Sertões 2024: Arena BRB Mané Garrincha will be the home of Sertões BRB 2024 in Brasília

The most important sporting venue in the federal capital will be the home of Sertões BRB in Brasília. From August 20 to 23, the parking lot of the BRB Mané Garrincha Arena will host the Sertões Village, which concentrates the structure of the teams and the organization, the sponsors' activations and is open to the public free of charge. This gives the public the chance to see the machines up close, the work of the mechanics and engineers and to interact with the drivers and navigators.

This year, the Mané Garrincha celebrated half a century since its inauguration. From 2009 to 2013, it underwent a complete overhaul, adopting the Arena format, to become the second largest stadium in the country in terms of capacity and become one of the venues for the 2014 World Cup - it hosted seven matches in the world's leading soccer competition. It was also one of the venues for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Since 2021, it has been named after BRB, which acquired the naming rights to the complex, with a total area of 830,000 m2 and which also includes the Nilson Nelson Gymnasium.

This will be Sertões BRB's fourth time in Brasília. On the first occasion, in 1999, the Esplanada dos Ministérios was used as the place where the teams would gather (at the time, the concept of Vila Sertões didn't yet exist). In 2005, the Nelson Piquet International Autodrome was chosen to welcome the participants. In the 2020 edition, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the rally adopted the concept of "bubbles" - areas where access was forbidden to the public, in compliance with the health regulations in force at the time. On that occasion, the Granja do Torto Exhibition Park welcomed the caravan.

"SETUR-DF is a great supporter of sporting events in the capital. Competitions attract visitors and boost the city's economy. Brasília has everything it takes to be the capital of sport, with a structure ready to host major events like the Sertões BRB," said the DF's Secretary of Tourism, Cristiano Araújo.

The CEO of Sertões, Leonora Guedes, calls on the people of Brasília to be part of this special moment. "One of the great differences between the Sertões BRB and other motor sport categories is the chance for the public to get to know the competitors and the machines up close, free of charge and in an inclusive way. It's even more special to be able to take the Sertões Village to the BRB Mané Garrincha Arena, a sports facility of such importance to the Federal District and, what's more, located in the heart of Brasília. We invite all sports lovers to visit us from August 20th to 23rd".



Automatic translation of the Brazilian Portuguese version
Source: Sertões