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Daja di Primavera 2023:  It's Spring Baja with the Artugna Race.

Daja di Primavera 2023: It's Spring Baja with the Artugna Race.

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Anticipation quivers for the start of the Italian Cross Country and Ssv Championships. A few surprises from an entry list that opens up new Scudetto challenges. Bordonaro and Codecà will both be at the start in a Suzuki Ddi 1.9 T2.

A Jap thrill to the last and it looked like the unthinkable might happen. Defending Cross Country champion, Alfio Bordonaro, and former champion Lorenzo Codecà, forced to sit out the season opener at the Artugna Race - 13th Italian Baja di Primavera due to the unavailability of spare parts needed to restart their New Grand Vitara short and long wheelbase respectively. No good news from the Rising Sun in the immediate future, but "brotherly" help from Chinti Marino Gambazza, who entrusted his Suzuki Grand Vitara Ddis 1.9 to the Sicilian co-racer, and a change in extremis on the T2 counterpart of Samuele Lelli, who was forced to forfeit for personal reasons, thus ceding his vehicle to the multi-decorated Lombard (eleven championships in the bag).

CCR - So the Artugna Race will be able to enjoy the "series" duel between Bordonaro flanked by Stefano Lovisa and Codecà by Mauro Toffoli, not coincidentally two experienced Pordenone navigators able to sniff the track on the piedmont dirt roads close to the dry creek.

Opponents in T2 Paolo Semeraro, Alberto Spinetti and Michele Machiavelli also on Vitara, Andrea Schiumarini with a Mitsubishi Pajero. On paper, obviously favored are the more muscular T1 prototypes: Suzuki Vitara for Andrea Luchini, Emilio Ferroni and Stefano Sabellico; Toyota Hilux for Manuele Mengozzi; Nissan Navara the vehicle of Gabriele Seno, Nissan Patrol that of Antonio Rossi; Mitsubishi Pajero for Rickler del Mare Cesare Gianfranco in art "Ricky," while Riccardo Benettolo will be at the wheel of an Isuzu Trooper.

Four rivals in Group TH: Gianluca Morra (Suzuki Vitara), Paolo Cau (Mitsubishi Pajero), Andrea Debbi (Daihatsu Rocky) and Alberto Gazzetta (Suzuki Jimny).

SSV - Watch out for declinations for the Side by Side as well, because there are significant differences in horsepower and technical equipment between prototypes and production derivatives. The Quaddy Team mixes the values in the field with its Yamaha Yxz1000R T4 prototypes in the hands of Amerigo Ventura, defending champion, Alessandro Bonetto, Andrea Tomasini making his debut on the lightweight tubular, the unknown Mert Becce Sabri from Turkey. T4N for Valentino Rocco, protagonist last season, and Gabriele Piccini, TM for Michele Manocchi and Mauro Vagaggini, who boasts the tricolor trophy grabbed in 2017.

Friday afternoon logistical appointment at the Interporto di Pordenone for checks and tuning, Saturday the Italian Baja di Primavera among the countryside of Fontanafredda, Polcenigo, Budoia and Aviano. Open-air theater with free access to drift and countersteer enthusiasts, keeping under cover and with respect to marshals and law enforcement.

Automatic translation from the original Italian version availabe on
Text: Italian Baja / Carlo Ragogna Ufficio Stampa Italian Baja
Foto AciSport

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