Sertões 2024: Five-time champion Guiga Spinelli will have a Triton Ultimate at Sertões BRB 2024

Sertões 2024: Five-time champion Guiga Spinelli will have a Triton Ultimate at Sertões BRB 2024

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The biggest winner of the Sertões BRB in cars returned to the competition last year after a break and enjoyed the experience. So much so that he decided to bet on new, home-grown equipment for the 2024 edition. Guiga Spinelli and his team (Spinelli Racing), official representatives of Mitsubishi, will line up for the start in Brasília with the Triton Ultimate Racing.

The model, shown in a teaser, was designed to T1+ (Ultimate) class specifications, which allows the use of larger tires/wheels; a wider body and has a longer suspension travel. Under the hood, a 450 hp V8 engine, coupled to a Sadev sequential transmission. Reiger shock absorbers and XTrac differentials complete a technical package that also includes a carbon fiber/kevlar body.

"I'm very proud to be part of a 100% national project that will put Brazil in the spotlight on the world rally raid circuit. We have a very experienced team, working tirelessly and completely dedicated to debuting a car with great potential for significant achievements in the world's most important rallies," said Guiga.

The idea is to use the Sertões BRB 2024 as the first real test for the Triton Ultimate Racing, gathering information for its development. Spinelli won the event in 2003, 2004, 2010, 2013 and 2014.

Source: Rally dos Sertões
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According to the team's Instagram page, the new Triton is being developed by Mitsubishi Motors and Spinelli Racing. The project seeks to develop a 100% Brazilian racing vehicle.

The Triton Ultimate Racing is manufactured with the latest technology and will be able to compete in the world's main rally raid events in the main category, Ultimate.

With just one year of development - which began right after last year's Sertões - the model's debut is scheduled for August, at the Sertões Rally. Driver Guilherme Spinelli, a five-time Sertões champion and one of the biggest names in Brazilian rallying, will have Portuguese Paulo Fiuza as his navigator to defend the official Mitsubishi Motors team, 12-time champions of the most traditional rally in the Americas.

Source Mitsubishi Motors Brazil

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