Rallye Breslau 2024: Rallye Breslau turns 30! It will be something extraordinary!

А rally that can survive for 30 years means that it's really something what people love and it carries its fame as an off-road legend with a lot of pride.

Get ready for the thrill of the year! Registrations for Rallye Breslau's 30th edition will open on December 21st, 2023 bringing a wave of excitement and increadible surprises your way. And guess what? We're kicking off the celebrations with fantastic Christmas Special Discounts across all racing classes!

Everyone who loves the Breslau, everyone who participated in the past and wants to try it one more time, is welcome to take the dust off the vehicle and come over! It will be something special.

The rally will be longer. We included one more race day. A special anniversary rally class has been added. There will be three bivouacs and you will have the best on the plate what the rally has ever offered in all its history.
▪ Itinerary: 1250 km
▪ Prologue + 6 rally days instead of 5
▪ Night stage
▪ 2 marathon stages
▪ 3 bivouacs
▪ Longer stages
▪ “Breslau Legend” class

Do you still have your old rig, a traditional "Breslau" vehicle with 4 or 2 wheels? Then join for the adventure and the spirit of the Breslau from the last millennium.

Going back to the roots this class is more or less an Extreme Limited Class, but still “Open” enough to give these traditional vehicles a chance to race in Rallye Breslau.

Rallye Breslau is set to feature three bivouacs, starting in Zagan and concluding in Drawsko Pomorskie—the famous military polygon but in a new location, ensuring a fresh experience. The surprise lies in the second bivouac, kept under wraps until the last moment, promising an unexpected twist to the adventure.

Building upon the legacy of the legendary Hannibal stage, the 30th edition of Rallye Breslau will present 2 long marathon stages which will test skills, spirit and endurance of all competitors.

To make this milestone even more special, we have a lot of new additions planned for this jubilee. We will gradually reveal the surprises we have prepared.

Source RBI