Sonora Rally 2023: A New Dawn, A New Day

Sonora Rally 2023: A New Dawn, A New Day

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More Classes, Opportunities for Fans & Significant Support Makes It an All-New Sonora Rally

- Adventure is a part of human nature. A curiosity of the unknown and seeking mystery, excitement, challenge… This is a part of us, if only a little. Or if only vicariously.

Some live these expeditions in their mind, experiencing their odyssey with the imagination. Others live theirs in the field, finding new challenges to face and overcome as means to move closer to a goal. And some do a little of both. All of which are valuable assets to rally-raid. Those that can’t do (or think they can’t), watch and cheer and celebrate the achievements of their favorites. They are our audience. While those who can, push themselves to the brink of what’s possible for their minds, bodies, and machines. They are our competitors. And the middle ground, who are the “bit of everything” folk, tend to be the staff, volunteers, media and creators who suffer the races’ ups and downs with the teams and observes the mayhem as a part of the crowd. Whichever position is played at the event, what goes above all else, is that there’s a place for everyone at the 2023 Sonora Rally.

In an effort to open the doors to privateers even wider, Sonora Rally (SR) has added two new classes: Rally 3 Moto and National 2-wheel-drive and 4-wheel-drive. For those new to the format, Rally 3 is an entry point into FIM utilizing small-displacement (or enduro style) motorcycles. If rally bikes are a bit out of the budget or riders just aren’t ready to commit to a 450 with a fairing, then this is the perfect gateway to roadbook racing without sacrificing the trials, tribulations, contention, or glory. For those in the Car category looking to race against their kinsmen, the National 2wd and 4wd options makes room for two-wheel-drive buggies and trucks, plus four-wheel-drive production automobiles, on the racecourse. Few seats are available in these groups, so the diligent will find themselves in the lineup. And as a special invitation to us non-competitive rally fanatics, they are continuing their beloved Adventure Raid tour, guided by photographer and writer Chris Collard, to sleep under the stars, tackle the Sonoran Desert, and chase the third round of the World Rally-Raid Championship. This is an unclassified party which will traverse several sections of the official route sans the stress of actually racing.

“We are five weeks out now and are very excited to see the entries coming in from all the big international teams set to race alongside a great turn out of Sonora Rally veterans from the US, Canada, and Mexico. We can’t wait to share the diverse terrain, stunning natural beauty, indigenous cultures, incredible cuisine, and enthusiastic fans of this event with the world!”Erin Lee Skilton, Sonora Rally Director of Operations

Much like the wide range of participants, support for the Sonora Rally has also continued to diversify and grow. Rejoining the Sonora Tourism Bureau, Polaris Mexico, Aventura Eventos and Shiftpod on the bill, MOTUL is back as the official Malle Moto sponsors. They will not only provide a camp in the bivouacs and essential items to the class riders, but a cash prize of $500, $750, and $1,000 to the Top Three winners. While the incentives are great, this genre gives contestants a chance to take on rally-raid like the originals: barebones without support, generally a bit less expensive for lack of equipment and supplies, and designed to punish. For those looking to test themselves to the extreme or save a penny, then Malle Moto will be the chosen path. Only ten spots are free, so this will be another category for privateers to sign up for right away. New to the team is Rollercam, the “best cam buckle tie-down straps you’ve ever used.” As a partner, they will secure every load, hold down every canopy, and offer peace of mind during every transport to the next bivouac. They are also generously offering Sonora Rally fans a 10% discount on their products using the codes that have been and will be released on SR’s social media channels. Not that you need another reason to follow the rally on Instagram.

With Springtime on the horizon, it’s high-time for the announcement of the 2023 route. State capitol, Hermosillo, will be the launching point yet again in the event’s 9th year. Here for the first time, the public will be welcomed to parc fermé to have a close-up look at the world’s most formidable (and expensive in some cases) purpose-built off-road vehicles. This same opportunity will be granted at the finale in San Luis Río Colorado. Back as a primary stop for the competition, Puerto Peñasco is on the map after a short hiatus. With loops being the theme this year, the town at the northern tip of the Sea of Cortez, centrally located in the Sonoran Desert, is an integral bivouac along the journey. But that’s not to say the other classic basecamps like Caborca and Puerto Libertad  will be any less crucial to quality, safety, and efficiency of the navigation.

Albeit chopped and screwed with fresh tracks and waypoints, this will be familiar territory for Sonora Rally veterans, the Nationals (USA, Mexico, and Canada) who have spent almost a decade exploring the multifaceted landscapes in this vast region of Mexico. The organizers are vehemently encouraging North American locals, who they know have made this race what it is today, to partake in the non-FIA/FIM National classifications. And continue to grow as racers with Sonora Rally as they grow as an official round of the World Rally-Raid Championship. And for those who want to capture these moments to share in the history books, the Media Registration is now open, and the website will soon provide a center for press materials, forms, and information. It's going to be a wild ride this April 2nd – 28th, and you won’t want to miss out!

To register for the 2023 Sonora Rally:  |  Media inquiries can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or to be added to the press contact list for updates, news, and more.

To learn more, visit: or follow the fun on Instagram @sonorarally, @aventura.eventos and through hashtags #SonoraRally & #VisitSonora.


Source Sonora Rally / WestX1000

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