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Jalapão Rally 2023: One month left for the 9th edition!

Jalapão Rally 2023: One month left for the 9th edition!

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 The event takes place from June 19 to 24, starting and ending in Palmas, Tocantins, passing through Mateiros and São Félix.

We are just one month away from the most traditional cross country event of the national calendar, the Jalapão Rally. The capital of the state of Tocantins, Palmas, will once again host the event. It will be the fifth time that it will host the start and finish program that takes place between June 19 and 24. The race is valid for the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship and will bring together the main off-road stars in the categories of cars, motorcycles, quadricycles, and UTVs. Registrations are open on the site www.arenarally.com.br, and it is estimated that approximately 100 vehicles will participate in the race with over 1500 kilometers.

For this edition, Arena Promoções and Events is working hard to prepare a race that reaches the highest level possible for celebrate its ninth year. Starting on June 18, the Palmas Convention Center will be open to receive the assistance park,and also to run the the preliminary activities of the event, including scruteening.
On Tuesday (20), the Capim Dourado Shopping Mall will host the Jalapão Rally. The prologue is scheduled for 1 p.m., and then the cars will go to into the park fermé located in the parking lot of the convention center. The briefings for the four days of races start at 6 pm and the promotional start will take place at 8 p.m. in the presence of the public.

On Wednesday, the 21st, the first of four stages of the 2023 edition will start, heading to the city of Mateiros/TO. On Thursday, 22nd, the caravan leaves Mateiros to São Félix/TO, where it makes a loop on Friday and returns to São Félix. On Saturday, the 24th, the competitors leave São Félix for the final stage and arrive in Palmas/TO.  The end of the event, with the awards ceremony that will award the competitors with trophies for the first five places, will be at the Capim Dourado Shopping Mall, starting at 8 p.m.

The Jalapão Rally has open entries for motorcycles in the Moto 1 (formerly Super Production), Moto 2 (Production), Moto 3 (Marathon), Moto Brasil, Moto Over and Moto Regional categories; for quadricycles; for UTV in the UTV 1 (formerly PRO Elite), UTV 2 (PRO), UTV 3 (Super Production), UTV 4 (Production), UTV Over PRO, UTV Double, UTV Over 40, UTV Over 45, UTV Start, and the Experimental UTV categories.  And in the cars, for the categories T1, Prototype, Pro-Brasil, Super Production, T2, T3, T4, Open, and Trucks.

The Jalapão Rally is an Arena Promoções and Events event, sponsored by C6 Bank, and supported by the Tocantins Government, Palmas City Hall, Mateiros City Hall, São Félix do Tocantins City Hall, Capim Dourado Shopping, Divino Fogão, and Anube Sport. The supervision is from the CBM - Brazilian Confederation of Motorcycling, and CBA - Brazilian Confederation of Automobilism.

More informations here:  www.arenarally.com.br. 


Source: Sig Comunicação

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