Rally Barretos 2024: Rally Barretos opens the 2024 season of the Brazilian Championships

Rally Barretos 2024: Rally Barretos opens the 2024 season of the Brazilian Championships

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The 14th Barretos Rally will be around 300km long and opens the Brazilian Rally Championship.

From March 1 to 3, the roar of the engines and the dust (or mud) will be the backdrop for a major event taking place in Barretos (SP); and it's not the Festa do Peão. The city is hosting the Barretos Rally - one of the main national off-road events which, in 2024, will once again be the opening stage of the Brazilian Rally Raid and Rally Baja championships.

Organized by Rallymakers, the competition is considered a classic in the calendar. It is remembered for incredible moments of great emotion, especially on the track inside the Parque do Peão (where the prologue is held), where the public can always follow the rally from close up and, as a result, the drivers are even more careful with their maneuvers.

"An example of this is the Salvini Racing truck team's unforgettable jump. Driver Guido Salvini drove people wild by literally making the 6-ton vehicle fly. But we have many other records... such as bends made on two wheels by cars and UTVs; fierce disputes defined in the tenths of a second in which the vehicles cross the finish line together and which make the heart beat faster, etc. The Barretos Rally is always a great party and attraction for the region's residents," said Fernando Bentivoglio, general director of Rallymakers.

The 14th edition of the Barretos Rally will run the first kilometers of the championship.

In Barretos, there are around 300km, divided into two days. In addition to the two stages (Saturday and Sunday), the event's program includes: the prologue - which defines the starting order for the first stage, and the Super-Prime - a knockout format to determine the fastest competitors in each category - motorcycles, UTVs and cars.

According to Bentivoglio, the off-roaders will have a fast race through areas of sugar cane fields, rubber plantations and cattle pastures. The terrain is good, but there will be sections where the obstacles will require attention, such as the contour lines (several jumps).As it's a short race, drivers and navigators can't afford to make mistakes and must find the best acceleration and steering in the face of the various changes in direction. "It's about attacking all the time, but being very careful not to make mistakes," says Bentivoglio.

Entries are still open at The 14th Barretos Rally is supported by Barretos City Hall and Os Independentes.


Automatic translation of the original Brazilian Portuguese version
Source: Rallymakers
Photo: Nelson Santos Jr./PhotoAction

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