Coast 2 Coast 2024: Mike Johnson dominates RedBull stage of Coast 2 Coast Rally presented by Peñafiel

Coast 2 Coast 2024: Mike Johnson dominates RedBull stage of Coast 2 Coast Rally presented by Peñafiel

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The Coast 2 Coast 2024 Rally presented by Peñafiel began with good weather with a little wind on the beaches of Boca del Rio in Veracruz. The drivers got ready early in the morning for the Red Bull Stage that had as its goal the city of Jalcomulco.

The day was magnificent and allowed the crews to ride along the beach skimming the waves, up and down the imposing dunes of Chachalacas, cross rivers and go into areas a little steeper with more vegetation that gives us the orography of the State of Veracruz to culminate in Jalcomulco.

American rider Mike Johnson took first place at the end of Stage 1 Red Bull of the Coast 2 Coast Cross Country Raid Rally presented by Peñafiel, according to preliminary and unofficial results.

Mike Johnson aboard a Husqvarna FE 450 marked with the number 12 dominated the RallyPro category (Advanced Two-Wheelers with roadbook) with an unofficial time of 1:15.14 h, leaving Gustavo Cechetto (Veracruz) in second place and Matt Ransom in third.

Meanwhile, in the Rally1 class (Two Wheels Intermediate Novice with roadbook), Erik Orlanzzini led the group at the wheel of motorcycle #25 with a time of 1:31:33 h, during the initial route from Boca del Río, Veracruz to Jalcomulco. In second place was the Ecuadorian Kaluka Malo and behind the South American was L. Moctezuma.

In the category Maxi Rally Motorcycles over 600 cubic centimeters with roadbook, Mauricio Varela (Hidalgo) won with 02:41:18 h, with the machine marked with the number 42. Yanick Coello and Erick Lopez finished in second and third place, in that order.

Likewise, in GPS Motocross Rally, Emilio Velázquez won the class with an unofficial time of 1:39:08 h, followed by José Ramírez (Puebla) and Francisco Córdova.

Finally, in UTV Pro, Juan Carlos Lorenzo #108 led the contingent with a time of 1:42:06. Behind the leader, Jesús Sánchez (Texas) and Manolo de la Concha (Hidalgo) crossed the finish line.

On Day 2 stage, Peñafiel 1, will travel from Jalcomulco to Tehuacan, Puebla.

The Coast 2 Coast 2024 rally presented by Peñafiel is being held in coordination with the governments of Veracruz, Puebla and Oaxaca, in addition to the important support of Peñafiel Agua Mineral, Redbull, VRIM Connect, KTM, Garmin and Nitto.

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Automatic translation of the Spanish version
Source: Coast 2 Coast official press release

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