Africa Race 2023: SSV Xtreme Race  

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The AFRICA ECO RACE gives amateurs the opportunity to compete with "Side by Side" vehicles, while respecting some rules
▪ SSVs with atmo engine must weigh 825 kilos without fuel maximum.
▪ SSvs with atmo engine over 1000 cm3 and under 2000 cm3 must weigh 1150 kilos without fuel minimum. They should have a maximum tire size of 32 inches.
▪ SSVs with turbo engine must weigh 925 kilos without fuel minimum.
All of these vehicles must be in race configuration and have a spare wheel .
Beige Et Blanc Minimaliste Merci Entreprise Etiquette Cercle Autocollant
Everyday on the race, a specific ranking is etablished. At the podium at the Lac Rose, the first three crews of the overall ranking will receive a bronze trophy.
Source: Africa Race
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Africa Race 2022: The Akjoujt loop still a difficult as ever on the Africa Eco Race

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For several editions of the AFRICA ECO RACE, the loop stage around the village of Akjoujt has been one of the rally's defining stages. This is even more true this year with the strong heat in the month of October which makes the sand less bearable. As a result, at 16:00, only a third of the participants had crossed the finish line and it is already clear that the evening, possibly even the night, will be long for the race headquarters and the organisations vehicles on the route.

Maurizio GERINI back on the bike
Having started just one minute behind Stefan SVITKO this morning, Maurizio GERINI quickly caught up with him and the two men remained together for the rest of the day, crossing the finish line at the same time. As a result, the Italian won on his HUSQVARNA coming in 1 minute ahead of the Slovakian's KTM. In 3rd position, Xavier FLICK is still doing the job on his HUSQVARNA, but now some distance off scratch, with the Frenchman arriving 00:38:31 behind the winner. He is ahead of Junior Robbie WALLACE by 00:05:42 and Veteran Pal Anders ULLEVALSETER by 00:01:49, both on KTM. In 6th position at 01:02:23, we find Pol TARRES and his YAMAHA. Amaury BARATIN decided to attack today. The Frenchman placed his KTM in 7th position in front of the Slovakian Martin BENKO, the Dutchman Stephan SAVELKOULS and the Senegalese Mamadou BOCOUM, making into the top 10 for the first time in this race. A good performance once again for the Czech Zdenek TUMA who placed his YAMAHA Quad in 16th position.

In the overall classification, Stefan SVITKO retains a lead of 00:02:46 over Maurizio GERINI. Not much, especially as it is the Italian who will open the track tomorrow. In 3rd position, Xavier FLICK now has a lead of almost 1.5 hours over Pal Anders ULLEVALSETER and is still leader of the MOTUL EXTREME RIDER category.

New victory for Philippe GOSSELIN and Christophe CRESPO in their car
The " Fous du Volants " team struck again today as Philippe GOSSELIN and Christophe CRESPO won ahead of their teammates David GERARD and Pascal DELACOUR by 00:11:48. The two OPTIPUS flew over this difficult stage and was another 00:49:43 before you could catch sight of the CAN AM of Jean DAGHER-HAYEL and Patrick ANTONIOLLI and then nearly 3 minutes more for the CAN AM of Andrea TRONCONI and Alberto BERTOLDI to show up at the finish. The Italians are ahead of their QFF RACING team-mates Rudy VOLLEBREGT and Gert TRAA. Special mention to Eric SCHIANO and Camille POURCHIER who, by finishing 6th, succeed, for the first time, in entering the top 10 on their POLARIS, part of the XTREME PLUS Team.

In the overall car classification, it is still a walk in the park for Philippe GOSSELIN and Christophe CRESPO who now have 05:42:32 over Jean DAGHER-HAYECK and Patrick ANTONIOLI and 06:49:40 over Andrea TRONCONI and Alberto BERTOLDI.

Tomorrow, Thursday 27 October, the caravan of the AFRICA ECO RACE will head for Ouad Naga. The stage will consist of 435km, 412 of which will be special stages, again with sand and breathtaking landscapes.

Source: Africa Eco Race

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Africa Race 2022: The Africa Eco Race is heading south

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Once again, the first motorcycles have crossed the finish line near the bivouac of Remz El Kebir at the time planned by Manfred KROISS, the sports director of the AFRICA ECO RACE. An arrival more grouped than the first days with smaller gaps. The proof that the competitors are taking their marks and becoming more and more efficient, also due to a less technical track and an easier navigation.

Stefan SVITKO's first victory in moto category
Maurizio GERINI's HUSQVARNA started in the lead this morning, but was caught up by Stefan SVITKO's KTM at kilometer 60, after which the two leaders rode together to cross the line with a one-second advantage for the Slovakian, who won with 00:02:01 over the Italian. The rhythm was maintained since Alessandro BOTTURI, with the handlebar of his YAMAHA 700 goes up on the 3rd step of the podium of the day with 00:20:56 of delay. In 4th position, we find the surprising Robbie WALLACE at 00:25:34. More and more at ease on his KTM, the British rider is ahead of the French rider Xavier FLICK who had a bit of a hard time today. The HUSQVARNA rider finished the stage 00:27:55 behind the winner and ahead of Pal Anders ULLEVALSETER's KTM by 00:01:13 and Pol TARRES' YAMAHA 700 by 00:02:51. The first time since the start that we find seven pilots in 30 minutes. To finish with the top 10, we find the YAMAHA 700 of Lucio BELLUSCHI in 8th position, the HUSQVARNA of Massimiliano GUERRINI and the KTM of the Dutchman Stephan SAVELKOULS. The best performances of the day were the 15th place of the HONDA of the Italian Francesca GASPERI and the 20th place of the Japanese Shingo SUGIMARA, more and more at ease on his HUSQVARNA.
In the provisional overall of the AFRICA ECO RACE, Maurizio GUERINI keeps the leadership for 42 seconds on Stefan SVITKO. Xavier FLICK, leader of the MOTUL EXTREME RIDER challenge is well installed in 3rd position with more than one hour of advance on Pal Anders ULLEVALSETER, who is far from having said his last word.

A French trio in cars
Philippe GOSSELIN and Christophe CRESPO had black hands when they got out of their Buggy OPTIMUS at the finish line of this 4th special stage. The Frenchmen had to change a cardan shaft 130 km from the end of the stage. In spite of the 30 minutes lost in this repair, the leaders of the car-truck general ranking won with 00:09:43 over their teammates from Team David GERARD and Pascal DELACOUR. In 3rd position, we find the CAN AM of Bruno ROBIN and Philippe CHAMPIGNE who, after their worries of the first two days, are getting good results. The Frenchmen also win the T3 category dedicated to the SSV, by beating the Dutch Laurens MEIJER and Robbert VISSER, but also the Senegalese Jean DAGHER HAYECK and Patrick ANTONIOLLI, always as surprising.
In the general ranking, Philippe GOSSELIN and Christophe CRESPO are keeping their ever-growing lead.

Tomorrow, Saturday, October 22, the final Moroccan stage will bring the AFRICA ECO RACE caravan to Dakhla for a well-deserved rest day. But before that, the competitors will have to cover 690 km, 450 of which will be run on fast sandy tracks, but with a big chunk of navigation.

Source: Africa Race

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Africa Race 2022: A quiet third stage of the Africa Race 2022

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After the events of yesterday, the atmosphere was heavy this morning: Notably so during the distribution of the road-book an hour before the start of the 3rd stage of the AFRICA ECO RACE. Composed of a 466 km special stage competitors followed by a 60 km liaison to the bivouac. Despite everything, the race goes on and the time gaps grow larger at the finish line and therefore in the general standings, for those on both two and four wheels.

And second for GERINI in the bike race
Maurizio GERINI has decided to make a name for himself on this 14th edition of the AFRICA ECO RACE. Indeed, the Italian, already winner of the first stage, won again today by placing his HUSQVARNA 00:04:01 in front of the KTM of Slovak Stefan SVITKO. Behind him, Xavier FLICK, although he was first to start, finished 3rd at 00:21:47. A great performance when understqnd that he rode alone from the beginning to the end of the stage. The Frenchman precedes the Spanish Pol TARRES on the YAMAHA 700, who arrived at 00:51:36, at the same time as Pal Anders ULLEVALSETER. The Norwegian got lost today and is only in 5th position with more than an hour to go. The Slovak Martin BENKO who knows the race well was right on his tail in his KTM, finishing 6th, a place a somewhat more in accordance with his level. The British driver Robbie WALLACE continued to do well following his excellent start to the rally by finishing 7th ahead of the Dutchman Stephan SAVELKOULS, for the first time in the top 10. The 9th place goes to Alessandro BOTTURI who lost a lot of time due to a technical problem on his YAMAHA 700. Big performance finally for the Quad N°198 of the Czech Zdenek TUMA who is classified 10th of the special stage of the day. It had been a while since a Quad had achieved such a performance in the AFRICA ECO RACE.
In the provisional general classification, Maurizio GERINI takes the lead, for 00:02:42 ahead of Stefan SVETKO while François FLICK is now 3rd at 00:23:03. Behind them, Pal Anders ULLEVALSETER is in 4th position almost an hour behind.

First victory for Philippe GOSSELIN and Christophe CRESPO today in the car category
The days are not the same for David GERARD and Pascal DELACOUR since the leaders of the general classification had steering problems, which forced them to leave the track to reach the bivouac by road. So, it is the other OPTIMUS buggy of the French Philippe GOSSELIN and Christophe CRESPO that won today, 01:09:58 ahead of the CAN AM of Rudy VOLLEBREGT and Gert TRAA. A great battle is going on between the different CAN AM SSVs and the Dutch have overtaken the Senegalese Jean DAGHER HAYECK and Patrick ANTONIOLLI by 00:02:09. Behind them, the Frenchmen Bruno ROBIN and Philippe CHAMPIGNE are ranked 4th, only 30 seconds behind and the Dutch Laurens MEIJER and Robbert VISSER 53 seconds behind them. A tiny gap between them considering the 466 km of dunes and gravel tracks over which it is very easy lose time. Once again, Tomas TOMECEK finished first in the truck category in his TATRA, taking 6th place for the day.
In the provisional general standings, Philippe GOSSELIN and Christophe CRESPO have taken the lead of the AFRICA ECO RACE ahead of the CAN AM of Frenchmen Loïc FREBOURG and Franck BOULAY. But the road to Dakar is still long and it is far from over!

Tomorrow, Friday, October 21, the AFRICA ECO RACE will continue its way south with a special of 455 km straight fro, bivouc to bivouac. The route includes the crossing of a mountain range before a section of desert tracks in the stunning southern Moroccan desert.

Source Africa Race

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Africa Race 2022: Portuguese rider Armindo Neves dies after suffering an accident on the second stage of the race

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Portuguese rider Armindo Neves died on Wednesday during the second stage of the Africa Eco Race.

The accident occurred near the end of the second stage, just three kilometers from the end of the special that linked Bousaid to Tagounite, in Morocco, which had a total length of 466 kilometers

Armindo Neves was a native of Avis (Portalegre), had been connected to motorsports for many years, and was the 2019 Portuguese veteran champion in motorcycling.

This was his first participation in the African race, fulfilling a long-time dream of participating in a big rally in Africa.

We wish to express our deepest condolences to Armindo's family and friends

Below is the official statement from the race:


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Africa Race 2022: Stage 2 - The Africa Eco Race has seriously began

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Stage 2
Liaison: 0 km – Special Stage: 448 km - Liaison: 18 km

The majority of the competitors had returned to the bivouac of Bousaïd yesterday evening at 9 pm to attend the daily briefing of the AFRICA ECO RACE. An explanation of the stage of this Wednesday, October 19 to Tagounite during which Manfred KROISS mentioned the presence of the first dunes and the difficulty of navigation. The Sporting Director was not mistaken since important gaps are already to be noted between the first and their pursuers, and this, on two and four wheels.

Victory of BOTTURI in Motorcycle
Starting in 4th position this morning, Alessandro BOTTURI won by taking his marks on his official Yamaha. The Italian is ahead of the KTM of the Slovak Stefan SVITKO of 00:01:34 and of 00:02:00 the HUSQVARNA of the French Xavier FLICK who confirms his excellent beginning of the Rally. Arrived in the same group of six pilots who preceded the other participants by more than one hour, the Italian Maurizio GERINI finished 4th at the handlebar of his HUSQVARNA at 00:03:56 after having known problems of fork.

He did well and was ten minutes ahead of the KTM of Pal Anders ULLVALSETER who said at the finish line that at the age of 53, it is appropriate to ride relaxed. The Norwegian was accompanied at the finish line by the British rider Robbie WALLACE, also on a KTM, who also made a good start to the race. In the category more than 700, the Spanish Pol TARRES places his YAMAHA at the 11th position while the only Quad of the race driven by the Czech Zdenek TUMA is classified 18th. Special mention for the Italian rider Francesca GASPERI who finished 14th on her HONDA.

In the general standings, Stefan SVITKO leads the way with a little more than a minute's lead over Maurizio GERINI and a little more than 5 minutes over Alessandro BOTTURI. With a 4th place in the general standings, only 6 seconds behind BOTTURI, Xavier FLICK is the undisputed leader of the MOTUL EXTREME RIDER category reserved for unassisted drivers.

Second consecutive victory for David GERARD and Pascal DELACOUR in car
In Car, we take the same people and we start again for the two first places, with the victory of David GERARD and Pascal DELACOUR, 00:10:41 in front of Philippe GOSSELIN and Christophe CRESPO. The noticed success of the day went to the CANAM of Loïc FREBOURG and Franck BOULAY, 3rd at 00:21:33. As on two wheels, behind, the gaps are important since after Imre VARGA and Jozsef TOMA, 4th at 00:37:03, the fifth vehicle to pass the finish was clocked at 01:08:31. It is the CAN AM of Jean HAYECK DAGHER and Patrick ANTONIOLLI, the Senegalese crew that had already shone yesterday.

In the truck category, the battle of the TATRAs turned to the advantage of Tomas TOMECEK for a little more than 7 minutes on the British crew composed of Andrew WICKLOW, Joseph PEAKE and Matthew Quinton EVANS.

In the general ranking, David GERARD and Pascal DELACOUR already have a lead of just over 13 minutes over Philippe GOSSELIN and Christophe CRESPO. In 3rd position, we find the SSV of Loïc FREBOURG and Franck BOULAY, also leader of the T3 ranking with more than one hour of advance.

Tomorrow, Thursday, October 20, the AFRICA ECO RACE will continue its progression towards the south with a 3rd stage of 526 kilometers between Tagounite and Assa. A long special whose main part will be the crossing of the Erg of Chegaga.


Source Africa RAce

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Africa Race 2022: A first stage without issues

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As soon as the competitors drove off the ATLAS ferry from the Italian company GNV, they set off for a 118km liaison which was just far enough to warm up the engines before diving straight into the race. Today’s stage was quite technical with some interesting navigation considering the short 94km stage.

Maurizio GERINI leads in bike category
On two wheels, the Italian Maurizio GERINI imposed himself overall and created the sensation. The HUSQVARNA rider finished 1’04 in front of the KTM rider Stefan SVITKO. This result was to be for seen as the Italian started in 30th position and the day before on the boat he was saying how much he enjoyed this type of terrain. Looking at the Slovakian, who is a rising start of the sport, he assured he had an ideal starting position for the second stage.

In third position, we must mention the strong performance from Xavier FLICK, a young rider, who is like the first 2 participating in his first AFRICA ECO RACE. It seems like the frenchman has understood how the road-book works as he managed to place his HUSQVARNA just 5’55 behind the leader which enables him to be the first MOTUL EXTREME RIDER. This category is where each rider gets only 1 box of spare parts which is then transported by the MOTUL organisation trucks. Behind these 3 riders we can find the Italian two time winner Alexandro BOTTURI on his YAMAHA and the Norwegian Pal Anders ULLEVALSETTER, who both rode carefully knowing exactly how long this 6000km race is all the way to Dakar.

Francesca GASPERI, the only woman rider this year, finished the stage in 30th position while been spotted by other riders noticing her very technical riding technic on her HONDA. Finally the one and only Quad of the rally, ridden by the Czech Zdenek TUMA signs a 24th position during this first stage clearly showing off his skills behind the handle bars.

Stage victory for David GERARD and Pascal DELACOUR in the car category
Behind the wheel of his OPTIMUS buggy, the AFRICA ECO RACE locals David GERARD and Pascal DELACOUR finished 2’51 in front of their Wacky Races teammates Philippe GOSSELIN and Christophe CRESPO. We need to point out the good performance from the Dutchman Rudy VOLLEBREGT and Gert TRAA finishing in 3rd with their CAN AM SSV just 39” behind the 2nd OPTIMUS.

With their good performance they managed to push back the 2nd T3 of Loïc FREBOURG and Franck BOULAY a full 4 minutes away. The Frenchmen finished in 5th position just in from of the Hungarian Imre VARGA and Jozsef TOMA with their TOYOTA Hilux. On the 3rd step of the T3 podium, there is an impressive performance from the Senegalese crew composed of Jean HAYECK-DAGHER and Patrick ANTONIOLLI with their CAN AM.

In the trucks, as expected Thomas TOMACEK delivered while driving alone his TATRA, meaning without mechanic nor co-driver. When looking at the overall rankings, he finished in 11th with over 3” in front of the other TATRA driven by they British crew Andrew WICKLOW, Joseph PEAKE and Quinton Matthew EVANS. The Italian MERCEDES from Giulio VERZELETTI and Guiseppe FORTUNA completes the giants podium.

Tomorrow, Wednesday October 19th, the AFRICA ECO RACE competitors have a 466km stage towards Tagounite. Diving into the stage, 447km will be the first time ever the rally has taken these traditional Moroccan tracks passing trough the first dunes in Merzouga.


Source Africa Eco Race

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Africa Eco Race 2022: Monaco start ceremony

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It is under a magnificent autumn sun and with more than 25 degrees on the thermometer that the 14th edition of the AFRICA ECO RACE began this Saturday, October 15, 2022, from the French Mediterranean coast.

During two days, and for the fifth consecutive year, the city of Menton welcomed, for the administrative and technical checks, 500 people from the caravan of the only African Rally to leave from the European continent. Thus, in front of thousands of admiring passers-by or motorsport enthusiasts, the hundred or so vehicles in the race and raid were carefully checked by the organization team. All this in a most convivial and even happy atmosphere, as following a long wait, the competitors and the organizers did not hide their joy to meet again.

Like Jean-Louis SCHLESSER, boss of the race, and Anthony SCHLESSER, general coordinator of the event, all smiley in front of the cameras of the television team:

"After this two-year break, it was about time, for our participants and ourselves, that the sport and adventure relive again. We fought so hard to keep the event afloat during the COVID parenthesis that today, we all experience this comeback of the AFRICA ECO RACE with a sense of freedom. Admittedly, on the sporting, economic or even geopolitical level in Europe, the period is not ideal and inevitably, the number of participants is affected by it this year. But the important thing was to get back on track, at all costs and it's done! We are also going to discover the African landscapes crossed in other conditions than those we have always known in January, and this is a real added value to this 2022 edition. The offroad rally lovers were not mistaken and moreover, many who were not, for various reasons, ready to race, entered the Raid category. A nice way to be in the adventure without the pressure of the stopwatch."

"Anyway, we are going to do our best to supervise the Rally or the Raid as well as possible and, as always, bring as many finishers as possible to the mythical Lac Rose in Dakar on October 30th. But before that, it is important to thank the City of Menton and the Principality of Monaco for, once again, a magnificent welcome reserved for the AFRICA ECO RACE. Now, on our way to Dakar!"

Once the formalities have been completed in Menton, straight to Monaco to join the parc fermé set up once more on the Quai Antoine 1er. It was 7 p.m. when Jean Luc REICHMANN, the famous French television host and actor, guest of honor in Monaco for this 14th edition of the AFRICA ECO RACE, raised the flag for Pal Anders ULLEVALSETTER, double winner of the race. On his KTM N°100, the Norwegian biker sets off for 5951 km including 3640 of race through Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal.

For nearly two hours, the hundred vehicles, motorcycles, quads, cars, SSVs and trucks, of the Rally and Raid categories, followed one another under the starting arch installed on the Quai Antoine 1er in front of the famous restaurant STARS 'N' BARS, historical partner of the Monegasque start of the AFRICA ECO RACE. A ceremony with a party feeling, as all the participants, organization team, as well as the spectators, were happy to finally see the start of the last great African Rally going to Dakar, the Senegalese city forever capital of the world of this sport.

This Sunday, October 16, 2022, after a free transfer to the port of Sète, the AFRICA ECO RACE caravan will embark in the afternoon on the ATLAS, ferry of the Italian company GNV, partner carrier of the event, direction Nador in northern Morocco where the arrival is scheduled for Tuesday at dawn. As soon as the wheels hit African soil, the serious things will begin with a first stage consisting of a short special on the road to southern Morocco. A warm-up that should already show off the entertainers of this 2022 edition.

Source Africa Eco Race

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Africa Eco Race 2022: Organization revellaed the dates for 15th edition of the African Marathon

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Only a few days after the registration closing of the Africa Eco Race 14th edition, Jean-Louis SCHLESSER announces the dates of the 15th edition taking place in March 2023.
The official start will take place on the 11th of March 2023 with a Lac Rose arrival ceremony on the 26th of March 2023.
Stay tuned for more details about the 2023 edition.
In the meantime, follow the 2022 race taking place from the 15th to the 30th of October.

Source Africa Eco Race


aer 13 9 w 1

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2022 Africa Race: Route and program of the 2022 Africa Eco Race

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Entries are booming, demonstrating the enthusiasm for this event organized in the purest tradition of the great off-road rallies, in a friendly atmosphere, with a minimum of restrictions for maximum pleasure!
All participants of the AFRICA ECO RACE 2022 are eager to know the route that awaits them from October 14 to 30. Jean-Louis SCHLESSER and his team are happy to reveal the main lines of this 14th edition which will mark the big return to Africa.




NADOR / BOUSAID: 605.18 kms
Liaison: 117.94 kms
Special: 93.97 kms
Liaison: 393.27 km
Short special stage, 100% new, between several crops, on a narrow track before a slightly mountainous part.

Special: 447.95 kms
Liaison: 18.38 km
Departure from the bivouac for a long special stage, with a brand new part. Increasingly sandy grounds.
First passage on the dunes of Merzouga then usual Moroccan tracks.

TAGOUNITE / ASSA: 526.34 kms
Special: 465.89 kms
Liaison: 60.45 kms
Long special stage from the bivouac.Gravel tracks to the erg of Chegaga .Crossing of some dunes before entering the stony tracks.

: ASSA / REMZ EL QUEBIR: 455.42 kms
Special: 455.42 kms
Departure / arrival bivouac.Crossing a mountain range before arriving in a more sandy region of Morocco.New tracks and plateaus towards some dry lakes.

Special: 450.82 kms
Liaison: 240.95 kms
Departure bivouac. Mix of very fast and sandy tracks with very few marks for navigation. Arrival in Dakhla on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.



DAKHLA / CHAMI: 634.68 kms
Liaison: 430.05 kms
Special: 204.63 kms
Crossing border to Mauritania.Fast special stage on very sandy ground. Off-road navigation.

CHAMI / AKJOUJT: 514.66 kms
Liaison: 19.90 kms
Special: 470.16 kms
Liaison: 24.60 km
One of the longest special stages and announced as one of the most difficult! Large dune crossing. Mainly off-track before crossing new cords of dunes.

STAGE 8: AKJOUJT / AKJOUJT: 447.85 kms
Liaison: 24 km
Special: 423.80 kms
1st loop of this 14th edition. Many new visible and rolling tracks before joining off-track sections. After the pass of Tifoujar , stony plateau before two passages of relatively difficult dunes.

STAGE 9: AKJOUJT / OUAD NAGA: 435.56 kms
Special: 411.77 kms
Liaison: 23.79 km
Departure bivouac. Several passages of dune cords.
A typical Mauritanian stage which is relatively difficult.

STAGE 10: OUAD NAGA / OUAD NAGA: 478.18 kms
Special: 456.04 kms
Liaison: 22.14 km
2nd loop . Departure bivouac. 90% sand between dunes and sandy tracks. Several more or less difficult dune crossings for a final loop stage.

STAGE 11: OUAD NAGA / MPAL: 456.18 kms
Liaison: 36.55 kms
Special 1: 122.21 kms
Liaison: 222.30 kms
Special 2: 65.48 kms
Transfer: 9.64 kms
Crossing borders with a stage made up of 2 specials, one in Mauritania and the second, unprecedented, in Senegal. First special stage, between vegetation and therefore tracks not always visible. Second special on sandy tracks and many non-visible sections, in the middle of green vegetation at this season.

STAGE 12: MPAL / DAKAR: 271.08 kms
Liaison: 201.00 kms
Special: 21.93 kms
Liaison: 48.15 km
The legendary “Lac Rose” special stage. A fun and sandy track along the beach. Trophy ceremony on the shores of the lake.

Source AER

africa race 2022 map

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Africa Race 2022: Yamaha Return to African Roots with New Ténéré World Raid Rally Program

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Yamaha Motor Europe is pleased to announce that the all-new Yamaha Ténéré World Raid Team will contest the Africa Eco Race, which will run from Monaco to the legendary finish in Dakar, Senegal from October 15 - 30.  
Yamaha has a long and storied history racing in Africa, starting in 1979 with victory for Cyril Neveu in the first ever running of the Paris Dakar Rally. Contesting the Africa Eco Race brings the brand full circle, returning them to the spiritual home of the Ténéré, and confirming the new approach, which focuses on reconnecting Yamaha's Rally program with the genuine spirit of adventure and with products that customers can also enjoy.
Yamaha's goal in approaching a 12 stage African rally with a production machine is to prove the exceptional DNA of the new Ténéré World Raid, but also to prepare an extensive customer program, which aims to support the racing spirit of Ténéré customers participating in national activities right up to international long distance Rally Raid events. Discovering your own limits, together with new horizons and people along the route, is the target of the Africa Eco Race challenge.
The new Rally program will also mark the start of a partnership with Riders for Health, a very special sponsor that Yamaha is proud to host on the Ténéré World Raid Team to raise awareness of the tremendous work carried out by the charity supplying, managing and maintaining motorcycles for health-focused operations in Africa. 
The Yamaha Ténéré World Raid Team will be run on behalf of Yamaha by Rebel X Sports under the direction of Team Manager, and experienced Rally Raid campaigner, Manuel Lucchese. Italian Alessandro Botturi, winner of the previous two editions of the race, and Spaniard Pol Tarres will contest the 14th edition of the rally aboard a race version of the recently launched Ténéré 700 World Raid.
Botturi and Tarres will take on this unique challenge aboard bikes based on the newly launched Ténéré 700 World Raid but further developed by Yamaha with the addition of specialized GYTR parts, such as a larger fuel tank and KYB suspension, to better withstand the extreme demands of a competitive Rally Raid.
While the team and bike may be new, both riders have enjoyed impressive careers. Botturi comes into the 2022 Africa Eco Race having won the previous two editions in 2019 and 2020, while the 46-year-old Italian was also the International Six Day Trial champion in 2005 and 2007, competed in the World Enduro Championship and raced in numerous Dakar Rallies.
Botturi's teammate Tarres followed a similar path, riding trials before moving up to the World Enduro Championship. The 27-year-old Spaniard is famous for taking on some of the toughest enduro challenges in the world aboard his Yamaha Ténéré 700, and also for his gravity-defying “Seeker" videos on YouTube.
The Yamaha Ténéré World Raid Team will prepare for the AER by taking part in the Tunisian Desert Challenge between the 21st and 29th April, which comprises eight stages and covers over 2,700km. It is the first important step in preparing the bikes and riders ready to take on the challenge of the Africa Eco Race later in the year.
Paolo Pavesio - Marketing and Motorsport Director, Yamaha Motor Europe - "Contesting the Africa Eco Race is an exciting new adventure for Yamaha, but it's also something of a return to the spiritual home of the Ténéré and to our Rally Raid roots. We believe that connecting with our customers is incredibly important, and with this new project and bike, we hope to inspire them to rediscover their more adventurous side. This is just the beginning of the journey; based on our experience this year we will grow the customer program ready for the 2023 season. We're also very happy to be teaming up with Riders for Health, using our participation in the rally to raise awareness of the incredible work they do in providing much needed medical support to rural communities in Africa using motorcycles as the primary form of transport. The presence of their logos on our bike and riders is just the first step in our collaboration."
Alessandro Botturi - Yamaha Ténéré World Raid Team - “In a few weeks, we begin this great adventure with the Yamaha Ténéré World Raid Team. I cannot wait to ride the new bike in Tunisia, and the goal is not only to finish the rally but to gain as much data and knowledge as possible to make us stronger. This is going to be an important year, with our ultimate goal of competing in the Africa Eco Race and reaching the mythical finish line by the Lac Rose in Dakar.”
 Pol Tarres - Yamaha Ténéré World Raid Team - “I am very excited about this new adventure! I feel fortunate to be involved in this project, to have such a fantastic team around me and such an experienced teammate in Alessandro. Everyone is excited to take on the Africa Eco Race, and the Yamaha Ténéré 700 World Raid is the perfect machine to tackle such a challenging rally. We have been working a lot on the bike already, and it feels incredible. I am excited to head to Tunisia because it will be a great shakedown and training to get us ready for the challenge of the main event this year. I have a lot to learn, but I am determined to do my best and push as hard as I can to bring home the best result possible.”
Source Yamaha Motor Europe


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Africa Eco Race 2022: Race postponed to October 2022

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 africa race 1

August 30th, 2022
Closing of the entries

October 14th & 15th, 2022
Administrative and technical checks in Menton (South of France)
Official start from Monaco of the AFRICA ECO RACE 2022
Boarding the boat, direction Morocco

October 18th to 30th, 2022
Arrival of the boat in Morocco and 1st stage
12 stages through Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal
1 day of rest

October 30th, 2022
Final stage along Lac Rose
Embarking of the vehicles, direction France

1st week of November, 2022
Arrival of the return boat with vehicles in Marseille


Source Africa Eco Race

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