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Dakar 2023: Stage 13 - Valtr finished third in the penultimate stage

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At the penultimate day of the Dakar Buggyra pilot Jaroslav Valtr finished today’s stage in third position for the second time this year. Stage 13, however, meant bad luck for debutant Aliyyah Koloc who was held up by engine problems. Valtr holds fifth position in the overall truck standings. Martin Šoltys, seventh today, is sixth overall. Róbert Kasák finished 15th today and is 16th overall. Both Buggyra Can-Am DV 21 crews had a tough day. Aliyyah Koloc finished 32nd, keeping her 32nd position overall. Josef Machacek was 31st today, remaining 11th overall. Radovan Kazarka finished fourth in the Dakar Classic , securing third place overall after the last timed section of the day. Tomorrow, unlike the other Buggyra competitors, his crew will only have to get to the finish in Dammam.

Jaroslav Valtr was not happy with the route of today's stage. However, he opted for a full speed driving style which paid off. "The dunes were tricky at the beginning. It was very dangerous for a truck that has a tendancy to lean to the side. We had to back out twice and drive on the dune again. The sand was very loose. But because I wasn’t happy about yesterday, my driving style in the dunes was a little more agressive and it paid off right away. Yesterday I was careful but I put the truck onto its side. You need to be unafraid of the sand, keep the throttle up. It's not pleasant, but you have to drive like that," explained the Tatra Phoenix pilot.

Martin Šoltys, his Tatra Buggyra ZM Racing team-mate, was the happiest of all to reach the finish line. "Thank God we are at the finish line. Today's stage was so strange. Somehow it didn't go so well. We didn't get over one dune on the 120th kilometer. It got a little rough there, but another team pulled us through, so we didn't lose much time. In the afternoon, the sun was shining very brightly and we couldn't see anything. The dunes cast no shadows. We made a couple of bad jumps, but we made it. We will try to finish tomorrow in one piece," said the driver of the Tatra 815.

He had no problems on the remaining 500 kilometers to the bivouac. "I don't mind the long crossing. We have a comfortable truck, so we enjoyed the drive. Five hundred kilometers is nothin," said Martin Šoltys with a smile.

Róbert Kasák enjoyed the penultimate stage of this year's Dakar: 'It was a beautiful dune stage, with almost no gravel, except at the end. It was a typical Mauritanian stage. We encountered big dunes in a few sections, but otherwise it was fine," said the Tatra Buggyra Slovakian driver.

Aliyyah Koloc didn’t have a good day as she was struggling with technical issues. "I am really not happy about today. Shortly after the start of the timed section, we had a problem with the engine power and stopped. Luckily we made it to the finish eventually," she said slightly disappointed.

Her navigator Stéphane Duplé explained the day in more details: "We couldn't get up a small dune and we stopped in the sand. It took us about 30 or 40 minutes to dig ourselves out. I disconnected a plug in the engine, so we could keep going. About ten kilometers before the finish, the engine started acting up again. It was a bad day."

Veteran Josef Machacek was happy with today's track route. "The organisers had warned us that we were going to have a difficult stage. But in my opinion it was not as hard as yesterday or the day before. It was beautiful. It's fun for these cars," said the experienced Buggyra ZM Racing pilot. For tomorrow’s final leg he has one target: "To reach the finish. But we'll see what the organisers come up with for the last day. I remember previous Dakar events when even the last day was very difficult," recalled the six-time winner of the famous rally.

A number of surprises awaited Radovan Kazarka's crew even during the last super stage of the Dakar Classic. "It was a wild ride today. In the dunes, we were surprised not to fall over, but we managed to hold on. In the second half we were driving along the sea, it was quite slippery there. We got all kinds of mud on the truck and under the truck. The last 45 kilometres we were dancing like on ice," said the Slovak pilot.

The experienced driver is very pleased with the final third place in his category. "I am very happy about it, because of Josef Kalina. Show me someone here in the bivouac who at the age of 73 will sit in the Tatra and jump like a young guy. I am most pleased that we managed to merge history and Josef with the replica of the Tatra Puma, it is simply the added value," said Radovan Kazarka

Source Buggyra Racing

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Dakar 2023: Video - Stage 13 highlights

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Dakar 2023: Stage 13 - De Baar fourth in final dune stage

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The penultimate stage of the Dakar Rally 2023 was the last with dunes. These were high and soft, but posed no problem for the experienced Pascal de Baar. With the Riwald Renault he managed to drive from the rear to the front to record the fourth time at the finish. "We are satisfied with what we were able to do today," said De Baar. "More than fourth wasn't in the cards."

Because he had not been able to drive the twelfth stage, Pascal de Baar had to start the thirteenth stage as the nineteenth truck. "But soon we had the first trucks to catch and so we were able to fish more and more in," De Baar told us. "The dunes were really soft and terribly rotten in the beginning by the trucks in front of us, but not so hard for us, so we could push. The car ran like hell and the guys were sharp as a knife."

For De Baar, Marcin Krüger and Stefan Slootjes, it was a matter of keeping things whole and not making any mistakes. That was the only way to achieve another day's success. "Basically it was just driving dunes, being careful not to tip over or get stuck, and pushing as hard as possible. We did stop briefly at Martin van den Brink's place, who was having a breakdown, but he needed power and we couldn't give it to him, so we drove on. Others were undoubtedly able to help him."

Until the end of the 153-kilometer race test, De Baar continued to overtake trucks. In the final section, navigation became more difficult, as the tracks that were there went in all directions and really only distracted. In sixth place, De Baar reached the finish line, which was good for the fourth fastest time.


Automatic translation from the original Dutch version
Source Riwald Dakar Team

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Dakar 2023: Stage 13 - Rainbow smoothly through dunes

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Gerrit Zuurmond is not afraid of dunes anymore. The thirteenth stage of the Dakar Rally 2023 was therefore no problem for the Rainbow trio, which arrived at the finish of the 153 km test with the fourteenth fastest time. The only damage: again the bumper.
It was already the third bumper worn out this Dakar. As in the marathon stage, the MAN came into contact with a bump of sand. "But today, compared to yesterday and the day before, it was a fairly easy stage," navigator Tjeerd van Ballegooij thought. "The dunes were considerably lower and flatter in this stage, but we always have to pay attention. It ran smoothly."
Only the bumper had to suffer. Just a new one. "This morning the truck was looking neat and tidy thanks to the mechanics, including the third new bumper," Van Ballegooij told us, "but it died in the battle. We drove down a steep hill somewhere and bit straight into the sand with the bumper. That's a bit of a shame, but to pass under the arch of honor we don't need a bumper." That arch is waiting for the gentlemen in Dammam. Before that, though, they will have to complete a 138-kilometer test tomorrow and 267 kilometers on the road.


Automatic translation from the original Dutch version
Source Rainbow truck team

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Dakar 2023: Stage 3 - Boss Machinery Team De Rooy Iveco can hardly miss victory

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Before the noses of Janus van Kasteren jr, Marcel Snijders and Derek Rodewald could smell the sweet scent of triumph, the last serious stage of this Dakar rally had to be driven first.
“We only cheer when we cross the finish line.” Janus already recorded yesterday. Today the thirteenth stage awaited with a special stage of 153 kilometers. After a negligible liaison of 9 kilometers, the participants dived into the dunes for the last time.
Where 55 trucks started the rally on December 31, only 15 are remaining in the general classification. This indicates how tough this edition of the Dakar is. Today was certainly not an easy special stage. Fortunately, Boss Machinery Team De Rooy Iveco got through this day well. Van Kasteren jr. had to start first and went for it.
Tactical driving by slowing down a bit is not for the man from Veldhoven. With the fastest interim times on waypoints one and two, Janus Jr. proved his point. The men got stuck for a short moment. Fortunately, the Iveco rally truck is equipped with hydraulic jacks. With the help of those jacks, they quickly freed themselves again.
It did cost the men in their Iveco Powerstar stage victory, but with the second place in this special stage, the overall victory is almost certain. Although Janus does not want to celebrate too soon. “Finish it tomorrow.”
Janus' comments show that it was not an easy day: “It was full throttle up against those dunes. There were only dunes. Very loose sand, so it wasn't just another, easy day. After we got stuck, Macik passed us, but we were able to catch up with him quickly. Marcel's good navigation skills certainly made the difference there. We then followed Macik to the finish.” So, it was another fantastic team performance today.
Tomorrow a final stage awaits, which the organization describes as an incredibly fast beach special that hardly creates possibilities for changes in the general standings.
Janus van Kasteren jr., together with navigator Marcel Snijders and mechanic Darek Rodewald, can therefore prepare for a triumphal journey from the beach of Al-Hofuf to Dammam. Because fellow Team De Rooy pilot Martin van de Brink had technical setbacks today, just like yesterday, the lead of Boss Machinery Team De Rooy Iveco is big enough to take the dream title.


Source Boss Machinery Team De Rooy Iveco
Photo: A.S.O./F.Gooden/DPPI

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Dakar 2023: Stage 13 - "We will finish with our heads held high."

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Team Eurol Team De Rooy Iveco fight hard and never give up
AL-HOFUF - In the penultimate stage of the Dakar Rally, a broken gearbox has blown the fairy tale for Martin van den Brink. Despite the technical problems, the Harskamper can hope for a podium place at the ceremony in Dammam.
Mitchel van den Brink finished sixth today and will defend fourth place tomorrow on the final day. The teams of Eurol Team De Rooy Iveco can be very satisfied with the third and fourth place in the final ranking.
Martin van den Brink, Erik Kofman and Richard Mouw still hoped for a 'small miracle'. The stage in the Empty Quarter consisted mainly of dunes. In the border area with the United Arab Emirates and Oman, Martin wanted to go for another stage victory.
Quite early in the special, a technical problem threw a spanner in the works. De Harskamper finally crossed the finish line in nineteenth place with a gap of 2 hours 13 minutes and 25 seconds.
Martin Macik won the special. Janus van Kasteren finished second at 3m25s and can drive relaxed to victory tomorrow. Martin van den Brink, the 52-year-old rally pilot will record his best performance ever in the 'toughest rally in the world and his fifteenth Dakar Rally. ‘Last year, Martin, also in an Iveco Powerstar, finished sixth overall. Although the Kamaz team from Russia is absent, Martin will for sure cherish his very much desired podium finish tomorrow.
Experienced crew
“We ran into problems quite early in the special,'' says an audibly disappointed Martin van den Brink. “We lost a sensor in the gearbox. After 60 kilometers we were stranded and no longer had reverse gear. We had to top up the oil and the last 100 kilometers we drove without reverse gear.”
In the dunes this is very unpleasant for most pilots and even virtually impossible for many teams. “Nothing could go wrong on the last two dunes. We succeeded with our experienced crew,'' says Martin, who gave navigator Erik Kofman and mechanic Richard Mouw the credits they deserved.
“We are of course disappointed that we had this problem. However, we kept fighting and didn’t give up. Now we go to the bivouac in Al Hofuf. We can't go faster than 80 km per hour and we still have 500 kilometers to go,'' said Martin just after the thirteenth stage.
Disappointment or satisfaction?
In the cabin of the Powerstar, the men of Eurol Team De Rooy Iveco have enough time to give their feelings a proper place. It is clear that disappointment and satisfaction fight for priority. “It's a pity, but this is Dakar. We are now third and tomorrow we will finish it. We made our move in the first week. Now we need to secure the podium through the lead we built up. If that works out, we can still leave the rally with our heads held high,'' a very realistic Van den Brink senior said in conclusion.
Not a suitable birthday present
Mitchel van den Brink, Moi Torrallardona and Jarno van de Pol had to give up their hopes of a stage win quite early, due to Martin’s problems.
They eventually finished sixth at 25m08s. De Harskamper would have liked another birthday present. Despite the third place of Jaroslav Valtr, the fourth place overall for Mitchel and his men is not in danger. And the now 21-year-old rally driver can be very happy with that. Mitchel won a stage and that gives his fourth place overall, in his first Dakar Rally as “racing driver”, even more shine.
"Couldn't do anything more."
“After 20 kilometers we lost sight of my father,'' says Mitchel. “We drove around a dune to look for him. We saw them standing against a dune with gearbox problems. Our mechanic Jarno helped Richard, the mechanic on dad's truck. We then continued together, but after 20 kilometers we decided to resume the race. The troubles were not over but there was nothing more we could do except handing over some of our stuff like oil. Too bad second place is gone. We should be happy with third place. That's just the way it is.''
After the special, it turned out that also Janus van Kasteren had a technical problem. “Janus was standing on the side of the road with a rear axle problem. There is enough work tonight in the bivouac,'' says Mitchel van den Brink.
Long way to bivouac
But before the trucks can be handed over to the mechanics of Team De Rooy, they still have to cover some kilometers on the asphalt. The liaison to the bivouac in Al Hofuf is no less than 510 kilometers.
The teams can then prepare for the final day. The final stage of 136 km on the banks of the Persian Gulf takes the caravan to the finish in Dammam. This brings the total tomorrow to more than 4700 race kilometers.
Source Eurol Team De Rooy Iveco
Photo: A.S.O./F.Gooden/DPPI
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Dakar 2023: The KH-7 Epsilon Team truck has been rescued, but must spend another night in the desert.

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  • Three cars of the organization have helped to straighten the vehicle, which is in an area of dunes of very difficult access to which the broom trucks of the Dakar Rally have not been able to reach.
  • Jordi Juvanteny, José Luis Criado and Jordi Ballbé are already checking the mechanics of the MAN with the aim of starting again at dawn on Sunday.
  • The Spanish team members will spend their second night outdoors accompanied by a helicopter of the organization.

The KH-7 Epsilon Team truck, which was involved in an accident yesterday during the 12th stage of the Dakar, is now back on its wheels thanks to the contribution of a rescue team made up of three of the organization's cars.

After a first night spent outdoors in the Saudi desert of the Empty Quarter, with the company of a helicopter sent directly by the ASO, Jordi Juvanteny, José Luis Criado and Jordi Ballbé are currently working on the revision of the mechanical elements of the vehicle, which they hope to get back on its wheels with the first rays of sunlight tomorrow, Sunday.

The twelfth stage of the Dakar proved to be a real odyssey for many of the trucks in the caravan, including the KH-7 Epsilon Team truck. The difficulty of the day's dunes caused several overturns in areas that were very difficult to access, as evidenced by the fact that the organization's broom trucks were unable to reach them. For this reason, ASO had to send several cars that, with the help of slings, were able to turn the truck around and put it back on its feet. Beforehand, Juvanteny, Criado and Ballbé spent hours and hours shoveling out the dune where the truck had overturned so that it would land on a relatively firm surface and not overturn again.

The rescue operation has already been completed at night in Saudi Arabia, so Jordi Juvanteny, José Luis Criado and Jordi Ballbé will be forced to spend their second night in the area of the incident. In any case, they will not rest alone, as they will be accompanied by a helicopter of the organization, which already yesterday was with them in the night time stretch to ensure their safety


Automatic translation from the original Spanish version available on
Source KH-7 Epsilon Team

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Dakar 2023: Stage 13 - Stage victory escapes ingloriously to Hélder Rodrigues

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In a Dakar where he is making his debut on four wheels, composed by better and less happy moments, everything was indicating that the "star" would record today his 10th victory in stages of the Dakar when, with a little less than 40 km to go, he had a 1m25s advantage over the runner-up in the 13th and penultimate stage which linked Shaybah to Al-Hofuf. A selective sector all done in dunes, the kind of terrain where the pilot had already shown a progress of excellence, as indeed happened years ago on motorcycles, but ingloriously with a final part that went less well.

"Today was a day when we managed to ride at our pace and led until 30 km from the end. Then Gonçalo found the wpm easily, but I followed the cap badly. These are racing situations that happen. We lack races to be at the highest level. It was 5 years without competition. Eight months ago I was manager at Honda and Gonçalo was a motorcycle racer. I think we are on the right track, but we need more races and time to be at the top every day", revealed Helder Rodrigues at the end of the stage.

Tomorrow, January 15, the duo Hélder Rodrigues/Gonçalo Reis, as well as the rest of the entourage will compete the 14th and last stage of Dakar Rally 2023, which will link Al-Hofuf to Dammam over 136 km of qualifying time. Several times the Dakar has started with a journey around the Red Sea Coast, including in the 2023 edition, which will come to an end on the shores of the Arabian Gulf. This is an unusually fast beach special with little or no room for major changes in the standings. Competitors need only finish the stage to join the celebrations on the podium on the waterfront.


Automatic translation from the original Portuguese version available on
Source Helder Rodrigues official press release

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Dakar 2023: Stage 13 - Laia Sanz aims for the Dakar finish line

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  • Despite a stomach upset that complicated her day, the KH-7 rider was able to reach the end of another 13th stage that was not very favorable for 4x2 cars in 38th position overall (19th in T1).
  • Only one day remains for the Spaniard to complete her 13th consecutive participation.
  • "I got very dizzy. I must have some stomach virus, and today in the dunes I had a bad time, because we were just going up and down, and you couldn't see the relief."
  • "In the bad years is when you learn the most and I'm doing a master's degree on this Dakar that will help me a lot for next year".

It hasn't been an easy Dakar, but she's getting through it. Laia Sanz only has one more day of competition to complete her 13th consecutive participation, the second in a car. The feat has merit, especially because it is costing her much more than expected, after having to face many adverse situations every day in this 45th edition of the toughest rally in the world. And the 13th and penultimate stage was no exception. The KH-7 rider had to pull out all the stops to bring her ASTARA 01 to the finish in 38th place overall (19th in T1), after suffering from an upset stomach, on another day of dunes not very favorable for the rear-wheel drive cars, but not for the side-by-sides.

"I got very dizzy. I must have a stomach virus, and today in the dunes I had a bad time, because we were just going up and down, and you couldn't see the relief, which made me even more dizzy. It's the first time something like this has happened to me, and I had a hard time, but I had no choice but to keep going", says the Catalan.

After starting the day on a roller coaster of sand, the rider from Corbera de Llobregat had to stop for a moment at kilometer 110 - of the 153 timed stages - to recover: "I had to stop to vomit. It took me a long time to get to the finish. It wasn't a difficult special today, but it wasn't pleasant".

With all the obstacles she has encountered since she took the start on December 31, Laia Sanz has been able to rethink her goals and set the goal of Dammam as a priority. Along the way, she has been filling her bag of experiences on her second round on four wheels: "It's in the bad years that you learn the most, and this Dakar has given me a master's degree that will help me a lot for the next one".

But before that, there is still one last obstacle to overcome: the 14th and last stage, with 267 kilometers of liaison and 138 kilometers of timed stages on the shores of the Persian Gulf, where he will finish the rally by emulating the mythical finish on the beach of Lac Rose in Senegal.


Automatic translation from the original Spanish version available on
Source Laia Sanz / KH-7

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Dakar 2023: Stage 3 - Solid Performance by all three TGR crews on the penultimate stage

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  • 2nd on Stage 13 for Nasser Al-Attiyah and Mathieu Baumel
  • 5th on Stage 13 for Henk Lategan and Brett Cummings
  • 12th on Stage 13 for Giniel de Villiers and Dennis Murphy

The penultimate stage in the 2023 Dakar Rally proved tougher than expected, with a sea of dunes making the 154km stage near the bivouac at Shaybah a testing one for all the competitors. TOYOTA GAZOO Racing’s three GR DKR Hilux T1+ crews, however, recorded solid performances on the day, bringing their cars to the finish without incident. This leaves their overall positions unchanged, with just the final stage to go.

Fastest on Stage 13 for TGR was overall race leaders, Nasser Al-Attiyah and co-driver Mathieu Baumel, who posted the 2nd-fastest time on the day. They trailed the stage winners to the finish by 5min 28sec, driving at a moderate pace in order to ensure that they complete the stage without mishap. Their lead in the overall classification is now 1hr 21min 52sec, with just the final stage to complete.

Henk Lategan and Brett Cummings suffered a roll during Stage 12 of the event, losing their 4th place in the overall standings as a result. They bounced back in Stage 13, going 5th-fastest after a cautious start. Despite the time loss on the previous stage, they maintained a Top 5 position, and now find themselves in 5th place, just 7min 24sec behind the crew in 4th place.

That crew consists of TGR teammates Giniel de Villiers and Dennis Murphy, who were the only GR DKR Hilux T1+ crew to experience trouble on Stage 13. Their left-front damper malfunctioned shortly after starting the stage, forcing them to slow their pace significantly. Poor mid-stage visibility didn’t help their efforts, especially when both crew members experienced motion sickness while crossing the dunes. They were 12th on the day, losing 13min 51sec to the stage winners, but holding steady in 4th place overall.

The young Brazilian sensation, Lucas Moraes, driving in his first Dakar Rally, is still in third place overall. Partnered by experienced co-driver, Timo Gottschalk, the privateer has brought his Toyota Hilux T1+ safely through 13 of this year’s 14 stages, and he has just one more stage to negotiate in order to record a dream finish on his Dakar debut.

The final stage of Dakar 2023 is up next, taking the competitors from the bivouac at Al-Hofuf to the finish in the coastal city of Dammam. At only 136km in length, the closing stage is another short one, but unlike the preceding few stages, this one is such much further to the north, and as such won’t consist of as many dunes as the previous stages. Liaisons totalling 281km will bring the total for the last day of the rally to 417km, taking the total distance for this year’s race to just shy of 9,000km.

Glyn Hall, TGR Dakar Team Principal: “With Stage 13 behind us, we have only the final run from Al-Hofuf to Dammam to contend with tomorrow. Today was much tougher than anticipated, but we’re hoping for an easier run to the finish. But be that as it may, we still find ourselves leading the rally with Nasser and Mathieu, which is just amazing for us. But we also have two more crews in the Top 5, and if this remains the case tomorrow, we’ll be simply ecstatic.”

Nasser Al-Attiyah:Yes, we’re quite happy with today’s stage. We didn’t push at all, and our GR Hilux worked extremely well today, especially after the small changes we made to the suspension settings after Stage 12. We’ve still got one stage to go, and I hope to bring the Hilux home safely tomorrow.”

Giniel de Villiers: “Not an easy stage for us at all. Shortly after the stage I felt there was something wrong with the left front damper. It wasn’t working at all, and we had to be extra careful with the many dune crossings in the stage. In the middle of the stage, the visibility was just terrible. As a result, both Dennis and I got motion sickness, making for a miserable stage. But I’m glad we’re here, and now there’s only one stage to go.”

Henk Lategan: “I don’t think my time was very fast, but it was definitely a safer stage for us. The stage consisted of only dunes, and we took it a bit easier from the start. This was a better approach for us, as I try to build up confidence again after a few difficult days in the desert.”


Source Toyota South Africa / Toyota Gazoo Racing SA

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Dakar 2023: Stage 13 - A record six consecutive stage wins for Loeb / Lurquin

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History has been made today with Sébastien Loeb and Fabian Lurquin taking a record sixth Dakar stage victory in a row with their Prodrive Hunter, further confirming their second place overall this year. The pair have also won every stage in the vast expanse of the Empty Quarter, the biggest area of dunes in Saudi Arabia, today’s stage in particular being made up of 154 kilometres of pure dunes.

Their win by 5 mins 28 secs today also means that the pair have now seven stage victories on this year’s rally to make the sustainably fuelled Prodrive Hunter the fastest car on eight of the thirteen stages so far following the success of Guerlain Chicherit/Alex Winocq on stage three with their GCK Motorsport Hunter.

The previous record of consecutive wins was held by other rally legends Ari Vatanen/Bruno Bergland who took five stages in a row during the 1989 Paris-Dakar. In today’s World Rally Raid Championship there are points awarded for each stage win so the seven victories on this Dakar will be vitally important for Loeb/Lurquin and the BRX team over the five rally 2023 season.

Today’s test may not have been long in distance compared to previous days but it was a route that gave no rest for the competitors who surfed the huge dunes that were tricky to drive as they gave the crews no indication of what might be on the other side.

The second Hunter of Chicherit/Winocq also cleared the stage well but not quite at the pace of Loeb/Lurquin and crossed the finish line in 8th place to yet again be inside the Top 10 on only their third rally with the car.

Tomorrow sees the final run into the finish line of the world’s toughest motorsport event with just 136 kilometres towards Dammam on the Bahraini/Saudi border. Everyone at Bahrain Raid Xtreme is looking forward to seeing the podium for Loeb/Lurquin after the huge fight back since the third day of the rally.

Sébastien Loeb: “We’ve done it again! The goal is to keep the second place until the end and to score important points for the championship but now it’s a new record with six victories in a row on the Dakar so I’m very happy. That’s seven for us this year. Everything has gone so well for over a week now with very good stages enabling us to get back to second place but now we need to finish. The dunes today were softer than previous days plus it was 150 kilometres of dunes for the whole route so there was no chance to rest. It was hot in the car, no fast sections so it was much harder today.”

Gus Beteli, Team Principal: “Another impressive performance by Seb, Fabian, the whole Bahrain Raid Xtreme team and at the Prodrive base in the UK to clinch six stages in a row and beat a record that’s been there since 1989. We’re all very proud of it. There’s one more stage to do tomorrow and at the end of that we’ll see if our aim to lead the World Rally Raid Championship comes forth but in the meantime, it’s a happy day at BRX.”


Source Bahrain Raid Xtreme / Prodrive

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Dakar 2023: Stage 13 - Lorenzo moves into the top 10

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STAGE 13: Shaybah - Al-Hofuf

Today, was the penultimate stage of this 2023 Dakar. There were some surprises in the motorcycle category with the retirement of one of the leaders and the non-start of Mason Klein. Today’s stage was 654 kilometers long and including 154 of special which took the competitors from Shaybah to Al-Hofuf. Our Sherco Factory Rally rider Lorenzo Santolino managed his race without taking any risks and finished 18th at 10mn 34s. In the general classification, he climbs back to the top 10 and is now in 9th place.

“Today we rode a lot in the dunes, sometimes very high and on the final portion the terrain was made up of faster undulating areas interspersed with small dunes. On some sections, we had the sun behind us and visibility was penalized, I preferred not to take any risks and only rode very fast when the conditions allowed it to ensure the finish, especially since I saw the helicopter that came to pick up Walkner who had crashed. Tomorrow will be the last stage! ".

Tomorrow the riders will set off for the 14th and final stage, 417 km from Al-Hofuf to Dammam, including 136 km of special.

Ranking for the day:
Lorenzo Santolino: P18, +10mn 34s.
Cumulative ranking:
Lorenzo Santolino: P9, +1h 10 min.


Source Sherco Factory Rally Team

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