna) leads the category and faces Ester Merino, Alona Ben-Natan, Johanna Modrzewska and Krystyna Vankova on a quad.

In the Quad category, Juraj Varga - winner of the Baja Spain Aragón - will have to face Kevin Giroud (also in the Junior category) and the Saudi Arabian duo of Haitham Al-Tuwaijri and Hani Al-Noumesi.

•On Thursday August 10th, riders are invited to the administrative and technical checks.
•Friday, August 11th starts with a 9.47km Prologue to give the starting order, followed by two loops of 52.67km and 57.99km, respectively, for a total of 221.32km.
•On Saturday, August 12th riders will compete on a course of 245.60km that is divided into two runs through two loops.

In total, the Hungarian Baja is 633.37km long and includes 466.92km of specials.

All results on SPORTITY code HGB23_FIM

2023 FIM Bajas World Cup - provisional classification:
1. Mohammed Al-Balooshi (KTM) 50 pts
2. David Megre (Kawasaki) 36pts
3. Andrew Houlihan (Husqvarna) 34 pts

1. Haitham Al-Tuwaijri (Yamaha) 54 pts
2. Hani Al-Noumesi (Yamaha) 53 pts
3. Kevin Giroud (Yamaha) 45 pts

Source FIM

Baja Portalegre 2023: Programme

Baja Portalegre 2023 Programme.

Please visit www.bajaportalegre.com for the most updated informations and official documents of the race

Some informations about the Municipality of Portalegre

Baja Portalegre 500 - 2023

Monday, 28th of August
Supplementary Regulations published Website
Opening date for Entries Website
Rally Guide Issuing Website
Monday, 9th of October
Closing date for Entries Website
Friday, 20th of October
Publication of the Entry List Website / Sportity
Wednesday, 25th of October
Accreditations Stadium
10h00 / 22h00
Thursday, 26th of October
Accreditations Stadium
07h00 / 20h00
Secretariat Opening Hours NERPOR
07h30 / 23h00
Administrative Checks (AUTO) NERPOR
07h30 / 23h00
Administrative Checks (MOTO) NERPOR
08h00 / 14h00
Technical Checks - Sealing and Markings (AUTO) NERPOR
09h00 / 18h00
Technical Checks - Sealing and Markings (MOTO) NERPOR
09h00 / 15h00
Media Center Opening Hours NERPOR
10h00 / 19h30
SSS1 Reconnaissance Herdade das Coutadas
10h00 / 16h00
Ceremonial Start (MOTO) Portalegre - Jardim do Tarro
Pre-Event Press Conference (MOTO) Portalegre - Jardim do Tarro
Pre-Event Press Conference (AUTO) Portalegre - Jardim do Tarro
Ceremonial Start (AUTO) Portalegre - Jardim do Tarro
Friday, 27th of October
Secretariat Opening Hours NERPOR - HQ
07h00 / 22h00
Start of Leg 1 - Section 1 (MOTO) NERPOR
Accreditations Stadium
08h00 / 13h00
Media Center Opening Hours NERPOR
08h00 / 20h00
Start of Leg 1 - Section 1 (AUTO) NERPOR
Start of Stage 1 - 2nd Section (MOTO) Ponte de Sor
End of Leg 1 - Section 1 (AUTO) Ponte de Sor
12h00 (Estimated Hour) 
Start of Leg 1 - Section 2 (AUTO) Ponte de Sor
End of Leg 1 (MOTO) NERPOR
15h00 (Estimated Hour)
End of Leg 1 (AUTO) NERPOR
19h00 (Estimated Hour)
Saturday, 28th of October
Secretariat opening hours NERPOR - HQ
06h00 / 22h00
Start of Leg 2 (AUTO) NERPOR
Media Center Opening Hours NERPOR
07h00 / 21h00
Start of Leg 2 (MOTO) NERPOR
End of Leg 2 (MOTO) NERPOR
14h15 (Estimated Hour)
End of Leg 2 (AUTO) NERPOR
16h40 (Estimated Hour)
Podium Ceremony (MOTO) NERPOR
Podium Ceremony (AUTO) NERPOR
Final Press Conference NERPOR
Prize Giving Ceremony (AUTO / MOTO) NERPOR

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