Sertões 2024: Sertões BRB 2024 route receives adjustments to guarantee the rally's usual structure

The route of the 2024 edition of the Sertões BRB, from August 23 to 31, has been adjusted in its final phase. In order to guarantee the best possible structure for competitors, teams and the public within the competition's usual standards, changes were made to stages 6 and 7 - the antepenultimate and penultimate, respectively.

Stage 6, starting in Luiz Eduardo Magalhães (BA), which was originally due to end in Posse (GO), is now headed for the city of Formosa, also in Goiás. Stage 7, which would have linked Posse to Formosa, will be played in a loop format, starting and finishing on the second stage.

Formosa, incidentally, will also receive the caravan at the end of the first stage and will be the starting point for the second, towards Santa Maria da Vitória (BA).

The main concern of the Sertões BRB organization was to have the least impact on the overall route of the race. The biggest changes will be in the distances of the two stages. The final configuration (mileage and characteristics of the stages) will be presented by the technical direction as soon as the route conference phase is completed in the next few days.

In its 32nd edition, the biggest rally in the Americas will have Brasilia as its starting and finishing point. With a prologue and eight stages, the event will cross Goiás, Minas Gerais and Bahia and will be valid for the Brazilian Rally Raid, the Latin American FIM and the Sertões Series.


Automatic translation of the Brazilian Portuguese version
Source: Sertões


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