Segway sets foot in cross-country rallies

Spectators at the Hungarian Cross-Country Rally Championship season opener, Székesfehérvár Rallye, witnessed a world premiere during the first weekend of April: the racing debut of Segway Powersport's brand-new Villain SX10. We spoke to the driver, Hungary's Attila Csató, about the remarkable vehicle.

Mr. Csató, what led you to the idea of fielding a Segway Villain SX10 in the Hungarian Championship?
I became particularly interested in Segway's Powersport program after seeing the first internet teasers back in 2019. It was clear that they were genuinely committed to design, manufacturing, and development, not only for sport SSVs but for the entire All-Terrain project. When the Villain SX10 became available, the manufacturer and the largest European dealer did their best to enable our participation in this year's Hungarian Championship.

Can you share any details about the specifications?
This is a standard sport SSV, essentially a production vehicle. The complete specifications can be found on the manufacturer's website, along with information about Segway's entire line-up.

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What were your experiences after the first race with the Villain SX10?
We had a brief test in the Czech Republic. Our own Villain SX10 had just completed the mandatory run-in when we lined up for the start in Székesfehérvár. The initial special stages were mainly about learning the car, but it quickly became apparent that it performed well on off-road tracks. We used the setup recommended by the manufacturer, and it worked perfectly. We didn't have any issues with the brakes, even at the end of the special stages. During the 430 km long rally, we only refuelled and didn't encounter any technical problems. Following routine maintenance, we're already looking forward to our next race, Riverside Baja, scheduled for early May.

What's the next step after the Hungarian Championship debut? Is there any chance we might see a Segway Villain SX10 in an FIA international event soon?
I think we should take it step by step. The next chapter could involve establishing a Segway Villain SX10 Cup within the Hungarian Championship, which would allow us to create our own specific regulations. Developing a vehicle that complies with FIA T3 or T4 rules is a different level. First, we should thoroughly test this vehicle, and only afterward make a decision.

Text: Rita Kónya
Photos: Hungarian Cross-Country Rally Committee (TRSB)