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Estrada Rally 2023: Countdown to the A Estrada Rally.

Estrada Rally 2023: Countdown to the A Estrada Rally.

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Between the upcoming 25th and 30th of this September, the fourth round of the FIM Rally TT European Championship, also counting towards the Spanish Rally TT Championship and the Adventure Galicia Championship, will take place in the Pontevedra town of A Estrada.
The physical preparation of the riders and the fine-tuning of the mechanics will be crucial to achieve the goal of a rally that promises adventure over hundreds of kilometers of intense navigation.

The Galician geography, and more specifically that of A Estrada, guarantee the toughness that every raid must have, while the extremely long navigation sections will delight roadbook enthusiasts.Transfers from the bivouac to the timed special stages have been minimized in this specialty, which is already accustomed to endless liaisons. The bivouac, located on the river beach of Río Liñares in the town of A Estrada, will have everything necessary for riders and support teams to carry out their daily tasks and also relax before facing another day of competition.

estrada 5 9 w 2

With less than a month to go before the Spanish rendezvous with European navigation, Javier Varela, Roadbook Manager of Adventure Galicia, gives us a sneak peek of what awaits the riders: "The routes are long, and I'm not talking about kilometers; I'm referring to navigation and challenging terrain. It's a rocky area. It won't be just about racing. Some days we'll be dealing with around 600 waypoints. The liaisons will be from the bivouac to the start of the special stage and from the end of it back to the bivouac, each one spanning between fifteen and twenty kilometers." "We will have neutralized zones for refueling, changing roadbooks, grabbing a bite, and leaving the neutralization when the Stella beacon, with its countdown, tells you that your neutralized time has ended. The control card will be handed out at the end of the special stage so that everyone can return to the bivouac without haste and with time to relax if they wish."

With limited spots set at 120 entrants by the organization and a deadline of the 15th of this month to complete the registration, everything is set for an unprecedented rally in one of the most spectacular regions of the Iberian Peninsula. The only thing missing is you.

Specific regulations: Registrations at: http://adventuregalicia.com/


Stage Distances: 

stage estrada 2023

Source: Pablo Pillado/Adventure Galicia.
Photos: Pablo Saa.

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