Africa Race 2022: Focus on Africa Eco Race 2022

Africa Race 2022: Focus on Africa Eco Race 2022

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The 14th edition of the AFRICA ECO RACE, from 12 to 27 March 2022, is very much awaited, and will be, as always, in the pure tradition of great African rallies, from Monaco to Dakar.

Despite the postponing of the ALGERIA ECO RACE, like many other events due to the pandemic, the situation is calming down and the horizon is brighter thanks to the different vaccination campaigns. The worst seems to be behind us and the future promises some better days. As proof, some countries have reopened their borders and the drivers have begun their trainings on site. A real opportunity for countries such as Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal who always welcome us with open arms. Therefore, all the lights appear to be green for us to finally succeed in fulfilling our passion in 2022.

The AFRICA ECO RACE was present late August at the 4x4 Fair of Valloire and the Alpes Adventure Motofestival in Barcelonnette 10 days ago. Through its presence in these fairs, the team organization was able to witness the increased notoriety from the past years, as well as the atmosphere and image the AFRICA ECO RACE wishes to convey. These events were also an opportunity to meet the competitors, members of the organization and to meet the future competitors, both in raid and race category. To sum up, nothing better than to meet people, especially all those who contribute to making the AFRICA ECO RACE, a unique rally in itself.

The team, barely back from its travels, is busy responding to the many requests. At the same time and a few days before the end of the preferential rates, the MALLE MOTO category is practically full. Unheard of for the AFRICA ECO RACE 6 months before the start. For latecomers, there is very little room left in the MOTUL XTREME RIDER category. Be part of the adventure and join us as soon as possible by registering before September 30 on the site: REGISTRATION AFRICA ECO RACE

As for SSV, cars and trucks, registrations are also booming and this 14th edition promises a beautiful plateau of competitors. For these categories too, the preferential rate is valid until the end of the month. Don't miss it and register now.

Remember that on the AFRICA ECO RACE, the competitors are guaranteed to reach the legendary Lac Rose in Dakar, no one is left behind thanks to the various jokers which will ensure the unique atmosphere where friendliness and mutual help are the main motto. Note that the road books are written by professionals and former drivers in the discipline. A priority to the navigation for a maximum of pleasure.

The final words are for Jean-Louis Schlesser, in charge of the team:

" I'm proud of the team that works on the AFRICA ECO RACE, and which has never ceased to promote this great event despite the difficult times. I believe in a bright future for the AER and I look forward to being able to go to Africa to watch over the competitors from my plane but also to make the most of the good times shared with other enthusiasts like me, on the departures and arrivals of specials, as well as in the evening at the bivouac during our briefings. I look forward to seeing all the enthusiasts in March 2022 for the 14 th edition of the AFRICA ECO RACE. "

Source Africa Eco Race

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