Italian Baja 2024:  João Dias wins Italian Baja

Italian Baja 2024: João Dias wins Italian Baja

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Santag Racing adds points to the collective trophy
João Dias and Pedro Ré won this Saturday's Baja Italia, a race in the FIA European Cup for Cross-Country Bajas.

With Santag Racing's Can Am Maverick X3, João Dias and Pedro Ré dominated the race in the Challenger (T3) category, winning the Prologue on Friday and this Saturday, with three more Selective Sectors, they were the fastest to complete the 369.7km timed stage today, securing an important victory for this FIA European Cup for Bajas competition.

"It was very good for us because we had a lot of ambition for this race and we're very pleased to have won, to score maximum points in this race," João Dias said at the end.

"It was a very tough and intense race, a long day with a lot of water, always with passes to repeat the sector, and if in the first one, where we were opening the road, we had one or two mistakes, in the remaining two selective sectors we were very competent, we imposed our pace, always very focused on every detail, we didn't make any mistakes, the car was always excellent, and Pedro Ré was a precious help for us to be able to take a victory from here, which for us is rewarding for all the work we did," added the driver.

The FIA European Cup for Cross-Country Bajas is one of João Dias' bets this season, where he's looking to revalidate a title he won brilliantly in 2023. "We didn't start well in the Baja da Extremadura but this result gives us important points and we'll be looking to fight for wins again in the next races," says João Dias.

For Santag Racing, this was also an important victory because of the points the team has earned in the team classification of this FIA European Cup for Cross-Country Bajas trophy. After two races, Santag Racing has 125 points, 70 of which came in this Baja Italia. It should be remembered that the team won this classification last year and David Vieira, Santag Racing's manager, stresses the importance of João Dias' triumph in Italy "so that we too can work to repeat that success".

After Italy, the competition has three more races to go: the Baja da Hungria in August, the Baja TT Sharish Reguengos/Mourão/Redondo in September and the Baja Troia, which closes the competition in November.


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Source:  Santag Racing Team

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