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Nyír1 Baja 2023: Nagykálló is back in the route of the Hungarian Championship

Nyír1 Baja 2023: Nagykálló is back in the route of the Hungarian Championship

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Nyir Baja is part of the Hungarian Championship

Last year it was missing from the competition calendar, but this year, one of the most enjoyable field locations, Nagykálló, returns to the program of the Hungarian Rally-Raid Championship. Nyír1 Baja, the fifth race of the championship, will take place on 14-16 September in the municipality of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg. Nagykálló is the old favorite of Hungarian rally-raid teams because the tracks and the sandy soil here always provide for a pleasant and fun race. This year, however, not even the most experienced drivers can use their experience of the race, as the tracks have been thoroughly renewed, and will include visits to three new settlements: Kisleta, Nyírgelsé and Nyírbogát.

In addition to the entire Hungarian field, a renowned group of foreign teams will also race in Nagykálló, like the Czech Miroslav Zapletal and his Slovak codriver Marek Sykora (Ford). The Nyír1 Baja, can seriously shake the cards in terms of the final outcome of the championship.

Currently, they are in the Zapletal is the best positioned, but Csucsu and Mesterházi Márk (Toyota) are within the range despite the problems they have experienced in the last race.  In third place at the moment, Masters (Ford) and the Polish Kubiczek (Can-Am) are fighting.

The local colors are represented by the Tamás – Vajda Szabolcs duo (Can-Am). "Last year we were here in the Challenge category, but I heard that now the tracks are going to be completely different. People like motorsport here, so I’m sure there will be a lot of viewers now. This sandy soil is completely different from what we are used to in other races, and the big question is whether it will rain or not. I hope it will be, but one thing is certain: we will do our best," he said.

Also from the region comes Ludas Zoltán – Majoros Attila (Can-Am). "This was my first race last year, we were in the Challenge and I liked it, but because of the rules of the category, we couldn’t go the way we wanted. This is a flat area; there are no large holes or jumps, but there are long straights, so you can dictate a pace. We hope that after the problems of the past, the technology is now coming together. I wouldn't mind if we had a dry race, but the main thing is to reach the goal," said the pilot.

During the two days of the race, Nyír1 Baja will complete a total of almost 440 kilometers of the field, of which 302 kilometers will be the measured section. On Friday, three 20-kilometer selectors will be on the pitch, and on Saturday, a 61-kilometer course will be completed twice in one direction and twice in the other. The competition ends on Saturday evening with a ceremonial prize ceremony.



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Photo: LP Racing

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