Jalapão Rally 2024: 10th Jalapão Rally reaches São Félix do Tocantins

The event, which is valid for the Brazilian Rally Raid Championship, began to explore the Jalapão on Wednesday, starting from the Palmas Convention Center on a total route of 367.53 kilometers. The competition continues on Thursday (20) for the second of four days of contests.

Under strong sunshine and a temperature of 35°C, the 10th Jalapão Rally, valid for the Brazilian Rally Raid Championship in the car, motorcycle and UTV categories, began in earnest on Wednesday (19). The highlights of the day for the motorcycles, after covering 367.53 kilometers - 190.53 kilometers of timed special - were riders Adrien Metge, Yamaha WR 450F (#1), from the Yamaha IMS Rally Team, winner of the first day of the competition, followed by Mason Klein, Honda CRF 450 RX (#21) and Martin Duplessis, Honda CRF 450 RX (#2), both from Honda Racing Brasil Rally.

For Adrien, the start of the competition was all about focus and determination. "The stage surprised me, it was better than I expected, with lots of sand and stretches of dirt. I was really keen to get going and the result came in winning this stage," said the driver.

Rodrigo Varela/Matheus Mazzei, Can-Am Maverick X3 (#102) secured the best times in the UTVs, followed by José Hélio Rodrigues/Julio Zavatti, Can-Am Maverick R (#131) and Tomas Luza/Flavio Franca, Polaris RZR Pro R (#109) were the fastest among the UTVs.

"A very nice, fast day. The course was very good, we had sand, but there was also gravel and bumpy ground, so we had to be careful on some high-speed bends. Our UTV was perfect in this first stage and now we want to keep up this pace until the final stage," said Rodrigo Varela, a driver from São Paulo.

In the cars, Marcos Baumgart and Beco Andreotti dominated in the Toyota Hilux GR DKR. "The course was very enjoyable, with fast sections with lots of sand, everything went well, our car was perfect in this first stage, and now we're going to prepare for the second stage," said Marcos Baumgart, a driver from São Paulo.

On Thursday (20), 238.5 kilometers are scheduled, of which 216 kilometers will be timed, around the city of São Félix do Tocantins. The total route will cover approximately 1,500 kilometers over four days of races, which will include unprecedented stretches.

From Thursday 20th to Saturday 22nd, the caravan will be camping in São Félix do Tocantins, where the stages will take the form of loops. On Saturday, the fourth stage leaves São Félix for the final stage and arrival in Palmas/TO. The event closes with the prize-giving ceremony, which will award trophies to the top five competitors at Praia da Graciosa.

In all, there are 71 vehicles (13 motorcycles, 51 UTVs, 07 cars), 129 participants (drivers and navigators), as well as support, technical, press and organization teams of approximately 250 people.

The Jalapão Rally is organized by Arena Promoções e Eventos, sponsored by C6 Bank, FF Motorsport and CCR Aeroportos, with support from Capim Dourado Shopping, the Government of Tocantins, Palmas City Hall, São Félix do Tocantins City Hall, Unicom, KTM Tocantins, Adventure Campers, Resgate das Dunas, SiG Comunicação, PhotoAction, Imperial Filmes, DFotos, Fofo Esportes, Rally BR and Sanderson Pereira Vídeos. The event is supervised by the Brazilian Motorcycling Confederation (CBM) and the Brazilian Automobile Confederation (CBA).

For more information, visit www.arenarally.com.br. Follow the stage on social media via Instagram @arenarally and @rallyjalapao. Timing will be provided by Chronosat (www.chronosat.com.br).



1) #1 ADRIEN METGE, Yamaha WR 450F, Yamaha IMS Rally Team, (1)MT1, 02h04m56s89

2) #21 MASON KLEIN, Honda CRF 450 RX, Honda Racing Brasil Rally, (2)MT1, 02h08m17s92

3) # 2 MARTIN DUPLESSIS, Honda CRF 450 RX, Honda Racing Brasil Rally, (3)MT1, 02h10m28s97

4) #4 GABRIEL BRUNING, Yamaha WR 450F, Yamaha IMS Rally Team, (2)MT2, 02h12m31s48

5) #6 RICARDO MARTINS, Yamaha WR 450F, Yamaha IMS Rally Team, (4)MT1, 02h12m34s98


1) #102 RODRIGO VARELA/MATHEUS MAZZEI, Can-Am Maverick X3, Varela Can-Am Monster Energy, (1)UT1, 02h05m44s06

2) #131 JOSE HELIO/JULIO ZAVATTI, Can-Am Maverick R, Casarini Racing, (1)UT1,  02h07m57s94

3) #109 TOMAS LUZA/FLAVIO FRANCA, Polaris RZR Pro R, Cotton Racing,

(4)UT1, 02h08m29s70

4) #160 DONI MENEGAS/GLADSTONE FILHO, Polaris RZR Pro R, Grandtec Racing, (1)UT2, 02h09m27s31

5) #117 RODRIGO LUPPI/MAYKEL JUSTO, Can-Am Maverick X3,Luppi Racing Team, (4)UT1, 02h09m33s56


1) #302 MARCOS BAUMGART/BECO ANDREOTTI, Toyota Hilux GR DKR, X Rally Team, (1)T1M, 02h04m01s79

2) # 304 PEDRO QUEIROLO/LAURO SOBREIRA, Buggy Giaffone V8, R.Mattheis Rally Team, (1)UBR, 02h06m45s54

3) #388 GUNTER HINKELMANN/WEIDNER MOREIRA, Ford Ranger, X Rally Team, (1)T11, 02h07m19s40

4) # 321 LELIO VIEIRA/WEBERTH MOREIRA, Can-Am Maverick R, Fifi Rally Team, (1)CHL, 02h21m20s48

5) #326 PEDRO PRADO/JOSI KOERICH, Ford Ranger, X Rally Team, (2)UBR, 02h22m59s92


Automatic translation from the original Brazilian Portuguese version
Source: Arena Promoções e Eventos