Rally dos Sertões 2023: Guiga Spinelli with his new Mitsubishi at Sertões 2023 

Rally dos Sertões 2023: Guiga Spinelli with his new Mitsubishi at Sertões 2023 

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The prologue of the most important rally in Brazil will be held this Friday in Petrolina, in the interior of Pernambuco

One of the most important names in off-road competitions in Brazil, Guiga Spinelli, begins this Friday (11) the contest of the 31st edition of the Sertões, most important rally in the country. The race will be opened with the prologue, marked for the city of Petrolina (PE) and will also receive the first special of the race, on Saturday. The veteran will race this year alongside navigator Paulo Fiuza in an L200 Triton Sport Racing from the Mitsubishi Motors team.

Spinelli and Fiuza have conducted several tests with the vehicle with which they will compete at this year's Sertões in the last few weeks, and are ready for the race, which this year will have eight specials in the Northeast region of the country. In total, the race will have 3,800 kilometers of route, and 2,080 kilometers timed between Petrolina and Praia do Preá, in Cruz, on the Cearense coast.

"This edition of the Sertões, for the first time, will have practically half the test in tie format. The race is long but starts and finishes in the same city. This makes it much easier for the support teams", said Guiga Spinelli, who has the sponsorships of FF Seguros, PneuStore, BTG Pactual Wealth Management, Atvos, W-Truffi Blindados, and Dacar Motorsports.

"For us, the rally doesn’t change. We will have more or less the same special mileage that traditionally exists in Sertões. The journeys vary with respect to the days. The features of the specials will also be varied, although all around Petrolina. For the competitors, it is a Sertões of 3,800 kilometers, with just over 2,000 kilometers of specials, which is the usual average of the race, and with varied characteristics", completed Guiga.

Paulo Fiuza highlighted that Thursday marked the first time he walked with the Mitsubishi L200 alongside Guiga. The Portuguese, navigator of the champion of the Sertões in this year's edition of the race, highlighted that the first goal of the duo is to have good results both in the prologue and in the Super Prime this Friday.

"Let’s do the shakedown. It's the first time I've ever been in the car with Guiga. Let's see if everything's all right with the instruments, if everything is at the point we want for Friday's prologue, and try to get a good result to get among the top eight to get into the Super Prime. And, if we succeed, we will seek a good result in the Super Prime to have a good starting position for the first special," Fiuza said.

The programming of the Sertões 2023 for this Friday includes the prologue, which will have a course of only 13 kilometers, and the promotional start, with a program that will start at 7 h and will follow until 14 h.The top eight of each category still participate in the Super Prime, starting at 3:30 p.m., in a session from which the drivers with the lowest time choose which position they want to drop in the special.


Automatic translation from the original Brazilian-Portuguese version available on
Source: RF1 Jornalismo / Mitsubishi Motors Brazil
Photo: Photo: Murilo Mattos/Fotop

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