Coast 2 Coast 2023: Oswaldo Lara winner of the Coast 2 Coast Rally in Puerto Escondido

Coast 2 Coast 2023: Oswaldo Lara winner of the Coast 2 Coast Rally in Puerto Escondido

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The Coast 2 Coast has been completed on the beaches of Puerto Escondido after covering more than 1600 km. We have seen many pilots challenge this closing stage from San Jose to Puerto Escondido by descending from 3000 meters above sea level to 10 meters above sea level to receive the checkered flag and their finisher's medal.

The Quaker State Stage 5 was relatively a protocol, with very long links and a very short special stage, which was to close with a flourish their participation in the rally. The beach was witness of timed sections, the Oaxaca de San Jose mountain range sent them from a high altitude, forests, semi-desert roads, wetlands and a lot of closed circuit that was part of this "racing madness". Seeing the beach for many was a total comfort, but the very long link was a headache.

Leaving an enchanted mountain range of magic, natural environmental sounds, wooded roads, rivers and places that only our Mexico gives us and is wonderful, also enter the beach of Puerto Escondido is and will be a dream for the few who made it. Running along 17 km by the sea is an incomparable sensation. The cultures, people and villages are unique as they encouraged us every day to finish. The Coast 2 Coast has taken us to places in Mexico full of our culture and that only in this event you can live them, thanks for everything and for being part of this 2023 edition. 

The Baja Californian winner of the Rally Pro category, Oswaldo Lara, said "we have collected thousands of daily experiences, but in the end it is simply joy. I had a great time and I'm happy to be at the finish line, I never thought my family would be with me. I thank God for letting me finish this rally. We went to the sky to thank Chucho for having us in this sport and for following us. It's the best event I've ever raced, I'm ready for the RC2C 2024, thanks to Romina and Patrick for everything and their great work team".

On Friday night, more than 200 people participated and witnessed the recognition of the winners of this 5th edition of the Coast 2 Coast Rally, where 60 pilots started and only 34 finished, more than 50% of the participants that started - which is a good number for a rally raid with these characteristics.

The unofficial results of the Coast 2 Coast Rally 2023 were:

Categoría Rally Pro:

1º #7 Oswaldo Lara (BCN, México) 5:27:48 h

2º #12 Willem Avenant (Sudáfrica) 5:30:28 h

3º #5 Mauricio Santana (México) 5:32:10 h


Categoría Rally l

1º #37 Donhsie Nyguen (Tailandia) 5:32:52 h

2º #28 Mario Mendoza (México) 6:01:02 h

3o #29 Nicolás Franco (México) 6:37:21 h


Categoría Maxi Rally.

1º #71 Mauricio Varela (México) 6:04:02 h

2º #71 Leonardo Padilla (México) 11:38:53 h

3º #70 Javier Bolado (México) 12:01:14 h


Categoría QUAD.

1º #50 Sergio Padilla (México) 16:03:06 h

2º #51 Mauricio Segura (México) DNF.


Categoría UTV Pro

1º #107 Arturo Garza (México) 6:33:29 h

2º #105 Juan Vázquez (México) 14:57:11 h


Categoría UTV Stock

1º #103 Ángel Pérez (México) 6:40:53 h

2º #102 Manolo de la Concha (México) 12:16:45 h

3º #100 Juan Díaz (México) 14:08:32 h


Categoría Rally Experience

1º #62 Vicente Ros (México) 7:53:49 h

2º #59 Mauricio Reyes (México) 25:14:54 h

3º #57 Juan Medina de (México) 30:29:16 h


Automatic translation from the original Spanish version
Source: EPI Press  / Coast 2 Coast

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