SARR 2024: Bruno Varela narrows the gap to the leader in Argentina

Brazilian driver and navigator Ênio Bozzano Júnior overcame adversity to re-establish their position in the fight for victory among the UTVs

Brazil is still in contention for victory in the 5th edition of the SARR - South America Rally Race, the biggest off-road event in Argentina, which takes place on a route that uses trails from the Dakar Rally held in South America. And the Brazilians are still in contention for victory in their categories, with just two more stages to go. Started on February 2, each stage is equivalent to a day's racing.
After suffering complications in the fourth special, in which they finished only 17th, the Bruno Varela/Ênio Bozzano Júnior duo (Can-Am Monster Energy) continue to recover in the UTVs and are closing the gap on the leaders, who are now Argentinians Nazareno López and Lisandro Sisterna, the Brazilians' teammates.
The gap, which once exceeded 40 minutes, fell to 22 minutes in the special held yesterday (8) between La Rioja and Fiambalá, with Bruno and Ênio Bozzano Junior finishing the stage in second place, and remaining in third place in the overall standings after three podiums in six specials, two wins and a second place.
"Today's special was very complete. We were leading until the last section, but we ended up losing 15 minutes and finishing in second place. If it hadn't been for that, the gap to the leaders would have been just seven minutes. The important thing is that we're still in contention for the overall, but those lost minutes were very precious and ended up complicating things a little," explained Bruno. The winners were Argentinians Jeremias Ferioli and Gonzalo Rinaldi (Can-Am).

New goal - Bruno's brother, Gabriel Varela is competing in partnership with navigator Lourival Roldan. The duo from the Can-Am Monster Energy team are still in the competition, but are out of contention for the SARR 2024 victory due to a gearbox problem that has taken away the possibility of catching up with the leaders in the accumulated result. The goal now is to help Bruno and Ênio if they have any problems in the next special stages.
"Unfortunately we had a gearbox problem that took us out of the race. As a result, our focus now is on helping the team's other car get to the best possible position. As we'll be doing the specials in close proximity, if anything happens to them during the stage, we can help them achieve a better result and stay in contention for the overall win," explained Gabriel.

Brazil leads in the cars - Brazilian duo Sylvio de Barros and navigator Ramon Sacilotti, racing a Toyota GR Hilux DKR T1+ prepared by the R.Mattheis Stock Car team, won another special and remain in first place in the Cars category. Among the motorcycles, Marcos Antonio Pereira (KTM 450) is in second place, behind the current Latin American champion and vice-champion of Sertões 2023, Argentinian Martin Duplessis (Honda Racing Brasil).
Until the end of Friday (9), the riders will face one of the most challenging sections of the SARR: the giant dunes of Fiambalá. The day will end in the Aimogasta region.


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