Dakar 2023: Final stage -  "Not done yet with Dakar, we certainly want more"

Dakar 2023: Final stage - "Not done yet with Dakar, we certainly want more"

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Eurol Team De Rooy Iveco happy with third and fourth place

Martin and Mitchel van den Brink return to Harskamp with the trophy and medals for third and fourth place respectively in the 2023 Dakar Rally. “We are very pleased, but we certainly want more.”
Today Martin van den Brink finished fifth. Mitchel was again close to a stage victory. The young Harskamper once again showed his speed and finished second in the stage for the sixth time. “We went for the win today, but just fell short.”
The final chord of the 45th Dakar Rally was a short special on the beach along the Persian Gulf. It certainly wasn't the toughest special. For the real rally pilots a great opportunity to complete their list of honors with a victory. That was also the plan of Mitchel, Moi Torrallardona and Jarno van de Pol.
After 136 kilometers of racing through the sand, the team was seven seconds short of a stage victory. The Lithuanian Vaidotas Paskevicius messed up the plans for Mitchel in his Tatras. “Today there were no team orders so I wanted to win. We lost too much time on the first part. Then we made up a lot of time in the last part, but overall, we just fell a bit short.”
Learned much
With a victory, six second places and a fourth place in the final standings, the 21-year-old Harskamper has no reason to complain. “I am certainly satisfied. It's a pity that we lost so much time in the second stage because of those four punctures. But we learned a lot again and that was also one of the goals.”
The loss of time for Mitchel and his co-pilots in the first week partly determined his role in the second week. “After the rest day we had to supply so called fast assistance to the other 2 pilots of our team. We really raced and competed as a team. Very nice that Janus takes the win for Team De Rooy."
Behind the winner from Veldhoven, Martin Macik took second place in front of Martin. Fourth place for Mitchel was never in danger. The lead on the number five (Jaroslav Valtr) is more than an hour. “I am happy with this result and with our performance throughout the rally. We have shown that we can compete with the top players. That gives confidence for the future. Now we are going to enjoy it first and next year I hope to be able to take another step.”
"Tastes for more"
Martin van den Brink, Erik Kofman and Richard Mouw will have to report on the podium in Dammam this evening for the final ceremony. The trophy for third place will be on board the airplane tomorrow going home to the Harskamp. “We are satisfied,'' said Martin just after the last special stage.
“We had a bit of bad luck with the technique, but we also drove an excellent rally,'' said the leader of Eurol Team De Rooy Iveco. “In addition to the victory for Janus, this is a great result for Team De Rooy. Our third place and the fourth place for Mitchel certainly make me happy. We have shown that we can compete for the win. We are certainly not done with the Dakar yet."
At the end of the special, both trucks of Eurol Team De Rooy Iveco were welcomed by dozens of fans. “I really enjoy seeing so many friends at the finish,'' said 52-year-old Harskamper. “My wife, daughter, all members of Team De Rooy, Dennis Marsman the director of Eurol and Gert Bouwman gave us a warm and festive welcome. It was very nice.”
Eindhoven airport
The teams will bring all vehicles to the port today. After the ceremony, the men of Eurol Team De Rooy Iveco will spend the night in Bahrain. Monday morning the team leaves for the airport at 7:30 am. After a stopover in Bulgarian Burgas, the formation is expected to land at 4.25 pm at the airport in Eindhoven.


Source Eurol Team De Rooy Iveco

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