Rally dos Sertões 2023: Guiga Spinelli and Paulo Fiuza complete Sertões 2023 with three wins in the category and a lot of learning with Mitsubishi Motors

Rally dos Sertões 2023: Guiga Spinelli and Paulo Fiuza complete Sertões 2023 with three wins in the category and a lot of learning with Mitsubishi Motors

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Driver completes his 20th participation in the most important off-road race of the country in his return the competitions with a Mitsubishi L200 Triton Sport Racing

Fifth champion of the Sertões Rally, Guiga Spinelli completed this Saturday (19), alongside navigator Paulo Fiuza, his 20th participation in the most important off-road race in the country.

The duo, which competed this year's edition with a Mitsubishi L200 Triton Sport Racing from the official Mitsubish Motors team, arrived on the beach of Preá, in Cruz (CE), and accumulated three wins in stages among the competitors of the T1F category.

“It was a rally of much learning and good results in several days. This return was very important for the entire Mitsubishi Motors team, for the evolution of the car and also for me as a driver. We work hard and are very advanced in all respects. I especially thank our entire team, who worked with great competence and dedication, and my browser, Paulo Fiuza, who was excellent at all times. I am also immeasurably grateful to all the sponsors and the supporters of all”, said Guiga Spinelli, who has sponsorships of FF Seguros, PneuStore, BTG Pactual Wealth Management, Atvos, W-Truffi Blindados and the support of Dacar Motorsport, Sparco, Salomon, Simply, Boxer, Hupi and Show Freighter.

The duo of the Mitsubishi L200 number 310 was one of the highlights of the race throughout the week, walking in the overall top-5 of the competition in much of the specials of the Sertões 2023.

This Saturday, in a special, Guiga chose to preserve the car, avoiding the final section of dunes and bringing the vehicle to the arrival ramp.

“We came out on the first radar of today’s special. With a lot of dune and sand in the final section, it did not make sense to follow, since we were not fighting any position in the Final Classification. But the balance was very positive with three days of victory in the category and several times in the overall top-5. It was a very important first step of our return. There is a lot of good things to come ahead and, no doubt, we will be back very competitive”, completed Spinelli, one of the most experienced off-road racing drivers in the country.

Navigator Paulo Fiuza also made a positive balance of the Sertões 2023. “My first Sertões was very good. It was a very interesting test, eight days with fantastic landscapes. A race with a lot of navigation, a tough one, with all kinds of terrain. fast track, winding, navigation, driving. A test that is worth coming and doing often. For me, being here for the first time, it was something unique. Even more in a country like this, which is fantastic, and in a team like Mitsubishi. I want to thank Guiga, because it was amazing to be with this team,” said the Portuguese.

“To get in a good relation  with Guiga was quite fast. I had run with Guiga the Baja Aragón in 2014, and on the first day we refined some things and, from then on, everything went very well”, Fiuza completed.

The Sertões 2023 was finalised today in Ceará after eight days of competition, traveling a total distance of almost 4,000 kilometers in the Brazilian Northeast.


Automatic translation from the original Brazilian-Portuguese version available on
Source: RF1 Jornalismo / Mitsubishi Motors Brazil
Photo: Marcelo Machado de Melo/ Fotop

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