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Coast 2 Coast 2023: The high mountains of San Jose del Pacifico, majestic scenery of Jeep Stage 4

Coast 2 Coast 2023: The high mountains of San Jose del Pacifico, majestic scenery of Jeep Stage 4

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The Oaxacan capital and its Guelaguetza gave us the farewell to send us to the mountains of Oaxaca and its more than 350 km of varied roads of high mountain landscapes where the 4th stage of the Rally Raid Coast to Coast presented by Red Bull, Jeep, Garmin, Quaker State, BMW Motorrad and VRIMconnect, with the support of the states of Veracruz, Puebla and Oaxaca.

Each rider continues to fight to be the best, not knowing their places has made it more interesting, each of the competitors in this stage gave their best, they went from less to more, the 70 km special was "full throttle". We have a very marked top five, but that does not mean that they are the winners, they may have penalties and lose that mental idea that all the stages have come in the top 5, so in the last stage we will know who the winners will be.

In the words of the competitors it was a super fast stage and with more variety of roads, the route as many call it "mousetrap" of super fast "singles". The pilots have been very satisfied and happy. The variable of the altimetry is another issue that modified the logistics for many, when we started in Veracruz we were 62 intrepid drivers, for stage 4 there were only 40 left. More than 20 riders have paid the bill and have had to anticipate their return home.

One of the riders talked about his experience in this stage "I have been very excited and I have been very fast, super good stage, I have fallen for not running over a dog and I have returned to try to win the stage. That mousy part, what a good section! It didn't go well and I think I lost some positions, for tomorrow I plan to close with everything and go home happy, I thank God to continue racing".

The magic of our Mexico is immense, we can not describe how beautiful each place and road is, San Jose del Pacifico, Oaxaca, is a wooded place with clear areas. Maria Sabina a reference of this area, the clamping, the areas without internet and the rivers that run through this place are part of what Mother Nature gave the Jeep Stage 4 to each pilot.



Automatic translation from the original Spanish version
Source EPI Press

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