Hellas Rally Raid 2023: Day 2 race report

Hellas Rally Raid 2023: Day 2 race report

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Following the prologue, the second day starts again from Karpenissi, doing a total distance of 320 kilometers, reaching the famous village Athanasios Diakos and returning to the bivouac after one refueling there. Due to weather conditions, the new-coming Rally 2 class, which is meant for less experienced riders, was cancelled for safety reasons.

This day’s stage includes a stunning scenery, passing by Mornos lake, continuing around Vardousia mountains and Iti’s national park. It crossed through breathtaking landscapes, with the highlight being a nerve-racking river crossing, something that brought athletes to their limits and tested both their ability and vehicles.

The routes of this rally edition are some of Greece’s famous parts, known for their challenging and demanding off-road terrain, something that thrills the participants while putting a smile on their face.

The contestants made an impressive effort, and the competitiveness remained high throughout the race.

The heavy rain though added an extra difficulty to this terrain, with everyone arriving at the finish line muddy, wet and tired from everything they endured in this long-distance stage, but still with big smiles on their faces.

In the MOTO category, Tobias Ebster in the M3 class, who opened the race, was the second fastest overall with a time of 6h05:03.11, following Wallace Robert who did the fastest run of the day at 5h59:30.08. Third came Martinez Boronat Guillem in the M3 class again, with 6h09:22.38.

For the SSV, Hugues Lacam - Max Delfino who were the first to start in this category, finished with an astonishing time of 6h08:50.97, leaving the second crew Jerome Pelichet - Jean Pierre Garcin 43:19.41 behind in the second place. The third SSV crew to cross the finish line was Philippe Herbain - Paul Durame with a time of 6h54:27.69.



Text and video: ICARUS Sports
Credits: Actiongraphers

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