Sertões 2024: Inspiring path


Vídeo: Sertões


The countdown to the start of the Sertões BRB 2024 reaches a significant date this Monday (24/6). There are 60 days to go before cars, motorbikes, UTVs and quads begin a 3,500-kilometre journey through the Federal District, Goiás, Minas Gerais and Bahia, with the start and finish in Brasília (23 to 31 August). For the 32nd consecutive year, they will be exploring Brazil and its rich landscapes.

A perfect occasion to unveil the manifesto video for this edition of the biggest rally in the Americas, summarised in the motto "The road that inspires". A reference to the work that masterfully delves into the mysteries and details of a region that goes beyond geographical limits - Grande Sertão: Veredas, by Guimarães Rosa.

Under the baton of Deco Parisatto, the Sertões creative team appropriated Rosa's unique vision and language to rediscover the Sertão through the eyes of its new explorers. Men and women who, no longer on the back of a mule like the diplomat and writer, but on two and four-wheeled vehicles, will travel the vast interior of the country. They'll find themselves alone, but at the same time they're the size of the world. They will discover the value of what lies between the beginning and the end of the journey. And they'll have to show what life wants from us, as the wisdom of the sertanejo teaches us in the literary classic.

To narrate this journey that precedes the journey, a voice that, with all its strength, poignancy and energy, sings the Sertão and its characters with the inspiration of life itself: Elba Ramalho, from Paraíba.


Automatic translation from the Brazilian Portuguese version 
Source: Sertões