Adventure Galicia 2023: Ride your own beast!

Adventure Galicia 2023: Ride your own beast!

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European Rally TT Championship of A Estrada. Ride your own beast!

The Spanish town of A Estrada, which year after year celebrates the famous Rapa Das Bestas, changes the curro (drift) for the paddock, the horses for combustion mounts and the mozos (ranchers) for drivers from the international Rally Raid scene  to host the fourth round of the European Championship FIM Rally TT 2023. The cavalry of the A Estrada Rally will gallop through the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula during five days of competition between the 25th and 30th of September.

In the land of wild horses, iron mounts will be the protagonists. Its riders will have to give one hundred percent through the old Galician mountains, enduring constant changes in altitude that will make them gallop along fast open-mountain tracks, winding roads and trails through native forests of green wetlands, where navigation will be completely determinant.

The organization has forged new horseshoes and has the best jockeys for this race. Even the smallest detail will be studied with the aim of satisfying the needs of drivers and assistance, at the highest sporting, logistical and human level:

Organizer: Javier Quintas, with more than ten years of experience at the head of the Galician Enduro championship and his third year at the helm of the Adventure Galicia Championship: "We started three years ago with Adventure Galicia and little by little we have been taking steps, learning and surrounding ourselves with the best, and all this has become this new dream, which is to bring proof of this potential to Galicia, to make fans from all over the world enjoy our land.

Timing: Cesar Cabrera, manager of Anube Sport: We are a Galician company and when these people spoke to us with the idea of doing an international test, we made ourselves available to them in whatever way we could contribute to carry out this project. We will have new technology that will be seen on sports fields for the first time. For us it is also a test bench as well as a source of pride to have a race of this magnitude in our land.”

Track manager. Javier Campos, the next rookie of the Dakar 2024. We will have a prologue of about 20 km and five stages, of about 200 km one day, another three days of 300 km and a last day of about 140 km. The paddock will be on the river beach of A Estrada, with everything you need and from which you will start every day. We are working to have the minimum asphalt connections, with specials of up to 230 km of mountain.”

Roadbook manager. Javier Varela. Three years creating roadbooks for the Adventure Galicia Championship. It is a great challenge for which we are prepared. We are going for the third year organizing tests with important routes. We have the benchmark for European rallies and the intention is always to improve. We want to do something dynamic and intense, but well balanced.”

Pilot. Eduardo Iglesias, three times finisher of the Dakar Rally. After having raced in Greece and Croatia, having a race in A Estrada is a privilege. Each test and each country has its identity, but with what we experienced last year with the people of Adventure Galicia in A Estrada, we know that this land offers everything. A lot of diversity of terrain in a few km, which will make for an entertaining five days of racing.”

With the end of summer, the fourth round of the European Rally TT Championship of A Estrada will arrive and nothing can be left to chance. Tighten the straps of your mount, sharpen your spurs and get ready to RIDE YOUR OWN BEAST!. 


Source: Pablo Pillado / Adventure Galicia
Photos: Pablo Saa.

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