Baja Lorca 2023:  Diego José Mateos - "You have created an event that has an impact on all the residents of Lorca".

Baja Lorca 2023: Diego José Mateos - "You have created an event that has an impact on all the residents of Lorca".

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Just a month after the celebration of the twelfth edition of the Rallye Tierras Altas de Lorca, the Automóvil Club de Lorca presented a new national motorsport event in the city of Lorca.

The tenth edition of the Baja Lorca - Ciudad del Sol, scoring for the Spanish Championship All Terrain Rally Loterías, and third round of the competition, begins its journey with this event in the Alameda de la Constitution just a few days of its celebration.

The regional motorsport is in luck because for the third consecutive season the best teams of the CERTT Loterías will be in Lorca on 26 and 27 May in an event that will feature more than sixty teams and this season changes a little format due to the municipal elections to be held on Sunday 28.

Pedro Zamora began the event thanking "once again the presence of all the authorities who have always supported this test. Also thank the municipal companies, as well as private companies -more than fifty- that help us to balance the budgets once again. This time we will again have several nationalities with Polish, Portuguese, British, and Italian teams, which reinforces the idea of tourism plus sport. The Yamaha YXZ 1000R Cup, the Parabaja and an English trophy that has chosen Lorca to hold one of its tests in Spain, will be part of this tenth edition. Friday throughout the day the vehicles will again be in the Huerto de la Rueda Fairgrounds, holding the prologue from 16:55 hours in the vicinity of Lorca, and the starting ceremony from 21:00 hours in the Alameda de la Constitución. On Saturday we will have two superspecials of almost 180 km. that will decide the winner of this edition that will come to an end with the trophy ceremony again in the Alameda de la Constitución from 22:00 hours on Saturday."

After Pedro Zamora, Sebastián Plazas, president of the Automobile Federation of the Region of Murcia took the floor: "I would like to thank all the people of the Automobile Club of Lorca for their great involvement in this event, since only a month ago we finished the Rallye Tierras Altas and the effort on a personal and family level is very great".

The president of the Royal Spanish Automobile Federation commented that "we are celebrating, it is not every day that we celebrate ten editions of an event like this one, which will also have a very interesting registration. We have an event that is ready for bigger goals, here we have all the ingredients to host higher level events, and I am making an appeal to the authorities to consider being part of the international calendar. All this is possible thanks to the organization of the Automobile Club of Lorca, which is ready to take another leap forward".

Juan Francisco Martínez, General Director of the Institute of Tourism of the Region of Murcia, also intervened: "As part of the institutions involved I want to say that whenever the club has needed to go a step further we have supported you, and I am sure that this will continue to happen in future editions. Tourism plus sport is always synonymous with success".

And of course, the excellent Mayor of Lorca, Diego José Mateos who commented: "We must thank the great work done by the Automobile Club de Lorca, with Pedro Zamora and his board at the head, as you have not only created an event for motor enthusiasts to enjoy, but for all Lorca. We invite everyone to move to the areas provided for the public and enjoy the high districts that always have something important to offer."

The event closed with a few words from Pedro Zamora who gave the news of his departure as president of the club: "It has been 28 years dedicated to motor racing, and 12 leading the Automobile Club de Lorca. It is time to say goodbye. They have been great years, from which I take with me the great people I have been able to meet. Over the years, the organizational complications have been increasing, the level of demand that this organization demands is very high, and not living from it, and for personal and work reasons, I think it's time to stop. I will always have the thorn of not having managed to professionalize these events. For these reasons I have taken the decision to leave the presidency of the Automobile Club of Lorca. I will continue to support both events, but not with the current involvement. I would like to thank the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia and Juan Francisco Martínez for all their support over the years. To the City Council of Lorca, with its current Mayor, Diego José Mateos, and with the previous mayors who always supported us. To Irene Jódar who has given everything in her power to move these tests forward. To the board of directors of the club, to all the volunteers who have helped both the Baja Lorca and the Rallye Tierras Altas are at their best. I would also like to thank Manuel Aviñó for his confidence in both this event and in me for my work within the Royal Spanish Automobile Federation for seven years. And, of course, to my friend Sebastián Plazas, whom I got into a mess with a presidency that he did not expect. The Motoring Federation of the Region of Murcia needs a good president, and you are it. It's time for the Baja Lorca - Ciudad del Sol, and I thank you all for the years of understanding and what you have put up with for me, thank you."

We remind you that the sections of the test will be secret until Thursday May 25, where we will proceed to publish them on our website as in our social networks.


Automatic translation from the original Spanish Press release available on

Source Automovil Club de Lorca

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