Rali do Jalapão 2023:Team Varela arrives with new cars to "mini-Sertões rally" in Jalapão

With the participation of Reinaldo and Rodrigo Varela, the team focuses on the preparation of the Rally dos Sertões in the next round of the Brazilian Cross-Country.

The Can-Am Monster Energy Varela participates this week in one of the main events of the year. In its ninth edition, the Jalapão Rally – held in the state of Tocantins – is one of the most technical and demanding tests on the national calendar.
With about 1,200 km of length—900 of them timed—and the host cities of Palmas, Mateiros and São Félix do Tocantins, the race promises to be a great test for drivers and machines.
Among the 61 UTVs registered, Varela Can-Am Monster Energy will be in the event with the duo Reinaldo Varela and navigator Ari Fiuza, and Rodrigo Varela with his navigator Matheus Mazzei – who this year compete in the Brazilian Cross-Country.
However, the team arrives for this year’s edition of the event with a focus on measuring the improvements made in the Maverick X3 UTVs, which will debut at the Jalapão Rally.
"Jalapão is an important test for us, because it’s like a ‘mini-Sertões’," said the experienced Reinaldo Varela. "Our focus will be on adjusting the cars and validating all the changes we have made for this event. We changed several things on our UTVs, such as new engine maps, new suspension, and, in fact, it’s a new model. So we can say that we’re starting everything here in Jalapão. The plan is to bring this new recipe to the Sertones. And for this test, we will be in very complicated conditions here: the heat will be very strong, and all the specials are quite long. So, let’s go ahead, let's start the work, and see what we can do."


Automatic translation from the original Portuguese version
Source Can-Am Monster Energy Varela / Best PR