Baja Portalegre 2023: Huge entry list in all categories

Baja Portalegre 2023: Huge entry list in all categories

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The 37th edition of the Baja Portalegre once again places the Portuguese race as the most participated in Europe and one of the most participated in the world, rivaling the number of entries of the big rallies.

The event has multiple categories competing at the same time, including the main FIA and national auto categories, motorcycles, quads, and the national SSV category, which competes in a different race to the T3 and T4 vehicles. In addition, there are special categories for motorcycles, such as Hobby for amateur riders and Mini Baja for the youngest riders.

Today, the organization published the entry lists for the Moto, Quad, SSV and Hobby categories (which include participants in various Moto, Quad, and special SSV categories). The numbers are impressive: 99 riders are entered in the motorcycle, 36 in the Quad, 84 in the SSV and 59 in the hobby classes, for a total of 278. There are still FIA Auto participants missing, whose list has not yet been published, but according to what has already been revealed, the number should be around 70.  We will publish it as soon as the organization makes it available.  As for the AUTO National Entry List, it is also available with a total of 45 participants. 

The 2023 Baja Portalegre kicks off next Friday at sunrise, with the participants taking on a short prologue (SS1), followed by a 60-kilometer sector (SS2).  On Saturday, there will be several different programs, but the main ones are: AUTO will compete in SS3 and SS4, both 180 km long, but on different routes. MOTO, QUAD, and national SSV will only compete in one sector (SS3), which will actually be the sum of SS3 and SS4 Auto.

 >>> Photos from the race will be available to interested teams on our portal

 Find out more about the municipalities that will host the race:  Portalegre, Alter do Chão, Fronteira, Nisa, Ponte de Sor, Crato

The entry lists are published below

Entry list AUTO National  -- Download Baja-Portalegre-2023-AUTO-National

Entry list MOTO -- Download Baja-Portalegre-2023-MOTO

Entry list QUAD -- Download Baja-Portalegre-2023-QUAD

Entry list SSV -- Download Baja-Portalegre-2023-SSV

Entry list Hobby --Download Baja-Portalegre-2023-HOBBY

Please visit for updated documents and informations

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