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SADEV is a French based company who is specialized in producing high quality racing gearboxes and other transmission components.

SADEV was born in 1974 from a passion of engineering and motorsport by Mr Vincendeau. At the beginning of the 1980’s Mr Vincendeau began to design and manufacture gearboxes for motorsport applications. Shortly after the vehicles fitted with these gearboxes began to win meetings, events and even championships from various off road events.
A highly skilled team of professionals developed allowing the company to specialize in workshop gear cutting. SADEV then earned their first contract to provide gearboxes for a large car manufacturer.
In 2000 SADEV increased it’s manufacturing capacities with a 3000 square meters Company is now able to answer to S1600 Rally category requirements.
In 2001 SADEV received the rights to supply the S1600 Rally championship followed 3 years later by the rights to supply the FIA S2000 Rally championship with transmissions, this was a huge achievement for the company and something that they are still very proud of today.
2011 was a year for celebration in the SADEV camp. Sealing a deal to supply in to the World Rally Championship
SADEV is well known for its motorsport applicable gearboxes and now has a vast variety available to be used in many different applications. SADEV’ variety of gearboxes can be found in such applications like tarmac circuit racing to full off road rally raid, Ice racing to 24hr endurance events. 

From its birth SADEV has always had a good balance of skilled workers and premium technology. SADEV has always strived to reach the highest level of precision, technology and care into every product they produce. Every day the employees of SADEV aim to reduce time scales and keep everything running smoothly.
SADEV is always on the lookout for opportunities to develop the company in all areas and when the opportunity of a partnership with Moulin Foundry came up the chance was taken. This has allowed SADEV to enlarge the design and castings sector of the business.
SADEV strives to expand each and every department, whether it be to increase production, reduce lead time or increase quality. With this in mind SADEV invested in some high performance spiro conical gear cutting equipment whilst also adding a heat treatment process to these increasing quality and product life.
One of the latest editions to the SADEV manufacturing department is a vacuum-packed electron beam welder. This machine offers a new area for SADEV to work in but also produces very visibly pleasing products.


Sadev is most know by their gearboxes, but they have a wide range of products for the transmission of your race race. 
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6 rue Grand’Montains
CS80001 85111 Saint-Prouant CEDEX

T +33 (0)2 51 66 42 68 
F +33 (0)2 51 66 49 60


Information avaiable at 10/May/2017

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