Rally-Raid Portugal 2024: Hat-Trick for Schareina

Rally-Raid Portugal 2024: Hat-Trick for Schareina

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  • Stage 3 —the longest stage of the BP Ultimate Rally-Raid Portugal— took the field from Grândola to the Spanish city of Badajoz today.
  • Tosha Schareina (Monster Energy Honda) snapped up another win in the Rally GP motorbike race. The Spaniard padded his overall lead over the German Sebastian Bühler (Hero MotoSports).
  • Bradley Cox (BAS World KTM Racing) claimed another barnstorming victory among the W2RC entrants in the Rally 2 race and cemented his overall lead over his teammate Mathieu Dovèze and Romain Dumontier (Dumontier Racing).
  • Salvador Amaral took the Rally 3 stage, but his brother Gonçalo remains perched at the top of the leader board.
  • Manuel Andújar bagged his third consecutive stage win in the quad competition and put clear daylight between himself and the CFMoto riders Gaëtan Martinez and Kamil Wiśniewski in the standings.

Tosha Schareina had his sights set on making a triumphant return to his Spanish homeland in the BP Ultimate Rally-Raid Portugal. After losing out to Sebastian Bühler yesterday, the Honda rider turned the tables between Grândola and Badajoz, in the autonomous community of Extremadura, where skeleton service squads have been dispatched. Bühler had the upper hand for the initial stretch of the special, but the Valencian took back control at the 210 km mark. It went down to the wire, with the gap between them seldom stretching beyond a minute. Schareina romped home with 48 seconds to spare over Bühler to bag his third win of the week, following the prologue and stage 1. He now holds a margin of 3′44″ on the German in the overall. Meanwhile, the battle for the bottom step of the podium rages on. Making his mark as the third-fastest W2RC contender of the day, 6′49″ down, Adrien Van Beveren (Monster Energy Honda) is staging quite the comeback. He is now sitting fourth overall, trailing his teammate Skyler Howes by just 3′05″. The American has firmly landed in the Frenchman's crosshairs, as Van Beveren leapfrogged past Ross Branch (Hero MotoSports) today. The championship leader is not quite in his element here in Portugal and is in damage control mode. He conceded 8′55″ to Schareina and is now fifth in the virtual standings, 17′25″ back. The Botswanan is 43 seconds ahead of Pablo Quintanilla (Monster Energy Honda) in sixth place, who is also struggling on the Portuguese tracks.

Bradley Cox was the big winner of the day in Rally 2. The South African was the fastest W2RC entrant, beating the Frenchmen duo Mathieu Dovèze by 8′17″ and Romain Dumontier by 8′24″. Cox soared from fourth place to the top of the standings. However, with Dovèze at 1′25″ and Dumontier at 2′34″, he would be ill-advised to rest on his laurels! The championship leader, Jean-Loup Lepan (Duust Rally), is fifth at 29′24″. As it stands, the man from Picardy would retain the W2RC lead, albeit with the same numbers of points (55) as Cox. Dumontier would be third with one fewer point and Konrad Dąbrowski fourth with a 6-point deficit. Each position gained or lost from now until Sunday will play a decisive role!

Badajoz welcomed a fresh stage winner to the W2RC: Salvador Amaral, who opened his Rally 3 account with a bang. The Portuguese ace clinched victory by a commanding 11′55″, overshadowing his brother Gonçalo, who got slapped with a 6′10″ penalty for speeding. Gonçalo still leads the charge with a 10′05″ buffer over Salvador. Pedro Bianchi Prata seized the third spot, pushing past the Chilean John Medina (Xraids Experience). It's a 100% Portuguese podium with just 48 hours to go until the finish!

The unvanquished Manuel Andújar extended his hegemony in the quad race, defeating Kamil Wiśniewski (+ 4′01″) and Gaëtan Martinez (+ 11′08″). The Argentinian leads the overall ahead of the CFMoto riders Martinez (+ 21′05″) and Kanopkinas (+ 21′37″).

Source: W2RC / A.S.O.

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