Africa Eco Race 2022: The route almost finalized

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Africa Eco Race 2022: The route almost finalized



Jean-Louis SCHLESSER and his team have just returned from reconnaissance after three weeks traveling through Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal, to complete a route mixing the best stages of all the editions, but also including many novelties.
On 15 March 2022, the entire caravan of the AFRICA ECO RACE will arrive in Nador, entry point to the African continent and start of this 14th edition. This year, the first section will be 100% new and shorter than in 2020 with a longer special stage. As always, an excellent warm-up, to find your driving and navigation marks.

For the rest of the Moroccan route, the special stages will combine the most beautiful tracks and dunes of the country with some unexplored parts in order to continue the discovery of this very demanding playground.
As traditionally, after five Moroccan stages, the AFRICA ECO RACE caravan will set up its bivouac in Dakhla for the rest day, on Sunday March 20, 2022, along the ocean, for everyone’s pleasure.

Then, down to Mauritania, for a second week of racing that many competitors dread but also impatiently await. After crossing the border between the two countries, a 200-kilometer special stage will give you a taste of the Mauritanian sand. The first bivouac will be set up near Chami, where visa formalities will take place.

Although the route will include the usual two loops, which will give some rest to the assistance, Mauritania will deliver its share of surprises with a majority of new stages, where navigation will be, as always a priority, especially during several off-track parts.

Some great news for this 2022 edition: an ADDITIONAL special stage will take place in Senegal. This completely new stage will take competitors on tracks through the typical Senegalese steppe. With many navigation challenges, this stage could change the result of the race, right until the last bivouac set up in Mpal.

After a pleasant last evening in Senegal, where the bivouac will be entertained by the arrival of VIPs and families, the iconic special stage along the “Lac Rose” will be the last opportunity to make the engines roar before driving up the arrival podium, the main goal for all the AFRICA ECO RACE competitors.

The recce impressions from Jean-Louis SCHLESSER:
“ What a joy to be back in Africa, to reunite with this magnificent playground, its wide open spaces and the spirit of freedom. It is therefore a beautiful 2022 edition which is being prepared, both in terms of the route, but also the amount of participants and quality of the competitors registered. I will look forward to seeing you on March 12, 2022 in Monaco, for the official start of the 14th edition of the AFRICA ECO RACE . "


Source: Africa Eco Race

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Africa Race 2022: Ready for the recce

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While the participants continue to register to the AFRICA ECO RACE 2022, the reconnaissance team has just departed, heading for Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal to create a route in the purest tradition of the greatest off-road rallies.

To discover the most beautiful route, combining various types of terrain, nothing beats a team of professionals, enthusiasts and former pilots / co-pilots who know what the competitors are looking for and expect from such an event. Jean-Louis SCHLESSER and his team know all about it, as they took part in the world’s biggest rallies in the car, truck and motorcycle categories.

For this 14th edition, the desire of the organization is to create a route, compiling the most beautiful stages of the last editions but also including some new surprises. The competitors will tackle magnificent tracks and dunes that only Africa can offer, as well as a very challenging route. But beware, the regular AFRICA ECO RACE competitors know it, they will have to stay focused and carefully follow the roadbook to be sure not to arrive too late at the bivouac.

We can expect, like every year, a minimum of liaison and a maximum of departures and arrivals at the bivouacs. As for the terrain, Africa offers a multitude of terrain with dune crossings, some off-track, wadis passages and some more rolling parts… to sum it up, enough to satisfy everyone. The navigation will not be put aside, with often some delicate parts where it will be necessary to keep focused and on track.

Finally, after the effort, some comfort; the bivouacs and their legendary conviviality will be set up in the middle of nowhere in breathtaking landscapes. The bivouacs constitute the heart of the rally, a place for sharing, debriefing, take some time to study with the reading of the next day’s road-book which will be this year, in color. But let’s not forget, the bivouac are above all, a place to get your energy back; nothing better than a good meal simmered by a great French chef before dozing off under a magnificent starry African sky.

As you have understood, a great edition is being prepared, both in terms of its participants and the route.
Rendez-vous from the 12th to the 27th of March 2022 for the 14 th edition of the AFRICA ECO RACE and stay tuned to follow, step by step, the reconnaissance team ...

Source Africa Eco Race

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Africa Race 2022: Focus on Africa Eco Race 2022

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The 14th edition of the AFRICA ECO RACE, from 12 to 27 March 2022, is very much awaited, and will be, as always, in the pure tradition of great African rallies, from Monaco to Dakar.

Despite the postponing of the ALGERIA ECO RACE, like many other events due to the pandemic, the situation is calming down and the horizon is brighter thanks to the different vaccination campaigns. The worst seems to be behind us and the future promises some better days. As proof, some countries have reopened their borders and the drivers have begun their trainings on site. A real opportunity for countries such as Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal who always welcome us with open arms. Therefore, all the lights appear to be green for us to finally succeed in fulfilling our passion in 2022.

The AFRICA ECO RACE was present late August at the 4x4 Fair of Valloire and the Alpes Adventure Motofestival in Barcelonnette 10 days ago. Through its presence in these fairs, the team organization was able to witness the increased notoriety from the past years, as well as the atmosphere and image the AFRICA ECO RACE wishes to convey. These events were also an opportunity to meet the competitors, members of the organization and to meet the future competitors, both in raid and race category. To sum up, nothing better than to meet people, especially all those who contribute to making the AFRICA ECO RACE, a unique rally in itself.

The team, barely back from its travels, is busy responding to the many requests. At the same time and a few days before the end of the preferential rates, the MALLE MOTO category is practically full. Unheard of for the AFRICA ECO RACE 6 months before the start. For latecomers, there is very little room left in the MOTUL XTREME RIDER category. Be part of the adventure and join us as soon as possible by registering before September 30 on the site: REGISTRATION AFRICA ECO RACE

As for SSV, cars and trucks, registrations are also booming and this 14th edition promises a beautiful plateau of competitors. For these categories too, the preferential rate is valid until the end of the month. Don't miss it and register now.

Remember that on the AFRICA ECO RACE, the competitors are guaranteed to reach the legendary Lac Rose in Dakar, no one is left behind thanks to the various jokers which will ensure the unique atmosphere where friendliness and mutual help are the main motto. Note that the road books are written by professionals and former drivers in the discipline. A priority to the navigation for a maximum of pleasure.

The final words are for Jean-Louis Schlesser, in charge of the team:

" I'm proud of the team that works on the AFRICA ECO RACE, and which has never ceased to promote this great event despite the difficult times. I believe in a bright future for the AER and I look forward to being able to go to Africa to watch over the competitors from my plane but also to make the most of the good times shared with other enthusiasts like me, on the departures and arrivals of specials, as well as in the evening at the bivouac during our briefings. I look forward to seeing all the enthusiasts in March 2022 for the 14 th edition of the AFRICA ECO RACE. "

Source Africa Eco Race

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Africa Eco Race 2022: Escape ahead with Africa Eco Race 2022

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Even if the pandemic is still present at the beginning of the year 2021, the vaccination triggered massively around the world seems to make it possible to plan for the end of the year 2021. Many of us therefore have our foot on the pedal, ready to shift into 1st gear, in search of adventure, wide open spaces and freedom.

A long African Cross-Country Rally is ideal for this! In order to allow as many people as possible to start carrying out their project, here are the main points and dates to remember so far, for the 14th edition of the AFRICA ECO RACE 2022.

26/02/2021 - Opening of the website
03/05/2021 - Opening of the entries

31/12/2021 & 01/01/2022
Administrative and technical checks in the South of France
Official start of the AFRICA ECO RACE 2022
Boarding the boat, direction Morocco

From 4 to 15/01/2022
Arrival of the boat in Morocco and 1st stage
12 stages through Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal
1 day of rest

Final stage along Lac Rose
Embarking of the vehicles, direction France

End January 2022 - Disembarking of the vehicles in France


Source Africa Eco Race

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Despite all efforts my be the organizing team of Africa Race to make possible the 2021 edition of the rally, in the end, there was no other option besides canceling the race.    Jean-Louis Schlesser - chief of the organization,  wrote a letter to explain the reasons for this decision and made it public yesterday. 
Here is what the Schlesser had to say:

 Dear friends of the AFRICA ECO RACE,  
Our rally has always been about passion, a race organized by people passionate about Africa and CrossCountry rallies which bring together adventurers, travellers and mechanical sport lovers, all in respect of the economic and environmental aspects of the countries and populations we cross.    
Despite the year 2020 being hit by this sanitary crisis, all was put in place by the organisation team of the 
AFRICA ECO RACE to succeed in organizing this 13th edition. The main objective was to adapt to the Covid19 restrictions: a new route “Dakar – Dakar”, new logistics, new dates, setup of a specific sanitary protocol, and  not forgetting to take into account all the restrictions set by the various countries our competitors come from. 
The competitors, volunteers, providers and partners of this edition were ready and set. Today, it is 63 motorbikes, 42 cars/SxS and 13 trucks who gave us their trust and were part of this 600 people caravan with over 30 nationalities. 
After all my team’s efforts, I had to come this morning to the very painful decision to cancel the 13th edition of the AFRICA ECO RACE which was taking place from the 5th to 17th of January 2021.  
Despite all the organizational work and our aim for this edition to go well, the exterior factors which are out of control, force us to make this immediate decision, because cancelling last minute is not an option and would be far too risky financially for everybody involved.  
Out of respect for our competitors, providers, volunteers and partners, we refuse to let anyone take any risk related to Covid-19 and its consequences on our health which is today, still a blur.  
For our competitors, the amounts already paid will be refunded or maintained for the next edition, upon the team’s request. A specific information will be sent to you rapidly.  
I will be back very soon to announce our new 2021 projects.  
We look forward to seeing you in 2022 for the 14th edition of the AFRICA ECO RACE.  


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A week ago, the recce team arrived in Dakar to travel through Senegal and Mauritania to finalize a unique DAKAR / DAKAR route. On the other hand, the AFRICA ECO RACE team is working on logistics to allow a greater number of participants to be able to experience this 13th edition, from January 5 to 17, 2021, despite the restrictions related to Covid 19.

One of the strengths of the AFRICA ECO RACE is its team made up of enthusiasts, professionals and former pilots allowing great responsiveness whilst adapting to different situations and challenges.

Senegal has set up an effective response to Covid 19. According to a study carried out in September and based on various criteria, the American magazine “Foreign Policy” mentions Senegal as being an example, highlighting its experience in the fight against epidemics. Currently, the AFRICA ECO RACE is working in close collaboration with the various local authorities to facilitate the arrival of participants in Dakar, upon invitation. As for the return of participants from Dakar at the end of the Rally, Senegal currently has no ongoing restriction.

The departure of all the vehicles of the caravan will be in the south of France. The vehicles will embark on a cargo ship, direction Dakar. The checks will be lightened and will therefore be considered pre-checks. Competitors in the race, once registered, must complete a "technical pre-checks" file and return it to the organization. For everyone's comfort, the entire teams will therefore not have to travel to the port of embarkation. Only drivers can come and drop off the vehicles at the port.

Full crew and vehicle checks will take place in Dakar on January 2nd and 3rd, 2021. On January 4th, 2021, all vehicles will reach the 1st bivouac in Saint Louis, before starting the race, on the morning of January 5.

For obvious logistical reasons and given the new measures and program set out, the last teams in the process of registering must finalize their entries as soon as possible. All files must be finalized before November 1, 2020 in order to prepare for the pre-checks. The organization relies on your understanding.

For a week, the recce team has traveled through Senegal, in the middle of the rain season, to explore and discover special stages amongst this unique setting and playground, whilst ensuring the safety of the population and the participants.
Now, straight into Mauritania to complete the different stages. What awaits ? Rolling tracks and more sandy portions in the heart of the Saharan desert. Needless to say that the competitors will have a blast crossing these sumptuous landscapes in an immense and sometimes still unexplored playground. The pilots and co-pilots will have to think hard on their strategy if they plan on going to the end of all the Mauritanian stages! Intense competition and twists ahead !
As for the assistance, they will have a lot to do with the mechanical side and dusting off the cars when they arrive at the bivouacs! But some positive news for these people in the shadows: during the various loops, they will be able to rest after the start the next day, without having to drive to another bivouac. A formula not only comfortable but also economical for all.


Source Africa Eco Race newsletter


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The will of Jean Louis SCHLESSER and his team has always been to move forward, to continue to keep the race alive, both on the sporting and economic side, in order to satisfy this passion for off-road rallying which drives us all. For a few weeks now, the organization of the AFRICA ECO RACE has been working on several scenarios in order to be able to go ahead with this 13th edition.

In view of the global health crisis and the restrictions imposed recently in the Kingdom of Morocco, making it impossible to maintain the recces planned for September, it is with a heavy heart that the AFRICA ECO RACE has decided not pass through the Kingdom of Morocco in 2021 and to orient the organization of the next edition towards a new format: SENEGAL - MAURITANIA - SENEGAL "DAKAR - DAKAR". Of course, always with our legendary authenticity and on the footsteps of Thierry SABINE.

After the administrative and technical checks in a French port in December 2020, all the vehicles of the caravan will embark on a cargo ship, direction Dakar. Participants will reach the capital of Senegal in early January 2021 to collect their vehicles before setting off for this new African adventure.

From January 5 to 17, 2021, participants will cross new tracks across Senegal and Mauritania for a grand finish at the Lac Rose podium on January 17.

As for the race, it will be an opportunity to discover a part of Senegal, as few have had the chance to do before us, and race on the unique laterite tracks lined with baobabs. In Mauritania, the competitors and participants of the AFRICA ECO RACE will discover new majestic landscapes that only Africa can offer, with rolling tracks and more sandy portions. They will evolve in the heart of the Saharan desert and its pink, yellow or white dunes, its sinuous canyons between tabular plateau, its oases of greenery nestled between black sandstone cliffs. One of the few countries where one can still taste the infinite spaces, the illusion of unconditional and limitless freedom.

As for registration fees, despite the logistical challenge and the additional costs that this represents for the AFRICA ECO RACE, the organization has decided to maintain them: the prices therefore remain unchanged.

The architecture of this new route will allow cost control and flexible logistics since the mileage of the assistance route will be halved.

Everything will therefore be done to experience and share an unforgettable and exceptional 2021 edition.
Soon, specific information will be sent with all the logistical details.

Source Africa Eco Race official press release

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Africa Race 2021: Race winners are returning to defend their titles

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To benefit from the best rate, registrations are flowing in the AFRICA ECO RACE office. The winners of the 12th edition confirmed their participation for 2021 and are ready, knife between their teeth, to defend their title!

In the Auto category, Patrick and Lucas MARTIN from Team MMO will have to focus to win the 13th edition and who knows, maybe enter the history of the rally by winning twice in a row the AFRICA ECO RACE, which has never been done since Jean-Louis SCHLESSER with 6 consecutive wins.

In the SSV category, more specifically the SSV XTREME RACE, Benoit FRETIN and Cedric DUPLE from Team B2F COMPETITION, will have to measure up to a large competition. Without a doubt, the challenge will be tough and expected to be exciting in the dunes for these super agile machines.

In the truck category, the team led by Mikos KOVACS from QUALISPORT KFT, will for sure give a hard time to Tomas TOMECEK from Team PROMET CZECHOSLOVAK to equal his amount of victories on the AFRICA ECO RACE. An interesting battle ahead unless another desert giant comes along and rattles the prognosis.

On the two wheel side, Alessandro BOTTURI on his Yamaha, along with Pal ULLEVALSETER, who both count 2 victories each, will need to be prepared to stay at the top of their game against the new upcoming riders which showed their motivation last year and want to do better on the next edition. But beware, a previous AFRICA ECO RACE winner is thinking of joining this party and do his big come back in 2021. Stay tuned…

6 months from the departure, the AFRICA ECO RACE is looking promising with the regular competitors registering once again to feel the spirit of conviviality, but also with some new faces, looking to discover Africa on the footsteps of Thierry Sabine…
The route will be carefully chosen, with a compilation of the best stages of the last 12 years and including 2 loops. Already, we can say that the first special stage will not be a simple warmup as it will be close to 200km. From the first day, the 5th of January 2021, the competitors will get straight into it, which will bring some surprises.

And finally, for those who still have questions about the Covid-19 situation or the next edition, here is a video in which the key people of the AFRICA ECO RACE will explain all about the 13th edition in 2021.

Source Africa Eco Race Newsletter



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Africa Race 2021: Online registrations are now open

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The entire AFRICA ECO RACE team hopes that you and your loved ones are well. Some are in the process of getting some freedom back, others will be soon. Life starts again slowly whilst we are aware that we must not lower our guard.

However, the lastest updates gives us a feeling of optimism by continuing to focus on the organization of the AFRICA ECO RACE 2021, which will take place in seven months, from January 2nd to 17th.

Online registrations are now open...
...and seeing the registrations, we feel a certain dynamic of competitors wanting to go in the same direction, forward, driven by their love and passion of cross-country rallying.

Please note that if rally should be cancelled due to Covid 19, the organization will make sure to refund all participants the registration deposits paid to the organization and this, without administrative fees.

In order to answer any questions you may have, you will soon find on our social networks as well as the site, a video with the main members of the organizing team to give more information about the next edition.
Life will be different, with new challenges but the future is not about what will happen, it is about what we will do together!
Stay connected and take care of yourself!

Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Africa Race 2021: AFRICA ECO RACE 2021, the 13th edition will take place from January 2nd to 17th, 2021.

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Africa Eco Race organizer team organized itself to work from home and keep moving forward while following the evolution of this global pandemic. Just like everyone else, this period has made us think about adapting our passion for Cross-Country Rally to the reality of today.

An invitation to escape
The website has been redesigned to make it more interactive, ergonomic and visual; we hope you will appreciate this travel into the AFRICA ECO RACE adventure.
Do not hesitate to visit it, you will find the 26-minute summarizing of the 12th edition, all the photo galleries, the latest news, the 2021 prices etc ...

Exploring the new route
The reccee team is working using technological means and geolocation for the future route. Everything will be finalized later on the ground.
Regarding the race, the 2021 route will be a mix of the best stages from the past 12 editions. As always, the emphasis will be on navigation as well as minimum liaison for a maximum of special stages and of course, breathtaking landscapes.

Our focus will be set on the route of the assistance. We are planning to have 2 loops in Mauritania. The loop system has several advantages: budgetary because who says fewer kilometres says less fuel costs and this helps to preserve vehicles, but more importantly the people.

On the sanitary side, as it is the tradition on the AFRICA ECO RACE and which takes its full meaning this year, the bivouacs will always be surrounded by nature, far from the cities to avoid contact as much as possible.

A new Moto Raid: the AFRICA RAID GS
The AFRICA ECO RACE has created a new raid, the AFRICA RAID GS, for all owners of GS and GS-A.
Indeed, the GS presents itself as the best big trail to cross these countries with landscapes that only Africa can offer and ancestral and unique cultures.

Participants will benefit from the logistics of a large all-terrain rally, AFRICA ECO RACE, from January 2nd to 17th, 2021.
Every evening, the AFRICA RAID GS riders will meet up at a dedicated structure, an authentic bivouac, surrounded by nature.
At dinner time, they will meet the whole caravan of the AFRICA ECO RACE where the different actors of this extraordinary Rally will be able to mingle and share their experiences of the day.

Let's play together !!
Until we can fulfil our passion and to keep our spirits high, the AFRICA ECO RACE invites you to take part in our game, from May 1st, 2020 on our website
During a specific period, an icon will be hidden in the website AFRICA ECO RACE. The first to find it and send the answer by email will win !

The prizes: discounts on entry fees for the AFRICA ECO RACE 2021 and various AFRICA ECO RACE Collectables.

{vembed Y=xezmMm1cBjg}


Source: Africa Eco Race

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Africa Race 2021: 13th EDITION from JANUARY 2 to 17, 2021

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Barely a month after the vehicles' return from the 12 th edition, the organizing team is already focused on the next in 2021. The schedule includes the opening of entries end of March with preferential rates, a redesigned website, enhanced visibility for the category SSV XTREME RACE... in short, lots of work to put together a beautiful edition, from 2 to 17 January 2021. But before all that, let us relive the last edition.

In view of the growing number of entries in MOTO and SSV among others and in order to maintain the spirit of mutual aid and conviviality - the choice of the organizers is to limit the entries.
This is why it was decided to open the entries on March 31, 2020 .
A good way to put the odds in your favor and guarantee your participation while enjoying the best price.

The AFRICA ECO RACE, registered with the French Motorcycling Federation and the French Federation of Automobile Sport , enables to adapt its specific regulations and therefore the admission of vehicles to the greatest number of drivers.
- 450 cc (-450 cc and 450 cc included)
- +450 cc
- 700 cc twin cylinder
- MOTUL XTREM E RACE (CAREFULL, limited space)
And the annexes:
- Women
- Junior
- Veteran
- Experimental

Cars / Trucks
New terminology for eligible vehicles has been established by the FIA

On the AFRICA ECO RACE, categories will take into account the new terminology while differentiating subcategories in order to reward and congratulate a maximum of competitors.
The categories on the AFRICA ECO RACE:
T1 : Prototype Cross-Country Cars
T1.1 : T1 4x4 Petrol
T1.2 : T1 4x2 Petrol
T1.3 : T1 4x4 Diesel
T1.4 : T1 4x2 Diesel

T2 : Series Production Cross-Country Cars
T2.1 : T2 Petrol
T2.2 : T2 Diesel

T3 : Lightweight Prototype Cross-Country Vehicles
T4 : Lightweight Series Production Cross-Country Side-by-Side Vehicles
T5 : Cross-Country Trucks
T5.1 : T5 10000cc and over
T5.2 : T5 -10000cc

The SSV XTREME RACE will be a category of its own:
In 2021, the organizers wish to go even further in this category in order to leave the possibility to amateurs to compete with affordable vehicles.
“To participate in this category, the machines must not exceed € 55,000, purchase and preparation included.

The SSV or the SSV XTREME RACE should respect the following minimum weights:
SSV with atmospheric engine: 825 kg
SSV with turbo engine: 925 kg

On the day of arrival, on the Lac Rose podium, the organization reserves the right to buy one of the machines that will finish in the top three in the SSV XTREME RACE category at a price of € 45,000.
A great opportunity to seize.

Source Africa Eco Race official newsletter

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Africa Race 2020: Finishes on the Shores of Lac Rose

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The 12th Africa Eco Race (Monaco-Dakar) reached a spectacular and colourful conclusion on the shores of Lac Rose in Senegal on Sunday.

The battle-weary riders and drivers tackled a short non-competitive stage of 21.93km between Niokhob and Lac Rose before reaching the podium at the end of a gruelling two weeks of competition that took a bumper field in all categories from Monaco and across the Mediterranean Sea for 11 demanding special stages in Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal.

Trophies were presented on the shores of the famous lake that has seen so much cross-country rallying history over the years.

Italy’s Alessandro Botturi claimed his second successive win in the motorcycle category to equal Norwegian rival Pal-Anders Ullesvalseter’s two wins in 2015 and 2016. Great Britain’s Lyndon Poskitt rounded off the podium places.

Patrick and Lucas Martin earned a first ever victory in the car category with their T1 Tarek Mercedes and the Hungarian trio of Miklos Kovacs, Lazlo Acs and Peter Czegledi finished on top in the T4 truck section and second overall in the combined car and truck category. The French pairing of Benoit Fretin and Cédric Duplé celebrated a first success in the SSVs.


Source Africa Eco Race

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