Rally dos Sertões 2023: Marcos Baumgart and Kleber Cincea win the last stage and the race in the T1+ category.

Rally dos Sertões 2023: Marcos Baumgart and Kleber Cincea win the last stage and the race in the T1+ category.

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Cristian and Beco finished the final special in second place and third in their category.

This Saturday (19), the participants of the Sertões Rally left from Cruz, in Ceará, and after a total of 248 kilometers, of which 108 of displacement, and 140 were timed, arrived at the beach of Preá to close the 25th Sertones of the X Rally. 

The duo Marcos Baumgart and Kleber Cincea won the final stage, which gave the duo the vice-championship of the biggest rally in the Americas and the title of the T1+ category, the fastest race.

"In Sertões who loses the least time is usually not the fastest, but is the most consistent. We managed to have that consistency quickly after our problems were solved," said Marcos Baumgart.   "I started the rally thinking that we would never get second, and there, we are second in the overall, without forgetting that we were the champions in the category", concluded the driver of the Prodrive Hunter T1+ #302.

For Kleber Cincea, Marcos’ partner in the 25 Sertões of the X Rally, the result in the Sertones 2023 was positive and full of learning. "In four years, we won the race once and got  three second places in a row, which is good for Sertões. We get sad for not having won overall, but happy for the learnings, developments, and everything we've been through. We are coming out stronger, and we are going well for Morocco and for Dakar," Kleber added.

The duo could have had a better result , but a penalty was applied at the beginning of the competition and they coudln't do better, as told Cincea on the arrival to Preá.

"I’ve heard from a proof director that not always what’s right is right, and right is sometimes not right. That's what happened to us on the first day, when we were severely penalized, properly penalized, but unjustly penalized, and that cost us the test," he concluded. Cristian Baumgart, driver of the Prodrive Hunter T1+ #303, was second in the eighth stage, 17th overall, and third in the T1 + next to the navigator Beco Andreotti, the Sertões 2023 served as a learning with the car.

"I managed to evolve a lot in driving until I got the hang of the car. Now we're going to go to Morocco to evolve further, because the car is very superior and we've never been in a car as strong as this one. The limit is much higher than we expected," he said.  "It was a pulled rally and it was very nice to pass where we passed. In short, it was a rally with a lot of stones, and whoever was more consistent in saving the car was better," Cristian concluded.

For Beco, Marcos and Kleber's title was another important achievement for the team.

"They were champions in the category, which means another title for the team. The important thing is that we have achieved another positive result and we are going forward," he said.

The X Rally Team is sponsored by Vedacit, Motul, BFGoodrich and Rodobens.


Automatic translation from the original Brazilian-Portuguese version available on
Source: P1 Media Relations/ X-Rally Team
Photo:Marcelo Machado de Melo/FOTOP

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