CARR 2023:  2023 Angolan Championship will feature 8 races

CARR 2023: 2023 Angolan Championship will feature 8 races

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The Angolan Rally Raid Championship already has its provisional calendar published, and for now 8 races are scheduled to take place in different parts of the country, offering a set of different challenges to the participants.

The 2022 season will start at the beginning of February, on the 11th with the TT Libongos Rally, in Bengo. Then in March the Dunas Rally in Namibe, in April the Rally TT Cabo Ledo  in the Luanda region and in May the Rali TT  Baia Azul in the Benguela province.
In June there will be a short break, to return in July, again in the Luanda region with the Rally TT Quiçama. All the rest of July and August will be a break before the restart and the final stretch of the competition, which will return on September 9th, with the Rally TT Huambo, followed in October by the Rally TT Porto Amboim. A last race is still foreseen for the month of November, but without date and place known for now.

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