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Baja di Primavera 2023: All set for the start of the Italian Cross Country Championship in Pordenone

Baja di Primavera 2023: All set for the start of the Italian Cross Country Championship in Pordenone

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Just a few days to the start of the tricolor ACI Sport reserved for off-roaders that will open the dances in the capital of Friuli. Many challenges await the protagonists among the “serial vehiclesâ€. Also ready for the start are the TH and side-by-side vehicles.

Countdown also for the start of the Italian Cross Country and SSV Championship 2023, ready to start from the 13th Italian Baja di Primavera - Artugna Race, the opening race of the tricolor off road. New challenges will once again involve the protagonists of the series promoted by ACI Sport dedicated to off-road vehicles, who will tread the streets of Pordenone on Saturday, March 11, during the race organized by Fuoristrada Club 4X4 Pordenone, which will involve the municipalities of Fontanafredda, Polcenigo, Budoia and Aviano. Several names of entrants among standard and side-by-side vehicles, waiting to fire up the engines to kick off the first round in 2023.


Among the main protagonists of the first round of the year we find the vehicles belonging to the T1 category, including the two Suzuki's Andrea Luchini paired with Piero Bosco on New Gran Vitara, one of the main interpreters of the 2022 Championship and the trophy promoted by the Hamamatsu manufacturer disputed last season, and Emilio Ferroni flanked by Daniele Fiorini on Gran Vitara, the same car on which Stefano Sabellico and Andrea Taloni will also compete. Scrolling down the list, they are followed by Manuele Mengozzi and Erica Bombardini aboard the Toyota Hilux Overdrive and the Nissan Navarra of the crew composed of Gabriele Seno and Denis Piceno. Also running among the T1s is the duo on Nissan Patrol GR formed by Rossi-Tassile, as well as the Mitsubishi Pajero with "Ricky" and Massimo Gabrielleschi on board and the Isuzu Trooper of Benettolo-Grandin.

Leading the way for the group reserved for T2 vehicles is the reigning champion of the tricolor series dedicated to off-roaders and holder of the Suzuki Challenge Alfio Bordonaro, also on a Gran Vitara ready to defend the title he won last year paired with Stefano Lovisa. The driver from Catania will have to contend with the other three Suzuki Gran Vitara of Group T2 of Paolo Semeraro and Giuditta Viganò, the pair composed of Michele Macchiavelli and Fernando Carruggi and the crew formed by Michele Machiavelli and Fernando Caruggi. Crews that will all be direct opponents of Bordonaro in the one-make trophy as well. Also competing in the same category is Andrea Schiumarini, racing with Massimo Salvatore with whom he shares the Mitsubishi Pajero.


There is no shortage of vehicles belonging to the TH category, where the name of Gianluca Morra stands out, flanked by Gianluca Sbaraglia on a Suzuki Gran Vitara. The Novara-born driver will try to win the top spot after the third place sealed last season, behind Giuseppe Ananasso and Giovanni Farina. Also present will be Paolo Cau, at the wheel of the Mitsubishi Pajero Evo shared with Rocco Sbaraglia, and Andrea Debbi paired with Chiara Zoppellaro, while Alberto Gazzetta will race with Andrea Pizzato in a Suzuki New Jimny.


Also racing for a place on the podium are the side-by-side vehicles, to which cars belonging to the T4 and T4N groups belong, including the name of Amerigo Ventura. The category champion driver in 2022 will return to the land of the Friulian capital, where he sealed his first victory last year, flanked by Mirko Brun on Yamaha Quaddy YXZ1000R of Team Quaddy ASD. In pursuit will be Alessandro Bonetto navigated by Anna Gamenara, the pair formed by Andrea Tomasini and Angelo Mirolo, the Turkish Becce-Tatar crew and Valentino Rocco with Alessandra Magnoni. All on Yamaha Quaddy, while Michele and Giada Manocchi will be aboard the Yamaha YXZ1000R, as will Mauro Vagaggini and Manuele Perissinotti. Also at the start is the CAN AM Maverick of Federico Buttò and Nicola Collodel.


The Italian Baja di Primavera - Artugna Race will start warming up its engines as early as Friday, March 10, when scrutineering will take place. Instead, the race will get underway the following day, Saturday, March 11, with an 8:00 a.m. start. Crews will then head to the first passage "Artugna 1" with start at 9:00 am. A total of 28.33 km to be repeated three more times before the return at 5:00 p.m., the time at which the awards ceremony will take place.


Automatic translation from the original Italian Version available on
Source ACI Sport
Photo ACI Sport


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