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Baja Vermentino 2023: Baja Vermentino ready to start

Baja Vermentino 2023: Baja Vermentino ready to start

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info: Italian Championship.  This race is also part of the Italian Rally Championship
Info: Race map bellow the text

  • Presented the 20th Rally dei Nuraghi e del Vermentino, a race of the Italian Rally Terra Modern, Historic and Cross Country Championship.
  • The presentation, at the Wine Museum in Berchidda, was also attended by Regional Councillor Gianni Chessa, Aci Sardegna President Giulio Pes and Berchidda Mayor Andrea Nieddu
  • The scenic Wine Museum in Berchidda hosted this afternoon the presentation of the 20th Rally dei Nuraghi e del Vermentino, a race with a tricolor triple title that will be run on September 15-16.

The event, organized by Rassinaby Racing with the support of the Regional Tourism and Sports Departments, will be valid for the Italian Rally Terra Championship, the Zone 9 Rally Cup, the Sardinia Aci Sport Regional Delegation Championship and the Pirelli Star Rally4 Terra Trophy and the N5 Italia Trophy. Alongside the modern rally, also on the program is the Rally Historicu, now in its fifth edition titled for the Rally Terra Storiche Championship and the Regional, and the 4th Baja Vermentino Terre di Gallura, valid for the Italian Cross Country Championship and Ssv.

The president of Rassinaby Racing, Alessandro Taras, said, "To be here again after 20 years is no small emotion, as simple enthusiasts which we have always been we had taken a simple path but then managed to get here. There is no shortage of tracks in Sardinia and we have managed to grow. Then at the end of 2017, the choice to switch from asphalt to dirt, which had surprised everyone but eventually paid off, as the tricolour titles came. We have an earth race in which even the transfers are almost exclusively on earth, and we thank Forestas for this possibility. Our Rally is also promotion of the territory: last year we had gone to promote the race in Spain, this year we went to Finland and, thanks to this transfer, we will have a Finnish crew in the race."

Regional Councillor for Tourism, Handicrafts and Trade, Gianni Chessa, connected by videoconference, said, "The Rally of the Nuraghi and Vermentino is a sporting event that lengthens our tourist season, promotes a Sardinia that goes beyond the sea giving it an international showcase. We are honored, as a council, to also support the Monte Acuto and Gallura territories involved in the race. We are on the right track, and the numbers prove it: the combination of sports-collateral events, in this case also food and wine and cultural events, make it possible to make Sardinia's potential and heritages even more known. Congratulations and thanks to the organizers of Rassinaby Racing, Aci and all those who work for the success of the event."

Giulio Pes di San Vittorio, president of Aci Sardegna and Aci Sassari, said, "It is not easy to organize a race for 20 years, keep an association together and always raise the bar. Rassinaby Racing on the other hand is doing it, so congratulations from me and from Daniele Settimo, chairman of the Rally Commission. As Aci Sassari we are carrying out a study, based on the one carried out in 2019 for Rally Italia Sardegna, to quantify the economic impact on the territory generated by motoring events."

The mayor of Berchidda, Andrea Nieddu, said, "Many thanks to President Alessandro Taras and all Rassinaby Racing for their tenacious, passionate and continuous work, so much so that we are celebrating the 20th birthday of the Rally. It is important for our community that this conference is hosted in a place of the history and culture of our identity and that thanks to Rassinaby it is able to find the opening to the Peninsula as well. It has done a great job of territorial promotion, the Municipal Administration is proud of the associations that know how to systematize and be part of the community. We will show that our rally makes system, Berchidda will be the epicenter but in all these years you have been able to involve the municipal administrations and make known the natural beauty of the whole territory."

The president of Coni Sardegna, Bruno Perra, also commented on the 20th edition of the Rally dei Nuraghi e del Vermentino: "We wish you all the best for the success of the 20th edition of the Rally dei Nuraghi e del Vermentino, a round valid for the Cirt (Italian Rally Terra Championship). An extraordinary achievement that gives credit to your organization which, every year, grows with its improvements and makes the event more and more attractive, giving luster to the island, national and international rally world. Kudos to all of you and best wishes for two days of high-level racing."


Outlining the technical details of the 20th Rally dei Nuraghi e del Vermentino is Mirko Fresu of Rassinaby Racing. 75 timed kilometers are planned, while the total distance to be covered will remain under 300 kilometers. Berchidda will play a central role, Friday, Sept. 15 will host the shakedown in the morning and the start, from Piazza del Popolo at 2 p.m. Then the competing crews will make the first two passes on the special "Filogosu" (2:34 p.m. and 5:31 p.m., 8.20 kilometers). On Saturday 16, however, double laps on the trials "Alà dei Sardi-Buddusò" (9.38, 14.99 km) and "Pattada" (10.22, 13.97 km) and the finish, at 3.40 p.m. in Berchidda.

Side events. The Municipal Administration of Berchidda and Rassinaby Racing have chosen to promote the area's agricultural and food excellence and, in particular, Vermentino Docg di Gallura. The area's professionals and entrepreneurs will display their products in Piazza del Popolo in Berchidda, an event created thanks to the contribution of Luciano Sini, municipal councillor for agricultural policies as well as a member of the board of directors of the Strade del Vermentino.

Also confirmed for Saturday is the presence of the Mamuthones and Issohadores of the Atzeni Mamoiada Association: two figurants will be present during the prize-giving ceremony on the platform, then at 5:30 p.m. there will be a performance by the group, which will act as a link between the race and the beginning of the side event "A Tavola col Vermentino DOCG Gallura."

The Rally of the Nuraghi and Vermentino is supported by the collaboration of the Costa del Sole Travel agency, a logistics partner whose contact details can be found in the "Travel & Hospitality" section of the event's official website, www.rallyvermentino.it. The Rally of the Nuraghi and Vermentino is also on Facebook and Instagram with its own official pages, and on the Sportity app with the password RDV2023.

Info: Automatic translation from the original Italian version to english with IA.  Some errors are expected.
Source: ACI Sport


mapa baja vermentino

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